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Hello everyone!

Sorry for not updating, had my exams! Anyway the parents and I checked out this place on 23 Feb, short while aft its opening and here's my lowdown on the food!

Their menu can be found here & basically its separated into Jap, French and Chinese. You can order anything you want from any menu, its sharing style here.

Here's my take on the food + restaurant!
Basically to get to the restaurant you park at OUE Tower then take the lift to 1st floor then there'll be a counter there with a staff and he/she will show you into the lift that takes you up to the rooftop! Reminds me of Zafferano! Anyway the restaurant follows an open kitchen concept where the kitchen in the middle takes up a huge space with all the chefs working, the flurry, the effort out for all to see. Tables are nicely spaced and there are quite a few tables which are facing the window so you get a goodass view of Marina Bay overlooking everything (see pics right at the bottom of this post)

You browse the menu and the waiter gives you some suggestions if you'd like him to and tells you some specials of the day

Squid Ink Brioche

is served along with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The brioche is crumbly, like a croissant. Squid ink taste was barely discernible but was a great crumbly buttery bread. 


appeared next and this was hard and v chewy, I didnt like it at all.

Special of the Day

Not sure what this dish is called but its kinda like sweet and sour pork served cold. Parents said its nicely marinated and its q yummy! 3.9/5

I think we had one Isigny ($11) and one Perle Blanche ($12) 
The latter is more plump and tasted much nicer!!!

Sashimi Platter (15 slices) 

There were 2 kinds of tuna - otoro & the blood red tuna, then salmon, uni, and yellow tail? Not sure what the last one is. Everything was generally bland, only uni stood out a little but I expected much more from a chef that qualifed with a Michelin star 3/5

Charcoal Grilled Skewers - scallops 
$23 per stick (supposed to be 2 pieces so idk how much they charged for this)

Uh this was like bland, scallops texture was okay. 2.8/5

Baked Cod Fish in Whole Orange

The cod didnt taste like orange and the portion was v small I felt. Was done alright. The stuff below the orange was kinda spicy and was a mix of pomelo, orange and some oth stuff I'm unsure of! 3.2/5

Pan-fried Cod Fish Pomelo Sauce

Portion here is same as above, again I think its too expensive. The cod tastes almost alike. Cant really taste any pomelo sauce. But I think the texture of this one was better and I liked this better. 3.5/5

Hokkaido Hand-picked Snow Crab Shabu Shabu

This was like a total let down??? A few legs and it isnt even as long as a whole king crab leg and a some veggies and its $88?? We were only given that one bowl of glass noodles thought the condiments were given to everyone. We werent even given a bowl to put our shabu shabu stuff in. Well the soup had a piece of kale in it but else there was nothing savory about it. Light broth which I dont mind. But totally not worth the $88. 2.8/5

Rice Noodle with Garoupa Head Superior Soup

This was too salty!!! The soup was like sodium overload and yknow partly the reason people order this is for the soup. Fish wasnt overcooked and the noodles were those thin kind, idk what they're called haha sorry. Overall, not bad but not memorable. 3/5

Left: Barry Chocolate
Chocolate Moelleux, Banana Puree & Pepper

Okay you cant taste pepper. Banana puree is more of banana ice cream/gelato? Choc was quite nice and if you like choc/banana combo, this is it! Banana taste is v strong! So expensive for just a chocolate fondant 3.5/5

Right: Chilled Hasma in Snow Pear

Mom ate this and I didnt try it so not sure how it tastes sorry!

Hot epoisse Cube
Wrapped in Filo Pastry, Apple & Prune Chutney

This can also be found in the French menu under appetisers. Anw the cheese is supposed to be blue cheese but the pungent smell cant be tasted in this rendition. This was quite a joy w a crispy exterior and soft warm interior juxtaposed by the slightly sour/sweet chutney. I thought there was some balsamic vinegar in there somewhere too. 3.5/5

Japanese Houji Tea Smooth Pudding

The pudding was a bit bitter on its own and there was a scoop of ice cream on top and I cant rmb the flavour now but it shld either be houji cha or matcha! Anw the ice cream paired really well w the pudding and this was a dessert I liked 3.7/5

Here are some amazing views from the restaurant:

Food: I guess by now you can probably guess what my view of the restaurant's food is. Quality not matching up to price. If your quality was good, I'd gladly pay for it but for now I dont think I'm gonna come back anytime soon. The allure of the talented chefs didnt match up to the food provided.

Service: now this was totally diff from the food. It was so damn good! V personal, fun, and so attentive. My mom recently had an op and the chair's back is kinda far away (ie the kind where you sit but your back will never lean on the chair's back) so my Mom was fidgeting and stuff trying to get comfortable and the waiter realised and he came over to ask if she wanted a cushion as a backing. SO nice of him and he was v nice to us the whole night. What a pity the food's bad while service was great.

So if you want a chance to rub shoulders w the stars (this is entirely luck based man, we didnt see any that night) then you might wanna consider

OUE Bayfront Rooftop
50 Collyer Quay
6634 4555

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