Saturday, September 3, 2011

Unexpected Find: Hung Fei Mooncakes

A box of 6 mini traditional baked mooncakes costs only $22+! Plus you can choose from a super wide variety of flavours!!
Besides those that I bought they also have

Dates & plum: if you really like dates, please try this! Flavour is strong and good
Mango Cheese
Purple tapioca
And some more but I cant rmb! And some were not available when I went down so yup! All of the paste in their mooncakes arent cloying although it does stick to your mouth sometimes but goes down rather easily mostly. And they're not overly sweet so, (Y)

Angelica/Dang Gui Paste
Now this has reallyyyyy strong dang gui taste! If you dont like the herb, dont try/buy it, but if you do please do try/buy it!!! Its really fragrant and totally tastes like the herb! (:

Pumpkin Paste
This one cant really taste pumpkin :/

Tangerine Paste
Now this was good! Slightly sourish, breaks the monotony of usually sweet mooncakes!

Plain Seaweed Mooncake
Wowww~ The woman let us smell the mooncakes and the aroma of the seaweed was unmistakable! Plus the seaweed taste is strong for me, but not so much for my Mom. I liked this mooncake! (:

Blueberry Mooncake
The berry taste is very strong, and its sourish so great great taste to this mooncake cos its not sweet! My friends liked it too! (: There're blueberry bits inside too!!

Cranberry Paste Mooncake
This again was very good due to its sourish taste!! Felt that it is one of the best ones among them all. And there are cranberry bits inside too! (:

Had all these mooncakes for brekkie hahaha (: 'Tis the time to get fat~!

They also have other mooncakes that are not the mini series
Low Sugar White Lotus Paste: This was really not sweet at all and tasted really healthy and clean! Yummy traditional mooncake!
Spirulina Paste: This was yummy!! Not overly sweet either! Should try this!
Didnt buy all these big ones cos too many at home alr and Mom'd scold me haha, would've wanted to though!

Hung Fei Mooncakes
Junction 8 Mooncake Fair (its the booth next to Ai Mien Bar situated away from where most of the mooncake stalls are! Its like opp this main area. Opp the East Ocean Booth!)

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