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Tippling Club - Super unique experience!

Hi everyone!

I actually visited Tippling Club in March this year back before I started this blog but I thought y'all should read about it because the food they serve is really v unique and its really an experience dining there! To me, it was a wonderful experience! We took the Gourmand Menu w/o wine pairing ($240++) and my dad took the one with pairing ($390++)

 Napkin with The Tippling Club logo

(FYI: its a thick soup made of pureed leeks, onions, potatoes, cream and chicken stock)

Now this was really interesting! Firstly: how you drink it (look at pic below) and secondly, the taste! I've never had such a soup before and it went really well with the salty caviar! 4/5

I'm sorry but I cant really remember what this is!! Think this was the amuse bouche!

Pepper Embers

Charred peppers (capsicums I think they should be) with this miso-like sauce, it was really interesting to eat it with those forceps instead of chopsticks/forks/normal cutlery haha. Its like calamari but nicer 4/5

Tomato Martini 

Escabeche Chromotherapy 
Gazpacho of Heirloom Tomato

Hi Mami
Junmai Daiginjo, Umeshu, Citrus and honey water

All of us really loved this creation!! Slightly sweet and good~ 

Kaisui Uni
Yuzu Gel, fried cauliflower, uni and yuzu roll

The orange stuff are uni if I remember correctly, and they were the SWEETEST I've ever tasted! Wins Tatsuya/Shinji/Aoki/Kuriya Penthouse! Chef Ryan Clift told us about the unis and said that these unis were imported from Japan and they only removed the shells after they reached Singapore, and these are called Grade A uni. Also loved the tang of the yuzu gel and yuzu roll! Really appetising! 4.9/5

Foie Gras Apple
Foie Gras mousse, spiced gaufrette biscuit and granny smith apples done in a variety of ways

This was foie gras mousse which went really well with the crispy cracker above it (the twirled brown thing). I also love the dehydrated apples! The apple sponge (white thing) was soft and had hints of the sour apple, the powder's 8 spice powder which was a nice touch! The green blobs are apple puree

Scrumpy Fizz
Calvados, Italian Liquers, Citrus, Apple Sorbet and Apple Cider

Pigeon with pea & green curry tofu, celery, coconut foam, puffed wild rice and thai herbs

This meat was really soft and tender! Love how they execute their meats here! The coconut foam had a definite coconutty taste to it, loved it as well! The green curry taste wasnt v strong though!

Wine: Bax Beet Pinot
Mixture of 2 types of beetroot juice, Amaro bitters from Bologna and lemon juice 

Vegetable Garden

The brown stuff are porcini mushroom soil! I remember loving the earthy flavours of this dish! Love mushrooms you see 4.3/5

Venison with yoghurt, beetroot and red wine quinoa

The venison was mmmm~ soft and tender! Everyone loved it! The red wine taste wasnt v strong in the quinoa though! 

False Risotto
Apple, blue cheese and celery

Jerry Thomas Brandy Punch Part 1
Compressed watermelon, raspberry sorbet and dehydrated strawberries, raspberries, mandarin orange and mango

Love love LOVE the dehydrated stuff!! They're like dried fruits but much better because the texture's so amazing~ 

Chocolate Nose
Mint tea bourbon, mole bitters, fresh ristretto, chocolate & mint atomisation

I remember this being yummy too! Definitely tasted like chocolate but with a good mix of flavours! The cup isnt a flat cup, it has a rounded base!

Death by Chocolate
Chocolate sponge and mint jelly

LOVE the chocolate sponge!! If I remember correctly there were nutty bits inside and the chocolate was dark and smooth, sexy much~

Knickerbocker Glory

This was the birthday cake with compliments from Chef Clift! 

Chef Ryan Clift is really a funny and nice guy, he's extremely unique I think! He's really serious about his food and he knows extremely lots of knowledge about his ingredients! He sources his ingredients from Japan/France etc all over the world! He has friends at those places whom he sources from and we went after the tsunami hit Japan, and he told us that he was there the day it hit! But luckily nothing happened to him. He sent us off and even took a photo with me! Haha it was really funny because the kitchen's an open concept kitchen so from where we were standing, the kitchen staff could be seen so he told them to bend down/hide so they wouldnt be in the picture (:

Overall, I'd really recommend yall to go have a try at their food because its a really really unique experience!! You'd be amazed at how many different ways food can be prepared and blown away by the creativity! Then again, this is the type of food that you either like or dislike. The boys (aka the father + the boy) didnt really enjoy it because they werent exactly full after the meal haha but the girls (aka me and my cousin) loved it because we really like the creativity and how they brought out the flavours of each ingredients. The mom just doesnt fancy all types of Western cuisine haha. I'd love to go back to try their new dishes!! Cant wait to be surprised and have a wonderful culinary experience once again!

Tippling Club
Dempsey Hill

PS They've since changed their menu and are now featuring a new menu! 

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  1. Upon seeing the good reviews... tv ads and watever there is. 4 of us went to his place for dinner and were prepared to splurge. But upon seeing the menu, there are no a la carte, only four types of courses/ sets. since nobody filled in the pricing. let me fill it up for u guys. Five courses is 145++ which consists mainly of greens and no drinks, 240++ with pairing meaning each course comes with its specialized drinks. another set is 230++ which consist of 9 courses with no pairing, 380++ with pairing. And be warned that this is only for 1 person. We order 2 sets of 145++ and 1 set of 230++, we requested to share the 230++ because it was 8 courses and dont think 1 person can finish it all. But they do not respect us and insisted that it was not allowed. I thought dining experiences are supposed to cater to customer's needs? Plus we are there to try the food and not crawling in with starvation. We ended it by just walking out of the place. They could have easily earned $700 out of 4 people but they chose not to earn any by turning down a simple request to simply share 1 set. I will not return again


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