Sunday, August 28, 2011

Triple 3 Sunday Brunch

My family decided to try Triple 3's Sunday Brunch!

Salad section

Seafood section
There are freshly shucked oysters! Can you see the chefs doing it in the background of the picture? All of the seafood are undoubtedly extremely fresh and sweet! (:

Now for Triple 3, its slightly different from other buffets I've been to because they have a wider range of sashimi available to choose from and the chef only slices it for you after you've told him your choices or you can ask him for recommendations/mixed platter sort of thing!

Mini chirashi

Assorted Sushis

The salmon sashimi was really fresh and sweet!!! Loved how it tastes :D The small white stuff there are shrimps which the sashimi chef recommended! They were really sweet too! The swordfish was equally good and so was the salmon roe!

They have a really wide variety, as you can see! Plus there's even jamon!

Live station: 2 kinds of lobsters
One is mentaiki and the other is drizzled with garlic butter sauce! The boy said both are really really good, and went to get seconds! I asked for a lobster without any sauce and they gladly agreed :D It was fresh and sweet!

Oyster Croquettes

2 Kinds of Lobsters

Lobster w/o sauce, seafood with sun-dried tomato salad
The salad was really interesting!!! The small mini seafood really tickled me haha and they tasted really yummyyyyy and fresh! Plus the herbs and sun-dried tomato added, mmm~

Live station: Grilled
There's wagyu beef, lamb rack, pork, salmon, sausages! Choose and they'll grill!

Grilled lamb rack

I tell you, this is the BEST grilled lamb rack I've eaten so far!!!!! The meat was so soft and a little melt-in-you-mouth-ish but still maintaining a firm bite. The lamb taste wasn't too strong as well! This was soooo good that we went back for seconds and my dad ate 4 pieces on his own!! MUST-TRY! 5/5

Also, the service was really good as the boy and I ordered then went back to our table thinking we'd get it later, but the chefs delivered it to our table instead! (:

Live station: Foie Gras with Radish
This was done just right, and the foie gras is mmmm~ Think you should eat it alone though, not with the radish!

Live Station: Seafood Lobster Omelette!
The boy said it had truckloads of crabmeat and lobster meat inside!

Salmon and mushroom in brioche crust

Lobster Briyani: The lobster infused the taste of the Indian spices, so it was flavourful, the rice was nice as well

Lamb curry: Felt that the lamb was a bit tough!

Chickpea curry: MMM I love chickpeas! And this curry was good (Y)

Salmon + mushrooms in brioche crust: The brioche was really crispy!! And there was like cream/cheese inside which made it yummyyyyy.

Assorted meat
Mum said the peking duck wasnt really good though!

Live station: Tempura
You can choose what tempura you want and the chef will make it for you! We tried the sweet potato one and it was good~

Siew Mai & Hargow: They were really good!! Small little morsels but the ingredients used were really fresh!

Steamed sea perch
This was sooooooo melt in your mouth!!!! VERYVERY good dish!! MUST-TRY!

(Clockwise from the back, L-R) Tiramisu: I wouldnt recommend it, doesnt taste like it at all sadly
Mini fruit tart: Their tarts are really good!!! Please try this!
Chocolate tart: This was good too!!! The chocolate wasnt too sweet and the tart base was just nice (:
Berry cheesecake: Wouldnt recommend this, tasted weird!
Chocolate Mousse Cake: This was good!
Lemon Meringue Tart: YUMMMM TRY THIS
Opera Cake: This was so-so?
Apple crumble: (the slice on the far left) THIS IS REAL GOOOOOOOD, TRY IT!
Financier: (the one in front) so-so

Fruits: Generally sweet and good!
Mango cheesecake: It was above average!
Peach tart: Love the tart crust!!
Walnut white brownie: This was crumbly and good!
Pumpkin tart: (far right) this was uh not really good

Wine poached pears: not nice
Cherry clafoutis: Not bad!

Cherry: Sweet!
Prune: Not sweet :(

Red bean, black sesame, lime sherbert ice cream
MMMMMMM the black sesame and lime sherbert were AWESOME!! MUST-TRY!! The lime is a really really good palate cleanser after the heavy meal and if you like black sesame, you'd go head over heels for their ice cream!! The taste of the black sesame is so strong and fragrant!!! YUMMYYYYYY

Vanilla and strawberry
The boy didnt like strawberry!

Saffron and black sesame ice cream
Oh my!!! Saffron really tasted like saffron!! I love the spice so I loved the ice cream!!
I HAD 6 SCOOPS of black sesame in total, you can tell how yummy it was :DDD

Overall, I feel that the food at Triple 3 is of rather high quality, with more hits than misses although they can expand further on their mains section (which is what I've shown you above only) because I feel that their appetizers and dessert section are v good but generally lacking in choices for the mains!

Plus the service there is really friendly and good, they clear your plates quickly and all the chefs are very nice! (:

OCBC currently has a promotion with them where you can get 1-for-1 free! Plus many other credit card discounts, so I suggest you head down for Sunday Brunch for a quality experience! (:

So far I've been to Hilton's Seafood Friday night dinner buffet, Carousel's Sunday Brunch, Melt's Sunday Brunch, Basilico's Sunday Brunch, and Triple 3's, and my rankings for them are as follows (the boy shares the same sentiments):
  1. Basilico (note that its Italian food only - SUPER good quality food consistently! Read about it here)
  2. Triple 3
  3. Hilton
  4. Melt (Read about it here)
  5. Carousel
Will be going for more Sunday Brunches soon and then I'll update the list! We feel that Triple 3 has the best all round International buffet so far!

Triple 3
Meritus Mandarin
Sunday Brunch 12-3pm
Both $188 and $138 comes with free flow of sparkling wine, juices, soft drinks and coffee/tea
$188 one comes with Champagne too

$188+($221.30 nett)
Enjoy 1 for 1 promotion using OCBC Credit Card

$138++ ($162.45nett)
15% discount on total food bill with Amex/Citibank/Stan Chart/UOB
20% discount on total food bill with DBS

$99++ ($116.50 nett) - coffee/tea and no discount

$42++ ($49.45 nett) 2-12 years old OR
Kid ala carte menu - 2 to 6 years old
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