Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Restaurant: edge - Buffet Restaurant at Pan Pacific Singapore

The newly refurbished Pan Pacific has a all new look! I'd say it does look quite nice :)

Here's what you see when you enter via Marina Square

Think this idea is kinda cool! Lil pods where people sit inside, have their private space to catch up/talk/chill. And its on water too as well! Not all of them though, those closer to the lifts are.

A HUGEASS space dedicated to edge! Its takes up like half of the whole level! The new buffet restaurant at Pan Pacific :)

They've adopted a new buffet concept featuring SEVEN open kitchens! Featuring mainly Asian Pacific Cuisines (tho Western's v good too imo)


Some pictures of the restaurant itself - which is super big!!!

To the right is the cold seafood area + sashimi + sushi + thai salad + otak

To the left is the hot food section

This is the salad bar, nachos, cold cuts, cheese, fruits section

On your table there'll be wet towels and the bowl w water + lemon for you to wash your hands! Super thoughtful! I like :)

Also if you reserve, they'll write your name on a plate to "mark" out your table and you'll see it when they show you to your table!


Here are pictures of the spread! Do note that this is Sunday Dinner and we visited on 7 Oct 2012


I'd say theirs is quite a good selection! Took the soft cheeses and I loved them all :) They had quite a wide variety of "toppings" to go w the cheese too. Assorted crackers, lots of variety of dried fruit + nuts!

Assorted smoked meat & pates

Tried the smoked fish on the left (pale flesh one) and the smoked salmon, a little too salty for me! But then again, am not a fan of smoked stuff :)

Fruit Section

Again a nice big variety! Though I'd appreciate it if they put bowls here as well cos its a little hard to keep the grapes on the plate hahaha (cos they're already "plucked"). Fruits are generally quite sweet, not the best I've had though!


Salad Station

I like that they have a nice pretty selection of pre-mixed salad and that you can mix your own if you want as well!!! Really loved this :)

Nice and refreshing

Very good roasted mushrooms w sundried tomato and feta!!

DIY salad station

Rojak Station

The chef at this counter will mix it up for you but of course you can customize it however way you want! More of this/more of that. My mom said that the jambu (a type of fruit found in rojak) was super super sweet and juicy so she actually went to ask for a bowl of that fruit hehe.

Otak otak!

Sushi Spread

First time seeing aburi tuna at a buffet spread!


They have the usual - salmon, tuna, octopus, prawn and not sure what else! Didnt try this that night so not sure about the freshness!

King Crab Legs & Scallops

I remember the king crab legs to be fresh and rather sweet, a joy to eat I'd say! And the shell's already nicely cracked for you so no hassle :) 

Scallops were quite sweet and as you can see, definitely plump!

Prawns, Oysters

Prawns were sweet!!! Fresh and good

Oysters - thought lacking some sweetness was good for hotel quality and I'd say I even went back for more!!! Cos well, they're plump, rather fresh and sometimes sweet!!  

What I had on my first plate & subsequently went back for more!

Love the wide variety here even though I didnt try it!

Soba (diff types somemore!), cold udon, and the thin noodles in front which I can't name haha

Jap Tofu

Thai Mango Salad or was this papaya... cant really rmb haha

Thai Papaya Salad or mango..

Thai Seafood Salad

A thing to note about all the thai salads is that the chef mixes it on the spot to replenish it! The ingredients are all laid out behind so once it starts dwindling, she'll mix it up and replenish it! Do note that it IS quite spicy but super good :) Love the mango one!

Nachos with choice of dips

Found it quite interesting that they even had a nacho counter w diff types of dips!!

Teriyaki Counter

Liked that they incorporated this! Choose from chicken, beef and sausage!

This is found at your table and it works Kushinbo-style! So you order at the teriyaki station then you pass this to the staff so they know where to send your orders to when its ready :)

Teriyaki Sausage

The boy said its quite juicy though cant really taste the "grilled" taste

Lobster Bisque

This was good. Certainly not diluted and the flavours were all there!! Thick but not too thick, creamy but not overly so. So good when you want something comforting :)

DIY Tom Yum Soup

Basically its the soup and you add in your own ingredients!!

Didnt try this though

Mainly to show the plump yummy looking prawn :)


They have a few types of pizza and they're all made on the spot!!!! I mean obviously not just for you, but they make it on the spot to replenish it. Nice (Y)


Which looks so good


SO sorry this picture is so orange!! The lighting is this colour so... Anw they had like 4 types of baked cheesy stuff for all you creamy, cheesy lovers out there! There was pasta baked w seafood, and with other things as well (Sorry memory failing!), of course there was the classic lasagne as well! The boy says its quite nice

Suckling Pig

I've never seen this at a buffet before! My mom said the skin is super super crispy (Even tho it doesnt look like it) and she really loved it :) Quite rare I guess, for a buffet!

All the food there are prepared in pretty looking Le Creuset pots! Spent my time alternating between ogling at the food and being mesmerized by the pots!! They come in all sizes and are so cute and pretty!

Braised Beef

The boy was raving abt how soft this is, how tender it is and how yummy it is!

Mushroom & Pumpkin Gnocchi 

The pumpkin gnocchi doesnt really have a pumpkin taste, but its not flour-y either. Definitely cant go wrong w mushrooms!

Braised Lamb Shank

Super super soft and tender as well, (wonders of Le Creuset maybe?) but not flavourful enough for me. No smelly lamb taste though!

Baked Mussels w Cheese 

Pan fried Beef 

The boy says this is quite nice

I think this was chicken? Am not too sure!

Pan-fried Black Cod with Tomato Coulis and Green Asparagus

Omg this was my FAVOURITE dish of the night!!!!! I went back for SO many servings my family was appalled haha. Honestly it wasnt very sweet, but I just love the texture of cod and this one had a rather nice texture so I kept going back for more :)

Lamb rack

This was good, though I'd like more flavours! Meat wasnt too tough and not too rare, just nice! No smelly lamb taste too :)

Duck Confit

This was good with the sauce according to the boy and I've never seen duck confit at buffets too! Much less one that's done quite nicely!


Would be nicer if it were softer?? Still tastes a lil undercooked to me

Wide variety of sauce to choose from

This is what you find at the end of those Western hot dishes shown up there! And see what I mean abt the cute Le Creuset pots?? Haha (Sorry I keep mentioning them, kinda like fantasy to own one :D). Okay main point is = wide variety of sauces!! Which oth buffet have you seen this at?

Western Hot Food Spread and the live kitchen there

Indian Station

Moving on to the Indian station we have all sorts of curry - fish/chicken/lamb/veggie/dhal etc and naan! Their naan's not bad though I'd like it slightly crispier (its alr crispy dont get me wrong!). Dhal is not too spicy.

The chefs at the Indian station are really really friendly and so cheerful haha always ready and eager to explain to you what there is at the Indian station

Assorted Satays

Chili Crab

Black Pepper Crab

Size of the crab for this is um quite small so even if you take the pincer, there's not much meat! It isnt spicy either!

& of course there's the must-have fried man tous right next to it!

Prawns! This tastes more like tasteless steamed prawns to me. This was under the Malay section though. Not sure what its supposed to be!

Seafood Curry

Looks spicy!

Assorted Malay dishes


Diff types - prawn, fish etc. There are more behind! Really like how they have a variety of keropoks (aka crackers)! However they're not crispy anymore :/ at least the prawn one isnt and doesnt have much taste either


Okay guys 'cos this post is already so image heavy, I'll post a part II showcasing the Chinese food station and the DESSERT STATION! :) Will also talk about the service & my general comments! Part II will come on Saturday morning okay, I promise :)

Am really sorry that I cannot give you a proper description of the dishes on display because one annoying thing I do not like about the buffet is that THERE ARE NO LABELS. So you dk what the food is. And not all the chefs are eager and take the initiative to tell you what the food is/introduce the food to you although they're supposed to do that (I know 'cos I asked one of them why there are no labels). So I suggest either put labels or get your chefs to be more proactive!!! But its kinda uh illogical to make them introduce it over and over again to diff hoards of ppl?

Details of buffet:
Breakfast (6:00am to 11:00am)
Adult - $48++, Child - $32++

Lunch (12:00 noon to 2:30pm)
Adult - $48++, Child - $32++

Dinner (6:30pm to 10:30pm)

Adult - $55++, Child - $39++

This is their introductory offer price and I'm not sure when the promotion ends so better call to check!

Watch out for Part II!


  1. any difference in the weekday lunch buffet spread?

    1. Hi! I'm not too sure, perhaps you can call to check?

  2. Nice write up.

    But do note that the term "Jap" (as used in "Jap Tofu") is a derogatory term like "nigger" or "hongkee".

    It's more correct to use the word "Japanese".

    1. What?! Are you serious?! Take a chill pill dude! That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever come across!!

  3. Nice pictures u've got there! Suckling pig! That's definitely a first time in buffet, I do hope it's still available. Thanks for the review, planning to go there this weekend, I'm hoping the prices have not increase drastically.

    1. Hi! Thank you for leaving a comment! :) yea that is a first come to think of it haha. No problem! However I recently went for their Sunday brunch and wasn't too wowed by it so hopefully the dinner will still be good! Do tell me how it went! :)

  4. Hi, great review! Makes me really hungry in class! I was wondering if it has a nice view of the surrounding area? Thank you so much!! Great review again!

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  8. Hey Y,

    Great post on the Buffet @ Edge Do check out our post on the Long Long Lunch @ Edge Pan Pacific Singapore as well! Standard's certainly much better than many other hawker buffet restaurants we've tried!



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