Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kilo - Awesome Dinner

Kilo has been on my To-try list for quite some time now because 1) they only do dinners and 2) they open tues-sat only! So we havent been able to find a time to go down because he's in army and sat dinners are usually w our families but finally the boy and I made it to Kilo for dinner! 

If you're driving, you turn into Kampong Bahru road RIGHT after the Indian temple okay! Dont miss it like we did and turn a huge round back! Especially if you're hungryyyyy.

Go all the way in and you'll see this building, this is where Kilo is! 1st floor's Loysel's Toy and 2nd's Kilo! There's a ukelele movement on the 5th floor I think? Saw many ppl w ukeleles that night!

This is Kilo! The elevator is right at the opp end of this (near the red pic) and once it opens, its Kilo! The friendly staff will ask you for your name (if you made a reservation and I highly suggest so because they're v popular even on a Tues night!) and seat you at your table! 

Dont worry about it being hot because its v cooling there!!! You wont sweat, trust me.


I've been trying to search online for their menu but to no avail so I purposely took a pic of their menu so that I can refer back to it if I wanna go back for another meal!

The bar

View from outside the window. Huge ass tree!!

Dessert menu!

They also have wines, sake, rum, etc liquor quite affordable!

To share: Seared scallops in mushroom sauce + vine tomatoes & sauteed white wine mushrooms 21

Big fat plump scallops!!! These were nicer vs Bistro Soori in the afternoon! There were 3 pieces of scallops. The sauce was salty (not overly so unlike BS's!) but went really well with the scallops! We loved the freshness of it! I liked the mushrooms!!!! Hugeass juicy ones, fragrant earthy taste! Wished there were a tad hotter though! Or maybe they're supposed to be served cold? But anw loved it still! 4.3/5

Day-night 12hr Pork with purple mash/sour cream & crackling 27

The purple mash tasted like potatoes mixed w cauliflower? Nice mash nonetheless. Sour cream + bacon bits made it seem like the idaho potatoes classic of Jack's Place! Anw star of the dish, the pork was aaaaaamazing! So tender, soft and full of flavour!!!!! A non-meat lover like me loved it! Haha. The boy obviously devoured this! That's the fried pig skin, super crispy!!! 4.7/5 

Nori-wrapped Salmon, wasabi mash with white wine mushrooms & crispy chicken skin 26

The boy and I both thought the whole salmon would be wrapped w seaweed aka nori but no haha it was just the middle part! Salmon was okay, for me, it was a tad overdone? The salmon skin that was (I presume) deep fried on top of the fish was vv salty :/ And not really crispy? Chicken skin was crispier though. The wasabi mash was quite good, quite like the addition of wasabi! And according to the boy, this mash was softer vs his purple mash! My much-loved mushrooms came out again and I happily ate them (: 3.4/5

As it turns darker...

Raw's lava & sorbet of your choice 7

We chose the vanilla, but the vanilla taste wasnt v strong? Lava cake was quite good since the boy ate it quite quickly haha. However we wanted to try the compressed watermelon margarita and the darjeeling tart but they didnt have it that day :( quite a disappointment but another reason for us to go back! Haha. Sorbet choices that night were: vanilla, mango, papaya, jackfruit (I think...)

Kallang river! Go for a stroll after dinner before heading home!

All in all, good food, good atmosphere, friendly service, love the huge stone basin in the toilet haha, and we'll be back to try the squid ink rice that so many talk about and the many oth appetizers to share + hopefully desserts that we want will be available that night! (:

66 Kampong Bugis 2F (just turn into Kampong Bugis and go all the way in!)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nick Vina Artisan Bakery

Having read a few reviews and after looking at their website, the boy and I were quite excited to go down and try out their food! So after our lunch at Bistro Soori, we walked over to try out what they had to offer!

Pictures of their shop:

 These are the pastries we had:


This was the best out of the lot and definitely wasn't yummy in our books, so this says quite a bit. The exterior was a little too sweet? It was like sweet cream on the outside then the ladyfinger sponge inside soaked in vanilla syrup with the roasted strawberries in the middle, the inside was far more enjoyable than the outside! 3.4/5

The macaron shells at the sides arent good, not strong enough lemon taste. The whole cake felt quite tasteless, just eating the sponge with a diff texture in the middle. The supposed sable breton below wasnt crispy at all. 2/5


Was very very interested in this but this was a huge huge disappointment :( The tart shell was v hard, not crumbly or crispy or buttery at all, just HARD. The green tea taste was not bad, quite strong, the green tea crumble (dark green stuff) didnt have any taste, the mousse was the one w the green tea taste. Adzuki red bean paste was quite good, not sweet and was practically the highlight of the dessert. 2/5

The boy and I were v disappointed at their cakes and felt that our calories were wasted for nothing. Though they looked v pretty, sometimes looks can be deceiving.

Nick Vina Artisan Bakery
Icon Village, Gopeng St

Friday, February 24, 2012

Bistro Soori - Good value set lunch

After looking at their lunch, dinner and brunch menu, I felt that the set lunch menu was the most value for money because essentially the food you're getting is similar but at a cheaper price! And lunch is from 11.30am-2.30pm, great for early eaters!!

The boy and I walked from Chinatown MRT station and the walk was quite fast! Umm about 10mins or so? If you need directions, I can help you! (:

2 kinds of bread
Mixed seed and wholemeal

Liked the seed one better! 

Butter with pepper bits! Note: they only have olive oil and not balsamic vinegar!

Karaage Fried Prawn, Cherry tomato, Kaffir Lime, Russian Dressing

This was good, light batter, not too oily, liked the Indian-ish tinge to this dish because it somehow tasted like lemongrass? Haha. Succulent juicy prawns!! 4.3/5

Scallop, pistachio, arugula, truffle, pear vinegar gelee

Scallops were a tad salty if eaten on its own with smothering it in the good truffle sauce! Loved the sour & sweet gelee! 3.5/5

Miso soup 

You cant choose the soup you want, it depends on the day! This was ok, lots of mushrooms though for such a small cup.

Fish of the day (butterfish), fennel, tamarind, thai basil

This was done pan-fried and boy was I glad to have ordered this instead of boring ol' salmon!! This was like cod fish, but less oily, flesh was definitely soft and super fresh!! The boy and I both loved it! Also liked the crunchy fennel and the yummy sauce! (: 4.7/5

Braised short ribs, polenta 

This somehow isnt in their menu on their website so I think the menu isnt updated? At first the boy was like "huh such a small piece ah *sad face*" but after he bit into one piece of the ribs, he gave a huge satisfied smile and went "mmmmm so soft!! THIS IS GOOD!" He happily ate the remaining piece of the ribs and yearned for more! He says he'll order it ala carte next time! (The ala carte lunch menu has the same items as the set lunch menu! Just that I guess, it has larger portions?) 5/5

Beautiful and relaxed interior of Bistro Soori. Makes me feel like I'm in a restaurant in Bali! Love how the sunlight illuminates the place so nicely and the clean minimalist feel of the place! The man there behind the counter is Chef Benjamin McBride! Quite friendly guy! The chefs really do prepare your food behind that counter so if you want to have a look, do ask for those seats!

Pandan Souffle, Strawberry

Look at that! Pretty & perfectttt. Dug into it like a happy kid and was glad it was airy, soft, quite strong pandan taste (reminded me of pandan waffles like those from prima deli haha), scrapped every last bit of it I could! The cookies were butter cookies, v crisp and light!! Evil because I could eat them all day. 4.3/5

Almond panna cotta, blueberry, lemongrass

This almond panna cotta isnt v strong unlike the chi desserts, firm but soft at the same time. Those nuts lend a nice crunch to this dessert! The boy was quite happy with this! 4/5

Service was definitely very good here, friendly, polite, water constantly refilled and nice atmosphere! (: Its quite near both Outram and Chinatown MRT! Nestled in the old shop house, wonderful neighbourhood to walk around after your meal (: Oh and set lunches are 39++!! Quite a few choices to choose from for appetisers, mains and desserts!

Bistro Soori
No 2 Teck Lim Road
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