Sunday, July 24, 2011

Joël Robuchon

Once you enter these doors, be prepared for a wonderful journey of food!!

Joël Robuchon titled as the 'Chef of the Century' has restaurants all over the world. Singapore (Resorts World Sentosa) is one of where his culinary expertise is showcased. Stepping into the restaurant, you'll be greeted by gorgeous ladies in black qi pao. On the left is the 'L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon' and the right is 'Joël Robuchon Restuarant'.

We turned right and WOW, yes that's right, that was the first thing that came to our mind. We were surprised at its decor and furniture. It felt as if we were in a super posh hotel!

Look at the intricate designs. If you think they're sewn on, you are wrong. They are actually meticulously arranged to give you the shape shown below.

Sitting on the sofa with the comfy cushions!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cedele, my love! & 4 Fingers Bonchon

4 Fingers Bonchon Chicken - Mix of Soy Garlic & Spicy

The boy commented that he couldnt really tell which was which flavour but the chicken was superrrr crunchy, so much so that you can hear the crunch when your friend bites into the chicken! 4/5

Fries with some herbs/seasonings/spices

The fries were good, crispy outside, soft inside and werent extremely salty! Loved the herbs or wtv it was that accompanied it! 4/5

Curry Pumpkin

Love Cedele's soups!!! Always warm and comforting and chock full of flavour!!! Love it with their awesome breads as well hehe (: 4.6/5

Beetroot Avocado Burger

Felt that the patty wasnt really flavourful and doesnt really come with much ingredients! Like the grilled veggie burger much better! :D 3.2/4

Chicken Sandwich

Sorry! Cant rmb which chicken sandwich we ordered! But the chicken was soft and tender! Awesome awesome sandwich! We loved how perfectly crisp and crunchy the toasted bread are at cedele! We really want to recreate such a texture at home, but always fail to do so :( 4.3/5

Blueberry Maple Cake

Wonderful wonderful piece of cake!!! You can taste the maple syrup which they use to frost the cake and the cake just tastes so homey and lovely!!! It was soft and moist, perfect cake to warm your soul! 4.6/5

Green Tea Ice Cream w Adzuki Beans

The boy didnt really like this as he commented that it was a tad too sweet but I found it alright! The green tea flavour was rather strong (which I like!) and the beans gave it added points in my books! 4/5

THE MUST HAVE - Earl Grey & Fig Ice Cream

This is a must order for me at every meal at Cedele!!! 5/5

I'm really happy that there is Cedele! Healthy restaurant that serves up superbly yummy food that warms your soul and brings a smile to your face! My to-go restaurant always!

4 Fingers Bonchon Crispy Chicken
Ion Orchard B4

United Square

Monday, July 18, 2011


Mushroom Soup

Parents commented that it was a bit watery though you could still taste the earthy tones of the mushroom! 3.6/5

Tempura Seafood (Specials Menu)

The seafood they gave was really fresh!! And I think this is really really value for money as the portions of the seafood was really big!! Huge scallops, prawns and squid! 4/5

Squid Ink Tagliatelle with Crab and Tiger Prawns
Jumbo lump swimmer crab, tiger prawns, asparagus and leek in a rose sauce

The pasta was al dente, the sauce was really yummy and they gave a lot of crabs and prawns! The veg in the dish was also well-balanced! Great pasta dish! 4.2/5

Saffron Seafood Stew
Mussels, squid, fish, prawns and pitted green olives stewed with tomatoes, herbs and saffron served with toasted ciabatta

WOW the aroma of the soup will hit you once it is served and I really love the smell and taste of saffron so I loved this dish!!! The seafood once again, was really fresh and came in big portions that made this really value for money. The olives provided a different taste to the stew which was much welcomed by my palette. The ciabatta was perfectly crisp and crunchy! It could soak up the stew really well (: Wonderful dish if you're looking for fresh seafood and the taste of the freshness and of saffron in a soup-based form! 4.5/5

Sakura tea

My Wife's Chocolate Cake
Served with Movenpick ice-cream

Felt that the cake was a little too dense? A bit too much to handle 3/5

Fruit Terrine
Berries, citrus segments and bananas in a passion fruit jelly

Dont really rmb tasting bananas! But there was definitely citrus segments (ie mandarin orange slices), the taste of berries and passion fruit! This was a really good after-meal dessert as its sour! Really cleanses the palette! 4.3/5

Carrot Cake

Felt that their was not a bad rendition of the classic, average to say the least. The cream cheese frosting wasnt too sweet so that was a good thing. 3.8/5

Note that during weekends, it fills up pretty quickly so I'd suggest you make a reservation before going down! As you can see from the pictures, the place is rather small so you'd want to make a reservation! You can park at myVillage (easier to get parking spots IMO) and walk over! Its quite near!

The service is friendly and the chef/owner makes regular rounds around the restaurant to ensure everything's alright (: I'd recommend this place for people who want good food that's value-for-money!

Serangoon Gardens


Decided to try this new restaurant as it serves the Thai, French and Western cuisine. Saw it in the newspapers after we came back from lunch!

The menu is just behind the paper they place on your table.

Interior of the restaurant

Foie Gras with duck rillette and apricot jam

A huge piece of duck liver! One of the largest piece I've seen. It was crisp outside no doubt, but I felt the liver wasnt really fresh and tasted rather bland. Also, it didnt really go well with the duck rillette (thing below the hugeass foie gras). The jam was nice though! 3/5

Thai Fish Cakes with Mango salad

Fish cakes were pretty good. The mango salad lacked that little hint of spiciness you usually taste in authentic Thai cuisine. The salad wasn't as refreshing as we thought it would be. 2/5

Seafood bouillabaisse with garlic crostini

Served in a mini black pot, this seafood soup is rich in taste. The aroma of the soup gives you an inkling on how much seafood has been used for the soup. Fresh ingredients like prawn, scallops, clams and mussels could be found in the pot. Every spoon of soup makes you feel as though you are just next to the ocean. The garlic crostini that came with it was outstanding even when eaten on it's own. Lightly crisped on the edges, fluffy texture inside with the aroma of garlic that wasn't overpowering, neither will your mouth smell of garlic after that! Comfort food at its best! 4.2/5

Pad Thai (Chicken)

Option to choose between pork, chicken and seafood. The portion was quite big but it was disappointing. The noodles were tough and they were stuck in lumps. The flavours of the noodles were not strong either. I would definitly not recommend this to anyone. 1.5/5

Linguine Vongole

The linguine was cooked to firm texture but not hard. The tastes of the clams and wine were infused in the linguine, though foodies with a preference for something with stronger flavours would not like this dish. I would say that the are pretty generous with the clams. 3/5

Oven Roasted Snapper with Zucchini Gratin and pine nuts

The fish was baked such that the skin was slightly crispy. The freshness of the fish was further brought out by the light salt and pepper seasoning. You can also see how fresh the fish was by looking at the super white flesh! Beneath the fish lies a bed of zucchini gratin which could be made better if the gratin was slightly smoother. The zucchini slices were really big though, which is a good thing, I think! (: On the whole, it was a slightly above average fish dish although the portion was a little small. Accompanying the dish was also a side salad and some kind of sauce with distinct honey taste and pine nuts which was really good! 3.5/5

Hazelnut Crunch Bar with Passionfruit Coulis and Berries

This was chocolate mousse atop a crunchy base that spelled chocolate heaven!! The mousse was really heavenly and good quality chocolate was used. Awesome piece of chocolate cake! The passionfruit coulis was really sour! Warning to those who cant take sour stuff, do not try it! I loved it though (: 4.4/5

Warm Lemon Lava Cake with Vanilla Cream, Sesame biscuit and fruits

This tasted like lemon tart in a warm cake form!! Awesome much!!!! Loved the molten lemon centre (: Great great dish! The boy couldnt stop raving and thinking about this dish even after we left the restaurant! He even said he'd make sure he learnt how to make it. It was a much welcomed change from the ol' chocolate lava cake! The cream would have been much better if it was cold! The sesame biscuit thing was really good! The aroma of the roasted sesames could be smelt from quite a distance after the biscuit was broken into two! FYI waiting time's around 15mins! 4.5/5

Red Ruby with Coconut Ice Cream

Sad to say, there wasnt any coconut taste in the ice cream at all. Mom took a huge scoop of the ice cream but couldnt taste anything :/ She commented that the red ruby was nice though! There was also melon pieces at the bottom! 3.2/5

Service was not bad, progressively got better! They do not serve complimentary bread though. They have an outdoor seating area and an area for kids to play (has quite a lot of stuff!!) but the interior has a rather limited seats! I suggest you stay away from the thai food and you must definitely order desserts!! We thought desserts faired better.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fine Palate 2

With the option to sit either in or outside of the restaurant, we decided to have brunch inside to stay clear from the hot sweltering weather.

First to come to our table is the Lemon Meringue Milkshake.

If you like lemon tart and vanilla ice cream, imagine blending the tart together with the ice cream. It tasted exactly like a lemon tart with bits of meringue on top to ease the sour-ish feeling. To me, it is one of the most interesting milkshake I've ever tried and I liked it! However, it might taste a little more milky to some. 4/5

The boy ordered Linguini with Smoked Paprika and Salmon

Pasta lovers who fancy cream based pastas will love this dish. Lots of salmon, lots of mushroom and lots of cream but where's the paprika? This, to me is just an ordinary pasta but I have to say, it tasted pretty good and it is value for money. 3/5

I ordered the The Mediterranean.

Served with 2 pieces of dark rye toast and a small plate of butter, it has a whole lot to offer. In the plate is a mixture of garden greens like tomatoes, zucchini and red pepper. There was also spicy salami in it! The eggs were cooked in a way that you can savor the rich, creamy, liquid form egg yolk and the solid form one. (it consists of 2 organic sunny side up eggs hence the 2 yolks) Great choice for a weekend brunch. 3.6/5

A Chocolate Dome came after we finished our mains.

Initially, we thought it would be like a chocolate fondant. We were getting our forks and camera ready in anticipation to capture the flowing molten centre. But to our surprise, it was the bits of the centre of the chocolate cake that came off. The Dome was a pretty average chocolate cake so you might as well spend the money on something else. It was supposed to be accompanied by vanilla ice cream, but the boy and I couldnt identify the flavour of the ice cream. The sesame crisp thing was good though, faint tastes of ginger! 2.8/5

I agree with that statement (:

Will definitely go back to try out their other soba dishes! Oh and the first time I went (on Tuesday) they told me dessert of the day was carrot cake, and on Saturday (the same week) they told me it was carrot slice. When I asked if that was same as carrot cake, the waitress said yes! So, I dont know whether they actually do change their dessert of the "day".

The service there is polite and un-intrusive.

Fine Palete Cafe
Waterloo Street
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