Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Keystone Restaurant - unique experience

Read about this new restaurant and thought it'd be quite interesting to have a meal there! Plus the menu looked v enticing! So the boy and I went down for lunch on Monday (:

Complimentary Amuse Bouche

Beetroot with goat cheese ash and pumpkin soil
Now this was rather interesting blend of flavours! Surprisingly, goat cheese and beetroot works quite well together! The pumpkin soil just melts in your mouth haha 4/5

Charcoal bread with rosemary

Ohmyyyyy now this was YUMMY with CAPS. The bread will always be served piping hot (PIPING, unlike some restaurants where its just warm/cold) and the aroma of the bread, mmm~~~ salivating now!!! Hints of charcoal and the definite strong aroma of rosemary when you bite into the bread, plus the soft but firm texture of the bread, I'M IN HEAVEN (: Loved the bread so much we asked for more!! MUST-TRY! Pls dont skip this wonderful bread! 5/5

Foie Gras Burger - His Lunch Set
Petit brioche, mix berry jam, honey pineapple air

We bought thought the honey pineapple air was reallyyyy refreshing! But felt the brioche to be a little too thick such that you cant really taste the foie gras with 2 slices of it so we took out the bread and ate the foie gras on its own. Loved the jam w the foie gras! Oh and the foie gras, expectedly, was melt-in-your-mouth yummy goodness! (: 4/5

Kagoshima Macchiato - my Degustation menu
White corn, alaskan crab, foie gras jam, crisp basil

Now I really loved the foie gras jam!! Full of the taste of foie gras in a smooth jam form, yumm. The thing in the middle - according to the waiter's mushroom soup. I copied the description off their website. But anw loved the soup too! But didnt like the crab salad on the side mainly because it was warm? Prefer it to be either cold or hot, not warm. 3.9/5

Jamon Iberico - my Degustation set
Burnt figs, reblochon, melon gel, passionfruit sorbet

Now this was GOOOOOD, no not just good, WONDERFUL! The saltiness of the jamon goes perfectly well with the saltiness of the fried cheese!!! Totally match made in heaven! The fig was so good as well and the melon gel totally feels like you're eating a really sweet melon!!! MUST-TRY 5/5

Hokkaido Scallops - my Degustation set
Pistachio & pepper crusted/petit poi puree/micro herb salad/bisque

The scallop to me was so-so only? The puree was a really interesting flavour which we loved, I can't put my finger on exactly how it tastes like, you've got to try it for yourself! The black piece was a squid-ink cracker (more like keropok!) That was good! Crispy with the smokey taste of squid ink. 4.1/5

Scampi & Oscietra (+6 supplement) - his set lunch
Risotto/ crustacean stock/fava beans/parmigiano-reggiano

Woah!!!! WONDERFUL RISOTTO!!!!! The stock is really really good omg, orgasmic if I must use that word! Its like eating the ocean! Hahahaha seriously, the seafood taste is strong and powerful and totally immersed in the rice which is perfectly al dente! The scampi was a unique texture, one we hadnt had before, like soft but still chewy? Caviar was a nice added touch too! MUST-ORDER! The boy was so so satisfied with this haha 5/5

Norweigian Golden Trout - my degustation
Coriander & Pine nut crusted/escabeche of king crab & blue lip mussels

My fish was more of a letdown :( Couldnt really taste the fish under all that "crust" because the fish was a rather thin slice only. In the end I took away all the stuff on top and ate the fish itself. Really loved the king crab and mussels that we found beneath the piece of fish! The stock used to cook them + the sauce was great!! 3.5/5

Nutella Bar - my degustation
Milk skin, toffee banana, white toast

NICE NICE NICE!!! The ice cream on the right is brown butter ice cream and I tell you if you have yet to try sth like this, PLS TRY IT! Its so yummy and mmmm~~~~ tastes like peanut butter ice cream but BETTER! The nutella bar was YUM too. There were pieces of rice krispy like stuff in between the mousse layers which were lighter on top but denser below, which made a really good mix of textures! Couldnt stop eating it!!! The white toast generally had no taste but was soft and the milk skin was damn interesting haha. Must-order!!! 5/5

Kaffir Lime & Lemongrass - His lunch set
Panna cotta/palm sugar/pearl sago

I LOVED THIS!! Loved the lemongrass taste in the panna cotta, lovely Asian twist to this Italian dessert I must say! But be forewarned, if you do not like lemongrass, please do not order this haha. But if you do, ORDER IT!! The panna cotta is so smooth and silky, scoop it with some red ruby plus the flavourful sauce into your mouth and you'd be so darn happy. The soil was an interesting add on to the dessert! 4.6/5

Service: EXTREMELY FRIENDLY + POLITE. The staff there are really nice and I really feel comfortable talking to them and telling them my preferences. Also, even though at the start it was only the 2 of us in the restaurant, the presence of the staff didnt make us feel uncomfortable. Plus they're really professional. Good service and its one that I'd expect of such a restaurant

Ordering lunch: Basically there're 2 menus - ala carte & set lunch. The set is a prix fix menu (ie you choose 1 appetiser/maincourse/dessert from a few selections that they've given you) and its $38++ or you can order ala carte! For me, I wanted to try quite a few of their appetisers so I told this to the waitress and she kindly asked if I wanted the degustation menu and brought me the dinner menu! She allowed me to choose which appetisers I wanted to try and what mains I wanted from the dinner menu (though she only mentioned a few out of those I could choose from) and so I was able to try more appetisers!! You can find their menus at their website

Note: Do not be alarmed when you arrive and they immediately pour you still water!!! At first the boy and I thought we had to pay and were quite annoyed that they didnt ask us beforehand if we wanted still water or not, but in the end when we looked at the bill closely, we realised that they didnt charge us for still water! O: So yup I guess its uh included somewhere in the prices haha.

Parking: Parking is really a BITCH because its surrounded by offices so all the carparks are for season parking only and there's only a stretch of parking lots outside the restaurant which was full~~ The waitresses agreed to help us keep a look out for the parking attendant cos we parked illegally at the road-side while we had our lunch! (Btw I feel weird calling them waitresses because they're so much more professional than the usual ones)

Overall: It was a really unique experience though the food was nothing spectacular, it was certainly up to standard and were generally executed well. Unique experience because the way things are paired + presented was unique! That was the word the boy and I unanimously agreed on. Please go try it for yourself! We're definitely going back when they change their menu!

Keystone Restaurant
11 Stanley Street
Restaurant closed on Sundays

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