Thursday, September 22, 2011

Meat Haven Restaurant - Durian Fondant!

Hello! Finally found a goooood restaurant near my house (: Am so happy about that!! Decided to try out the restaurant after reading good reviews on HGW.

Mushroom Soup

Mom said the garlic bread was really crispy and nice, and the soup was not bad as well 3.6/5

Gold-lipped mussels in white wine

Now these came by the dozen and they were really huge and fresh!!! Yummyyyy! 4.2/5

Roasted Kurobuta Pork Belly

Mom had this and she said that the pork belly was really good! Not too fat/too skinny, and really good texture! She loved the potatoes on the side as well! 4.3/5

Seafood Bouillabaisse with cous cous

THIS IS SUPERDUPER value for money I tell you! There were 3 HUGE prawns in it, and like 4 smaller prawns, 2 mussels, numerous squid rings + clams!!! Most amount of seafood I've had so far! I've tried this in Arbite and Vineyard@Hortpark and this one wins both hands down in terms of ingredients! The broth is definitely v fragrant as well! Yummy saffron and the taste of the sea~ Definitely recommended! Finished every last drop of the bouillabaisse (: 5/5

Pan-roasted Duck

Now my dad has been looking for this dish in many restaurants because restaurants usually serve duck confit haha. Both the parents said this was quite a good rendition! The duck meat's soft and flavourful! The yellow stuff below is some mash, like pumpkin? Couldnt really tell exactly what 'cept its sweet! (in a good way) 4.5/5

DURIAN FONDANT with vanilla ice cream

Now this, is GENIUS haha. I bet they know Singaporeans love durian so they came up w this dessert! Anyway, the durian taste is not v pungent but you can still definitely smell + taste durian! The exterior of the "cake" is crispy but soft and fluffy inside + scoop it along with the flowing durian lava, and you're in heaven (: Wonderful dessert!! And the vanilla ice cream has vanilla bean specks in it, so you know they're using the real stuff (: Would love a stronger durian taste, hence the 4.6! 4.6/5

Rum-soaked cherries w vanilla ice cream

I forgot what rum/alcohol they used but it surely was potent! The taste of the liquor was really mellow but not too bitter either! Just right! Yummy and soft~ I like~ 4.3/5

This meal came up to be $135++ but thats cos my dad ordered red wine + French beer as well, and dishes are around 20+? VERY value for money imo. I'm SO glad this restaurant opened near my place!!!! Gonna go there next time armed w my camera to take more pics and try more yummy food! Hope they do change their menu! Oh and the service there is really good and friendly! (:

Meat Haven
Jalan Kayu


  1. Thank you Ying Yin for your detailed review and recomendation on your blog. We will put a link of your blog on our facebook fanpage so that more ppl will view how food makes people happy.

  2. We visited this restaurant and experienced severe stomach cramps and diarrhea. Beware!!!!!

  3. Tried this restaurant many times.. very good food.. even their weeday lunch menu - good value for money... must try.

  4. This is the most valued for money fine dining in family setting I've ever tried... Must try the mushroom soup, Kurobuta Pork Belly, Smoked Baby back ribs with their old haven sauce & oso not forgetting their POWER durian fondant...


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