Friday, September 2, 2011

Junction 8 Mooncake Fair Review

Hi everyone!

Went to try out the mooncakes available for sale at Junction 8 with my friends!

Home's Favourite: They tried the mao shan wang + D24 and agreed its one of the best they've tasted!! So go and buy please! Oh and the XO one that I have? Yup parents tried it and they love it too because its not sweet! (:

Intercontinental: Black Sesame Paste wtih White Sesame Seeds Snowskin Mooncake: the taste of the black sesame was quite subtle, not bad I'd say comparatively with the ones I've tried so far (and I've tried a lot!)

Shangri-La: Tried the pineapple paste mooncake - really tastes like the pineapple tart filling!! V yummy! (:

Four Seasons Durians: My friends found Home's Favourite ones nicer (:

Long Jiang Culinary: Tried the flakey yam mooncake - dont think its that nice!! Cos the yam taste isnt very strong

Hung Fai: Tried MANY types of mooncakes here which I eventually bought! Will be doing a separate post on them!

Ai Mien Bar: Tried their black sesame paste with melon seeds snow skin and thought that the black sesame paste was quite dry and didnt have the aroma of black sesame at all! My friends tried the Green Apple Paste with Soft Candy and they said can really taste the green apple!

Goodwood Park Hotel: My friends commented that their Lychee with Lime Marshmallow Snowskin is really yummy because the lychee flavour is strong and they love the marshmallow inside! (They have the mooncake at home and didnt try it during the fair)

Hua Ting Restaurant, Mariott Hotel: Snowskin series
Custard with yolk: felt that the taste of custard was quite strong and fragrant but a little dry
Green tea paste with yolk: Felt that the green tea paste didnt have a strong green tea flavour!
Red Wine and Cranberry Paste: We loved the cranberry paste because of the sourish tang (not too sour dont worry) and the unique flavour + colour!

East Ocean Teochew Restaurant: Snowskin Series
Green Tea Mooncake: Found the green tea taste not very strong either
Custard Mooncake: Thought this was dry and lacking in the taste of custard sadly
Yam Paste Mooncake: Nope, didnt really have yam taste
To me, East Ocean's mooncakes are dry :/

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