Wednesday, November 23, 2011


This place has been on my radar ever since it opened! But never managed to go down to try out their waffles. They looked extremely crispy and delicious from their facebook pictures (their pics are really pretty! Caution: DO NOT search/look at it if you're hungry)

It was their official opening and they had 25% off! And seeing how As is almost over, the boy and I decided to go down and try it out! Took quite awhile for us to find the place! Just look for the playground! They're directly opp it. Its not the row of shops facing the market/food centre its round the corner from that side!

The shop's pretty small, this is pretty much it. Though there are like 3 more tables or so to the left of the picture and I took this pic from a long table facing the wall. Then from here there's a toilet at the back as well, short distance away. Tables quite close tgt and quite small! 

Belgium waffles with 2 scoops of ice cream - each $6

I must say they're really generous with their ice cream!! Look at the huge scoops of ice cream! 
1st pic: Ferrero chocolate (sorry cant really rmb the name!) and earl grey tea
2nd pic: Rum & raisin and peony tea!

Their rum & raisin's good - huge raisins well-soaked in rum and creamy ice cream laced with rum too! Certainly enjoyed it! Peony tea was great too, but was overpowered by rum & raisin. Wouldnt choose this combi next time! Earl Grey's quite strong I'd say and Ferrero was average.

Verdict on waffles? I got 1 half (the one peaking out from the bottom in the 3rd pic) of the waffles reallyyyyy crispy and yummy, the kind that makes a crackling sound when you cut + bite! But the other piece and both of the boy's werent crispy at all. Think they shld leave it in the waffle maker for a lil longer to achieve that crispyness?

The people there are v friendly! (: Oh I also tried pineapple chili sorbet - unique flavour that works! The chili comes only towards the end lingering in your mouth, giving you that spicy kick while sour comes first on your tongue.

The Toa Payoh folks must be really happy abt this new opening! Saw people from all age ranges patronising the stall! Think its quite cute to see grandmoms buy ice cream (:

Blk 128 Toa Payoh Lorong 1

Baked By Lace

Having heard much rave reviews about Baked By Lace, I decided to bring the boy down to Swirl Art on Friday to buy her cupcakes!

Red Velvet + Heritage

Heritage - Pandan and Gula Melaka

My Mom really liked this! Though she felt that the frosting was a tad too salty! Nonetheless she liked the cupcake!

Kuro Goma - Black sesame

The frosting was definitely full of black sesame taste and was thick and nice. Would love it if the cupcake had a stronger black sesame taste which would definitely complement the frosting much better I feel!

The Countryside - French Earl Grey & Lemon

Felt that there wasnt any earl grey taste? The lemon taste was definitely very strong (which I liked! Love lemon :D) and perhaps overpowered the subtle earl grey taste? Really good lemon frosting! Thick, creamy and sour (but not overly so). The cupcake tasted the same as the one used in the black sesame

At $3 for one, I felt that it's a little on the pricey side considering its size? Frosting's definitely good though. We bought 9 cupcakes in total - have yet to try Red Velvet and Devil's Food/Nutella, they're with the boy! Will update once he tells me about them! (:

Oh yes, we reached there at 12pm haha when they were still not open yet! Do note that you only can pay cash for the cupcakes so do bring along enough!

Baked By Lace
Sold at Swirl Art River Valley outlet on Friday-Sunday.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Wimbly Lu Revisit

Hi everyone!

The boy and I decided that a return trip to Wimbly Lu is a must for our waffles fix. Please I implore you, try their waffles and you'll never regret it!!!!

Waffles with rum & raisin ice cream

This time we had it with rum & raisin ice cream. This ice cream is definitely not for kids! Alcohol content is quite high and its so creamy and each raisin is well-soaked in rum. Really enjoyed this ice cream! However I feel that waffles still go best with vanilla ice cream! Wimbly Lu's vanilla ice cream is awesome as well as previously reviewed here!

LOOK AT THAT AMAAAAAZING CRISPY WAFFLE! How can you resist that? Deliciousness in every single bite! MUST-TRY! 5/5

Update (12/8): the boy and I went again to Wimbly's cos we were craving for good waffles but unfortunately this time was q bad. No crispy waffles definitely. But it was soft and fluffy. I was kinda disappointed :/ Guess there are ups and downs? It has also gotten SUPER crowded.

Scones with butter and jam

Their scones are mmmmm~ better than Pave ones I feel? Because the outside is reallyyyy crispy while the insides are so soft and fluffy! Everything I can ask for in a good scone (: Also the raisins are big and plump, well-studded throughout the scone. It is also heated up before it is served to you, make sure you eat it while its all hot, crumbly and yummy (: Love how crumbly this is!!! Fav scone to date! (:

The boy and I went on a public holiday night and there were quite a lot of people there. We got rather bad service from the waitresses because nobody came to take our order for quite a long time (10mins?) while a table which had many more people who came in with us had their orders taken. The boy also went to the counter and told the waitress that we wanted to order but she merely nodded and did not reply him after that even though he told her he wanted some waffles. I feel that they definitely need more manpower to cope with the crowd and perhaps it would be more polite to at least say that she'll take his order later or come back to him later and ask where he's sitting or sth along those lines?

However the same waitress later asked us how the scone was and whether we enjoyed and was genuinely friendly about it so I feel that the bad service was probably because she was too busy at that moment and overlooked it? Nonetheless, I would still go back for my waffle fix because its just so damn awesome! The people there are generally friendly and smiley plus the atmosphere's relaxing! Just hope they'd improve the service somewhat!

Oh and I realised Wimbly Lu, being a place specialising in chocolates, that I have yet to try their chocolate stuff! Perhaps another visit is due to rectify that. Or maybe that's an excuse I'm giving myself to go down for more waffles... 

Wimbly Lu
15-2 Jalan Riang

Friday, November 18, 2011

K ki - almost all of their cakes!

This post is a compilation of cakes the boy and I had at Kki - think we've tried almost all their cakes to date? Haha (:

Most important thing to note about Kki's cakes - their mousse is TO DIE FOR. And almost all of their cakes have mousse I think? Its so mind-blowingly light and has a really great depth of flavour!! We love love LOVE their mousse!! I'm talking about this first so I do not need to gush about the wonderful mousse for each cake haha (:

Coconut mousse with passionfruit centre

This is really a great blend and mixture of flavours! Tropical cake in a bite! The definite taste of the coconut in the light airy mousse and the sour twang of the passionfruit layer (that's a little more jelly like) and the chocolate dacquoise layer at the bottom! I'd recommend this to anyone actually, for the greatly play on textures + tastes!

White chocolate mousse with mango centre

This mousse I felt was one of the lightest I've ever eaten! It really kinda feels like you're eating air hahaha and the sweet mango centre that surprises you brings a nice contrast to the light mousse! This cake can definitely be eaten in a few mouthfuls and leave you wanting for more! But please, leave your stomach for the other mouth-watering cakes on sale! (Unless of course you arrive late and this is the only piece left which I highly doubt based on the popularity of this!)

Little Red Riding Hood
Dark chocolate mousse with raspberry centre

Chocolate lovers rejoice! Look at this wonderfully crafted piece of art! The chocolate used is definitely of top quality - Valrhona, very smooth, dark, rich. The raspberry centre breaks the monotony of eating dark chocolate mousse and provides a good juxtaposition against the bitterness of the chocolate. Chocolate and raspberries are a match in heaven I'd say! The gleaming exterior of this little piece of cake just screams "Buy me! Eat me!"

Fromage Mousse
Cheese mousse with rock melon centre

This is one of my favourites actually! I loved the light mousse (whats new? Haha) that sat atop this wonder buttery crisp sable base with the sweet melon centre that brought the whole cake to a whole new level!! I love the different textures here, the extremely light mousse, crunchy and fragrant sable base and the jelly-like centre with the sweet rock melon!! Eating this just makes me feel so relaxed and even though my brain tells me "eat it! Quickly!! Its so yummy!!" The heart tells me - savour it slowly, enjoy each and every bite that's so full of taste. I really loved how they constructed this!

Mascarpone cheese with kahlua soaked sponge centre

Now their rendition of tiramisu is easily the best I've ever had in Singapore. Even better than Italian restaurants you ask? You bet! Try it for yourself if you dont believe me. Wonderful alcohol:coffee ratio, the mascarpone, again as with all their mousse, is whipped till its so light and airy! A must for a good tiramisu, I feel! Also the sponge fingers are definitely soaked just right and arent too soggy! Hence it can hold itself up in such a small dainty piece! This was polished off quickly by both the boy and I and we both agreed that this was the best tiramisu we've ever eaten (and I eat tiramisu from almost every Italian restaurant I've been to!)

Hazelnut Dacquoise Layer with chocolate and praline cream

This is a very light dessert (I think I need synonyms for light to describe K ki's cakes! Haha) and isnt as cloying or rich as other hazelnut chocolate cakes in Singapore. I feel the hazelnut taste + chocolate taste can be stronger though I love the crisp texture of the first layer! Those who do not like rich and dense chocolate cakes, preferring more subtle tastes, this cake is for you!

Champagne mousse with wild strawberry centre

Another one of my favourites! Love the champagne mousse!!!! Dont worry, its not bitter and the champagne taste will definitely tease your tastebuds! I think its wonderful that they paired it with strawberry! The striking red hue just makes this dessert all the more sexy and heart-tingling! Such a delicate piece of cake that will surely touch your inner heart-strings!

Mont Blanc
French chestnut paste with fresh cream centre

MMmmmmmmMM, the mont blanc!!! The chestnut cream was TO DIE FOR I tell you! So smooth it was like eating thick and pure chestnut puree. The boy was amazed by how fine the paste was! Take my hat off to Kenneth (the talented man who makes these cakes) for the cream, really. The whipped cream inside doesnt overpower the chestnut paste and goes wonderfully well as a whole together with the base and the chestnut paste! This isnt overly sweet, do not worry! As with all their cakes actually (:

Onigiri (new)
Basil milk chocolate with bitter orange

I must proclaim, I love herbs in desserts!!! The basil really sang to me in this one! One bite and I knew this contained a savory touch and checking their facebook page confirmed this! I really liked the mousse with the basil! Wonderful addition I feel! The bitter orange centre isnt for everyone really. Tastes like kumquat? The boy didnt like it (he doesnt like orange with chocolate) so I ate it! Think it goes well as a whole with the mousse! So this cake isnt for everyone, especially if you dont like bitter stuff and/or orange in your chocolate!

Mixed sables - green tea, coconut, chocolate

I LOVE their sables!! So crisp and buttery! Love how they're individually packaged as well! Great strong flavours and the small crunchy morsel is really addictive!!

All in all, K Ki is a wonderful place for you to spend the afternoon eating pieces of art that are delicately created and put together, with much effort and thought. The couple who runs the place (Kenneth and Delphine) are really friendly and cheerful! They'll recommend the order in which you eat the cakes so that the taste of one doesnt overpower the other! The first time the boy and I went, we wanted to try all that they had on offer but Kenneth suggested us to try 4 first else it'll be a little too much and we agreed haha. 

K Ki is top on my list for mousse cakes in Singapore. With their supremely light and airy mousse, so dreamy and teasing, I wonder which patisserie in Singapore can be on par or surpass them. It'd be difficult I'd say. I know I can definitely count on K Ki to provide me with quality, well thought out and aesthetically pleasing cakes! (: My to-go for good pastry and tart base is definitely Flor! (which is just nearby hehe)

Please visit them if you have yet to! They share a shop space with a little drom store that sells wonderful knick knacks and many old polaroid cameras! Oh and do note that their cakes sell out really quickly and the cafe has limited space - about 5/6 tables inside and 2 outside (dont worry, its not hot outside! Their fan's quite powerful haha) They also have teas and coffees to go along with your cakes but dont worry if you do not order tea/coffee cos they'll bring you a glass of water!

I'd definitely be going back again and again to try their new creations + those that I have yet to try! Eg pumpkin pudding, strawberry shortcake and cafe dumo!

K Ki
Ann Siang Hill

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Note-worthy up & coming restaurants/bakeries

Hello everyone!

Just thought I'd do this post to alert you guys to some up & coming restaurants/bakeries on our Sunny island!! More places to add to the ever-growing list of "Places to go" haha (information credits to The Sunday Times Singapore)

Scotts Square Restaurants


  1. Ginza Sushi Ichi - Jan 2012. This is a branch of one Michelin starred sushi restaurant form Tokyo's Ginza district which specializes in wild tuna + sea urchin
  2. Maison Kayser - opening end of this month (Nov 2011). Founded by Eric Kayser, who is regarded as one of the world's best bakers. This is an 18-outlet chain in Japan famous for its anpan bread (bread with sweet bean paste filling) and French loaves. The bakery will also include a cafe
  3. Kazumi - opening end of this month (Nov 2011). Specialises in bento sets
  4. Marukin - opening end of this month (Nov 2011). Mid-priced ramen chain which has an outlet in Beijing
  1. La Luna Rosa - Jan 2012. Tokyo's Italian restaurant helmed by a chef who picked up Italian cooking from his 8 year stay in Italy

  1. Delicious - opened. Chic tearoom from KL (decor seems quirky and inviting + food sounds yummy!) Click here for website (pics above - actual Singapore cafe pics credits to delicious website)
Takashimaya/Ngee Ann City

  1. Paul Bakery - by Christmas 2011. Famed French boulangerie which will occupy the shop space that was previously Coffee Club's on 3rd floor of the mall next to Kinokuniya. Features a take-away bakery and a 130-seat dining area. Bakes fresh bread daily + famous for its bread and top-selling products like Flute Paul - French baguette made from dough that is fermented slowly, chocolate bread and croissants. Bakery also sells sweet + savory pastries, sandwiches & cakes
Gardens by the Bay
  1. Satay By the Bay - by 3rd quarter 2012. Open air foodcourt located by the sea - popular local fare. $4-$7
  2. Supertree Grove Casual Dining - June 2012. Dim sum from Peach Garden, fast food from Texas Chicken, local fare (kaya toast frm Hill Street Coffee Shop), speciality coffee, desserts, ice cream. $6-$15.
  3. Pollen - June 2012. Mediterranean-influenced cuisine created by chef Jason Atherton who is a former executive chef at Gordon Ramsay's Maze in London + received a Michelin star in August 2011 for his restaurant in London. Interesting info: has a garden to grow special herbs + veg to be used to cook for the guests

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Orange Thimble

Finally went down to The Orange Thimble! Headed down after our meal at Gordon Grill.

It's just one street down from Drips!

Where all the yummy goodies are kept (:

You just pick whatever you want and bring it to the counter to pay! We didnt know about this initially haha

The cafe's rather spread out (love it!) because it gives you the choice of being away from everyone else (when its not crowded). Like today, the boy and I were at the back part of the cafe on our own! Felt really cosy and comfyyyy. With the strong air-con and the comfy sofa! Really great place to slack and laze the afternoon away! They also provide magazines/newspapers so, really great I feel! So far, I love their ambience the most! Amongst all the cafes I've been to (:

Hazelnut Dacquoise

The dacquoise, I wasnt sure if it was a little soggy after being out too long or its supposed to be like that, but nonetheless it was quite good! The thick chocolate layer was PURE DECADENCE! Thick, dark, quality chocolate layer. Mmmm~ chocolate lovers rejoice!! This is like eating your favourite bar of chocolate - upsized and thickened and smoother haha. 4.3/5

Really love the cafe!! Would prolly be back to try their savouries!!

The Orange Thimble
56 Eng Hoon Street

Gordon Grill - White Truffle 2011

The boy and I had a hard time choosing which white truffle restaurant to go to for our lunch (break from the stupid A levels) and we decided on Gordon Grill after choosing between Senso/Bonta and here. But we were in for a disappointment, THEY DID NOT HAVE FRESHLY SHAVED TRUFFLES because it was OUT OF STOCK.

Can you believe it? A restaurant, in a hotel, a top restaurant, says on the menu it has freshly shaved truffles at $24 for 2grams and they DID NOT HAVE IT. Why? The waiter told us because the truffles got sold out the day before due to popular demand. I mean c'mon, you're a restaurant, you KNOW this is truffle period and ppl will be ordering + eating it and you dont have it?

I knew there was something amiss when we sat down at the table and the waitress removed the white truffle menu from our table (initially I felt a little insulted when she did that). After being sorely disappointed that they did not have freshly shaved truffles (because their truffle dishes doesnt come with shaved truffles at all) the waitress + waiters kept encouraging us to take the set menu instead saying its worth the money, or just recommending it instead to us. 

I felt a little irritated? Like there was a sought of an aversion against us ordering the truffle menu. But nonetheless, the boy and I ordered 2 items from the truffle menu and 1 lunch set.

I must say their lunch set is really value for money! One of the few places with many many choices for appetisers, soup, and desserts! Cos you pick like 3 out of the list there and they do a combi of all 3 for you in small portions! 

Complimentary amuse boche

The salmon sashimi was a thick slab and was quite refreshing with the light drizzle of citrus and some herbs. 

Bread basket

The bread came cold though, a pity! The boy tried the focaccia and said it was not bad

Set menu - appetisers
L-R: foie gras, cold angel hair pasta, grilled scallops with iberico ham

Pardon the bad picture, I was initially not in the mood to take any pictures or in any mood to eat actually. But somehow I felt responsible to take a picture and document my eats! So yup, pardon the picture okay!

The boy ate this and said they were average dishes done well. Nothing too spectacular about them! Heard much about their angel-hair pasta though! So was a little surprised the boy wasn't wowed by them though I think it would be quite hard to find a restaurant that can beat Gunther's awesome rendition. There were about 7-9 choices for appetisers!

Set menu: Trio of soup - Lobster Bisque, Mushroom soup, French Onion Soup
(Pic credits:

Sorry for the lack of picture for the soup! Basically there were served in 3 small cups as shown above. All 3 soups were slightly above average? Nothing much to shout about.

Set menu - Lamb Rack with Cous Cous and Spinach

The lamb was really thick! Think the most huge chunk of meat I saw on a lamb rack before haha. It was cooked perfectly medium rare, and had parts of the fats accompanying this cut which made it more enjoyable! Not to worry, the fats werent overwhelming and the 2 slabs largely consisted of the meat sans fat!

White truffle risotto with autumn mushrooms and parmesan shavings $32

When it first came, the boy and I tried it and felt the rice was a tad if not too undercooked because out of ALL the years and times we've eaten risotto, never once was the risotto so hard and stuck to our teeth each time we put a spoonful into our mouths. We told the waitress and she it sent it back to the kitchen, came out and told us that's what its supposed to be like cos that's what al dente means. I just googled it and it says "till the tooth finds a little bit of resistance" but woah, this is a little too much resistance??

After it came out the 2nd time and spent a little longer being cooked, the risotto was softer but definitely still firm (my idea of it being al dente) and was a much more enjoyable dish as the rice no longer got stuck in our teeth! The truffle smell was strong, though I couldnt really find any mushrooms in the risotto (think they got mashed up or sth?) but the earthy tastes of mushrooms + truffle was there. 

White truffle honey ice cream $8

The ice cream had a rather strong truffle taste + smell and it was creamy, not jia lat. There were berries at the bottom, quite a lot actually. I assume they were afraid people will get sick/feel a bit jia lat after such a huge scoop of truffle ice cream? Not bad an ice cream I'd say!

Dessert (set menu): Poached rhubarb, vanilla creme and strawberry granite

The boy didnt really enjoy this haha. Thought it was okay only?

Pear chocolate tart with vanilla bean ice cream

The vanilla bean ice cream was quite good but got a little too sweet towards the end. The tart, I only ate a small slice but felt that the tart crust wasn't thick enough?

My feelings about Gordon Grill:
  1. The ambience is really pretty, nice decor, classic and classy!
  2. Serving staff were polite and friendly, helpful too
  3. Set menu - 4 courses $58, 3 courses $48 really quite value for money in light of the dishes you can choose from and the "Try a variety in small portions" concept works well I think
  4. Though the food is slightly above average and nothing much to shout about (perhaps its because we didnt eat their famed beef? Saw them pushing out the cart, slicing and weighing the slab of beef in front of the guests)
  5. How can they tell us the truffles are SOLD OUT during their truffle promotion? Sorely disappointed about this. My face literally fell when I found out
Gordon Grill
Goodwood Park Hotel
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