Saturday, September 3, 2011

Best popiah in Singapore so far!


I've been constantly on the search for good quality popiahs in Singapore and so far this has consistently come up tops in my list! I've since brought many people there to try and everyone agrees its the fattest, most chockfull of ingredients popiah they've eaten!!

This is none other than the popiah from Ji De Chi at Takashimaya Basement 1! Please only buy from this Ji De Chi outlet! I know there are countless, but none can beat this Taka one!!! Look at the amount of ingredients in there! Its so packed and fat and YUMMY~ mouth-watering to the max! Am totally craving it now!

The skin is not too thick, of just the right texture and everything is of the right ratio!!! PLEASE GO AND TRY IT since its conveniently located in Orchard Road! Everytime I've been there, there's a queue, regardless of the time!! Shows how popular it is (:

Though I agree it isnt cheap, $2.50 for 1 but considering how fat and huge it is + its in Orchard, the price is understandable! And you'll feel its totally worth it + keep going back for more like me! 5/5 

Update (June 2012): I went back to try the taka one and its standard has since dropped. No longer as magical anymore. It is also $2.80 now. Not worth it!! So my must try now goes to Longhouse!

I've tried the Longhouse popiah (at the current Longhouse) - which is 2nd (update: 1st) on my list for being best popiah in Singapore but the most value for money one! At $1.50 per piece, you get a fat and big popiah (though smaller than this) with prawn! I'll take a pic of it next time. MUST-TRY~!!

Also tried the Clementi Food Centre one (the one opp the building with Big Bookshop) beside the famous tutu kueh store (oh the tutu kueh is AWESOME, best I've ever had, and my Mom has had it for years since she was young! Plus the countless friends/family we've bought them for all agree its good!) The popiah there is good too! The old aunty makes everything on her own and her chili really packs a punch!!

I've yet to try the one at Toa Payoh Lor 7 and Ann Chin though I resolve to try them soon! (:


  1. You should try the popiah from Qiji!

  2. Anon: I tried the Qiji at Nex but was sorely disappointed!! Heard many reviews abt Qiji so went to try but in the end it was so bad :( the popiah was really dry and not nice at all :(


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