Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rather New Restaurant: The Flying Squirrel

This restaurant can be a challenge to find because its not facing the road like all of the other shops along Amoy Street. Instead, you have to turn into a lane and there it is!

The entrance

So the menu consists of mainly Jap food with some fusion/inspired dishes.

Uni Shot

You get sake with uni and well I think the combi kind of works? Its not something I'd try again though. We had it in a mouthful just like how you'd have a shot so you get a mix of sweet, slightly bitter taste from the sake but slightly salty taste from the uni 3.5/5

Truffled Ebi Fry

These are prawns deep fried w truffle bread crumbs and served w truffled mayo. Honestly, the breaded prawn was kinda bleh, tastes like something outta the frozen section tbh. Sorry if this sounds kind of harsh. The truffle mayo was good though and went well with the prawn. Unless you're really craving for some breaded prawns, I suggest you skip this. 3/5

Unagi Don
(about $20? Not sure cos I lost my receipt sorry! And its not on the menu they sent me)

The boy said this was really normal, nothing to shout about. 

Sashimi platter

Swordfish, prawns (amebi), scallops, salmon and tuna. All of them didnt have much sweetness but were fresh. 3.4/5

TFS Signature Maki

I thought this was the best of the night! Nice mix of ingredients atop the sushi and a good variety across the different makis! I really like that you can try diff types of maki unlike many oth places where all them are the same! 4.3/5

Their lunch and dinner menus are different! With lunch being more of set/bento style while dinner has more ala carte options. Here's the dinner menu that they sent me:

The Flying Squirrel Dinner Menu

Ambience: the place is really small but tables arent cramped tgt which is good but it also means its hard to get a table during lunch hours when its apparently quite packed! Dark lighting and some nice decor.

Service: At the restaurant - friendly, prompt, no complaints. However I emailed them on a Monday asking for the menu and they took 2 days to reply me. I dont expect you to reply immediately but if you're running a service business, I kinda expect a next day reply. 

Well I'd probably not come back unless I'm in the area and wanna eat the signature maki.

The Flying Squirrel
92 Amoy Street
Lunch: 1130am-3pm, last order 2pm
Dinner 6pm - 11pm (Mon-Thurs), 6pm-12am (Fri-Sat), last order 10pm
Closed Sunday

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sophie's Bakery

When they first opened at Telok Ayer, I visited them on their first day and all they were selling were baguettes and some breads! No tarts etc which was what I came for and it was kinda like a mad house in there haha. So I went home rather disappointed and didnt have a chance to try their stuff till recently and boy was I glad I did :)

The boy and I visited them when they were closing. One staff had a rather rude attitude and told us in a brusque manner that we gotta finish soon cos they were keeping the stuff already. While another guy was v polite and nice and said nvm la just let them sit and eat! 


Raspberry Cream Cake
A sweet & moist cake filled w raspberry cream and topped w raspberry fruit
If I'm not wrong this is about $4?

We were blown away by this! Super pillowy and soft!!! I didnt think much of this cake cause it looks so full of cream and well not nice but omg I totally eat my words and v glad the boy ordered it! I usually hate cream and scrap them all off but I gladly ate all the cream in this one cos it doesnt feel oily or too sweet. It went so well with the tart berries and the soft and EXTREMELY moist cake! This is one cake that you seriously cannot judge by the appearance. Note though, this is only if you like your cake moist and soft. 4.7/5

Blueberry Tart
Should be about $4 too I think!

Now this isnt like normal tarts. The creme doesnt fill up the middle, instead the bottom is the "tart shell" only. Meaning there's no hole in the middle of the tart shell for the creme/anything. The "shell" is the shortcrust pastry/flakey crust kind, its kinda sweet and tastes like almond meal! Its a little soft but quite thick. Needs some getting used to from the normal tarts but after you get used to it, you'll love it! This was exactly what happened to me! The more I ate it, the more I loved it. Initially I chose this but didnt like it the first bite so swapped w the boy but then as I ate more bites of this, I told him lets share them equally haha. 4.5/5

I really love their bakes!! Will definitely be back to try out more and they have SO many new outlets coming up so y'all should be able to try them as well!

Sophie Bakery
167, 169 Telok Ayer Street (look out for the green sign! Its somewhere arnd the middle of Telok Ayer)
6221 6269
Mon-Fri 8am-7.30pm
Sat 10am-4pm

More branches opening soon:
Novena Square
Wisma Atria
One Shenton Way
City Square Mall

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rather New Restaurant: Shelter in the Woods


Happy holidays to those on holidays and to those working, hope you have a great day! :) Short weekend ahead to look forward to!

The Greenwood Avenue area has been busy I'd say, 3 new restaurants sprung up recently and here's one that piqued my interest.

The entrance and the decor feels like you're going into someone's den or something outta Goldilocks & the 3 Bears haha. Its cosy, with dim lighting (pics here are edited) but not so dim till you cant read. I already had a good impression of them because the person I spoke to over the phone for reservations was so friendly and polite! 

We were seated at the bar and was hosted by this really really friendly guy and funny too but I'm sorry I cant remember your name! Is it Freddie? 

Pan Seared Foie Gras, Confit Grapes & Fresh Apple

Now I was craving for foie gras that day and I even asked over the phone if they had it and thankfully I could satisfy my cravings! I would have liked a stronger taste of the balsamic & a bit more seasoning on the foie else it was done rather beautifully in terms of searing. Like that it was paired w fruits. 3.8/5

The interior

Special: Smoked Eel with Crushed Potatoes & Sour Cream Sauce
Sorry I dont rmb the price and my receipt's gone! But shld be about $20? Just a guess

They have specials which they'll tell you about when presenting you the menu. This was special indeed. Loved the smoked eel, I have loved smoked eel since I first ate it few months ago! Have been on the lookout for them ever since and when I heard it was served here, I knew I'd order it! Its not like your typical Jap eel, its a little salty but not overly so unlike smoked salmon/fish. I love the taste and the texture too. You gotta eat it to try it.

Sour cream was a BEAUTY to eat with in this dish, I mopped it up and left the boy with bits haha and he wasnt really happy about it but ohwell just goes to show how yummy it was! Potatoes were done really nicely too, first time in a long while I'd really eat my potatoes. 4.5/5

Cassoulet of Duck Confit, Lamb Leg, Pork Belly and Garlic Sausage

They gave me this instead of my order of the fish and I pointed this out and they were super apologetic and professional about it, gave me a great impression. They gave us this with compliments and assured us that the fish would be coming right up. This was so so homey and warm. Something you'd love on a rainy cold day! Well since the restaurant's air-conditioned, you are in a cold place anyway. So yup this was full of meaty goodness, soft but not too soft and juicy. I liked how all the flavours just mash up into one and its so complex that I dont know how to describe it. I couldnt really differentiate btwn duck and lamb though haha and I dont think I ate any garlic sausage! 4/5

Crispy Skin Suckling Pig Marinated with Aromates

We saw them roasting this pig right after we ordered! The whole pig was on the spit roasting away. The skin was super crispy and the flesh tender + aromatic. Mash was good too. The boy said it was fantastic! 4.6/5

Whiff Fish Braised in White Wine and Tomato Sauce Duglere-Style

This was what I originally ordered but I dont think its that nice. Cos the fish was kinda a little overcooked for me cos it was slightly chewy/tough. The sauce also had a strong butter taste that I dont like (personal preference! So if you do like this kinda buttery sauce then this is for you!) 3.5/5

Lemon Tart

I generally dont like meringue cos I like my desserts tart so I swept the meringue off! So I'm sorry but no comments abt the meringue. The lemon curd was tart but not very so its suitable for people who dont really have a sour tooth. Crust was not bad as well. 3.7/5

(Guessing should be $7 too cos all their desserts are $7)

I didnt like the looks of this when it was served cos it looks so uneven (its slopes down to the back and completely slumps down on the plate). It was well boozed, not overly soaked. Well I wouldnt pay $7 for this though. 3.4/5

We were also given a complimentary shot of Indonesian Mango Rum, which is quite choking on the first sip but after that it gets better. Cant really taste mango though! They have SO many different types of rum all around the bar and with many interesting flavours too! Like passionfruit x chilli, nutella x banana, green tea x sweet bean and many more!

Service: really really friendly, funny and polite. Prompt too. So it was an enjoyable night!
Ambience: mentioned before
Value: Ok portions are a tad small for the price, but I emphasize, a tad only but you'll get full still, the boy did!

This place is super busy and they constantly have walk-ins, people calling for reservations so I do suggest you reserve early! Parking can be a bitch cos lots are so limited but you have 2 options. 1) Valet parking 2) Park opposite near the private houses!

Shelter in the Woods
22 Greenwood Ave
6466 6225
Dinner (Tues-Sun) 6-10.30pm (till 11pm on Fri & Sat)
Lunch (Sat & Sun only) 11am-2pm
Closed on Monday

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Singapore Social Concert 2013!

Hello everyone!

This isn't food related but I must share this with y'all!!!

I'm going for Singapore Social Concert 2013!!!!

Following the Social Star Awards held on 23rd May at MBS, there will be 2 days of concerts featuring an exciting line-up of artistes! (BTW Social Star Awards is hosted by Jessica Alba!!! All you boys heads up!)

Here's who's gonna be performing:

On 24th May (the one I'm going for!)

Carly Rae Jepsen!!!!!!!!

Her Call Me Maybe was such a hugeass hit and so was The Kiss and Tonight I'm Getting Over You!

These songs are what my friends and I always sing at karaoke hehe so when I heard she was coming and I purposely chose this day!! Really like these 3 songs of hers! If you have yet to hear them, I've put the videos here for you, PLEASE listen to them! So good!

Call Me Maybe (hehe really love the MV too!)

The Kiss

Tonight I'm Getting Over You

This guy needs no intro, he basically took the world by a storm with his Gangnam style. Seriously every kid knows him and dance to the song haha its so cute. All my nieces and nephews do that. But well the song was played everywhere and SO much that it was kinda an overkill but you cant deny its rather addictive. I like how such a song actually has a deeper meaning, though dont know how many actually know it.

He has a new song, Gentleman! Though rather similar in beat, its quite nice too!

CeeLo Green

He's a judge on The Voice USA! He took a break for awhile but it was just released that he's gonna be a judge again along with Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine etc. He also released a very popular single (though some years back and some of you may have forgotten already!) called "Fuck You" or "Forget You" (same song just the F word was changed haha) click below to listen! I'm sure you've heard of it before!!

"Forget You"


Okay tbh, I didnt know who they were haha so I went to Google them! Turns out they're the first pan-Asian girl group! From Philippines, Hong Kong, India, South Korea and Japan! They collaborated with Snoop Dogg for a song and I am pretty sure I've heard it before! Give it a play to see if you have!

On 25th May:


For those who are um quite young hahah you may not have heard many of their songs before! But this one you've GOT to know, its such a classic


With such an awesome line-up of artistes, who wouldnt want to go?? Please click on those videos above (they're obviously not put up by me and I dont earn any money or wtv from y'all clicking haha) to enjoy their songs!!

Here's the official website for you so you can buy tickets to this exciting event! Starcount

This is also an inaugural event in Singapore so I really hope you can support such events! :)

Finally my deepest most heartfelt gratitude goes out to all you readers, cos if without y'all, I wouldnt be where I am today and Nuffnang and Starcount wouldnt have given me this wonderful opportunity to be part of this concert :) so here's to all of you amazing people out there, THANK YOU!

Nuffnang! Without y'all, I wouldnt have such a great chance to go for this!!!! Thank you guys so much :)
Starcount - thank you for having the foresight to do this and for bringing these people in!!!

Now what're you waiting for?

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Rather New Restaurant: Binomio

Hi everyone!

I am so happy 'cos exams are over! :) Will be blogging frequently now, am so very sorry for the slow/igiveupsheisnotgonnabloganymore. 

The chef is another disciple of the late Chef Santi (so many now in Singapore) and Binomio means "duo" in Spanish 'cos their concept is a Tapas bar and a Fine-dining restaurant in the same place. Well seems like that's the new direction of Spanish restaurants haha. 

Tried this restaurant some time back, I think late March-early April because I read some reviews saying its rather good, so here's what I think.

Complimentary olives

We were served this and I think its a refreshing change from the usual "complimentary" items! Sourish so it really whets your appetite. Other tables saw another complimentary item - bread basket. But somehow we were never served and we didnt bother asking cos we didnt want to waste food as we ordered quite a bit of food!

Amuse bouche

I forgot what this was and I'm terribly sorry about it! Was a veg soup from the looks of it? I remember it was kind of creamy.

Pan-fried strips of Cuttlefish, "sofrito, and emulsified veal jus

This was yummy! Doesnt really feel like you're eating cuttlefish, kinda feels like Chinese noodles with a bit of wok hei haha. It was quite springy in a good way and its aroma was mmmm :) 4.2/5

Japanese eggplant terrine accompanied of crispy pork & fried squid

I remember this was very yummy! Especially the eggplant omg done so soft and fragrant. The squids were crunchy and fresh too. Didnt try the pork though! 4.4/5

Pan friend Crayfish, wrapped in "iberico" pork, served with "trin chat" potato & black truffles

I think this dish is not worth the $32! I mean okay crayfish but cant really tell what it is cos its wrapped in the iberico ham although the texture was that of a shellfish. The potatoes were nice though. Truffles, mm not really there haha. I think flavour wise it was okay, but not worth such a price! 3.4/5

Squid ink Paella with baby squid and clams

There's no choice of size haha so the 2 of us finished this plus the above and desserts! (fatfatfat) okay so they asked if we wanted them to mix it up for us and portion it but we said we wanted to do it ourselves! They gave us sour cream later on to add if we wanted and we had to mix the rice on the pan ourselves cos it'll stick or sth haha. So the pan was really hot and we were given napkins to hold onto it and its quite a small workout haha. So how did this fare?

I thought it was a little wet for my liking, not charred enough. Squid ink taste could be stronger. But we managed to finish it still! I suggest this would be good for 3-4 people if you're ordering more dishes. 3.9/5

Here's the dessert menu cos I cant find it on the website!

Chocolate ganache croquettes with white chocolate dipping

I think maybe they should change the shape of this? Haha it looks kinda bad from afar haha. Anyway these were evil little morsels that're warm, flowing with chocolate (dark!) and so crispy on the outside. The white chocolate sauce just ups the sinful level :) chocolate lovers, please stand up! But the dark chocolate may deter some though if you're not a fan. 4.3/5

Strawberry mousse tartlet, strawberry tartar, white chocolate ice cream & champagne foam

I really loved this dessert! Favourite components in one hehe. Marries a few tastes and textures in one making it a light refreshing delicious dessert! The "tartlet" is not a buttery based crust its just a mousse in a circular shape haha. I loved the champagne foam which is slightly sweet but slightly bitter then the strawberries are slightly sour and the white chocolate ice cream is sweet too. 4.3/5

I feel that this restaurant has a rather nice ambience, table spacing is good. Service is polite and rather prompt. The food is rather good but prices are on the high side since its a "fine dining" restaurant! 

Craig Place #01-02 
20 Craig Rd
There's an indoor carpark just above this place so parking isnt a worry!
Lunch: 12-2pm (set lunch available)
Dinner: 6-10.30pm
Close on Saturday lunch and Sunday
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