Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shin Yeh Restaurant

This is a Taiwanese restaurant under the Tung Lok group

Lu Rou Fan

This was not a bad rendition! Though I thought the meat was a little dry. 3.4/5

Seaweed in Vinegar appetiser

I thought this was really appetising! Haha. Anyway, every table has this and I finished it :X 4.5/5

Kampong Chicken

Rather average dish? 3.5/5

Dried abalone

Uhh didnt think theirs was nice because the abalone was still a little too hard and it didnt soak up the flavours of the sauce 3/5

Fried oysters

Mom said this was quite yucky for her because the oysters were only half-cooked 2/5

Vegetable dish

Average vegetable dish you'd expect from a chi restaurant

Crab cooked with chinese herbs!

This wasnt sweet sadly :( Not flavourful as well! :( 3/5

Peanut mochi

With compliments from the restaurant. Parents said it was really nice!

Overall, I think this restaurant had more misses than hits though the service was definitely good. Wouldnt be yearning to go back again.

Shin Yeh
Liang Court Shopping Centre

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