Tuesday, March 27, 2012

baker & cook

This place has been garnering much attention from the press and bloggers alike, and I too have been waiting for the boy to get back for a chance to go try out their desserts! After our lunch at Alkaff, I asked the boy to bring me to baker&cook for desserts!

LOOK at what they have to offer!!

Lemon tart: I felt that the lemon curd was quite tart and tangy, it was a little more watery than normal lemon curds and personally I prefer the tart shell to be more substantial? This was quite a thin layer (like those old sch cream cheese tart kinda thing) I prefer the kind of tart shell like the one on the right of lemon tart! Nonetheless the tart shell was crispy and crumbly! 4.3/5

Strawberry: Eaten as a whole, the cream tasted rather bland? It was more of a "filling", there just to stick strawberries to the tart crust! Crust was good, crispy, of nice thickness and buttery! On the whole, nothing to shout abt 3.8/5

Donut (bambolini) with jam: The boy said this was not bad! Sorry didnt try so cant give any comments!

Carrot cake: Wowww this was quite good! They had pineapple chunks in it but not too many so I'm ok w it. Walnuts - q generous, cream cheese frosting wasnt too sweet (Y), cake was moist and crumbly, strong cinnamon taste! The boy liked this too!!! 4.8/5

Cookbooks published by the owner of baker&cook

Their menus! Totally coming back to try out their brunch and salads!!! Oh and BUY THEIR BREAD haha. They had tasters for the fig, aniseed and sourdough bread (its 1 bread) that day, mmm aniseed taste was quite strong, couldnt really taste the fig. Texture of bread was ok only tho I felt! Would be nice if they had smaller versions of their bread so that I could try 'em out before buying the whole loaf!

baker & cook
77 Hillcrest Road, Greenwood Ave

Omg that stretch of shophouses house SO many restaurants!!! Residents living in the area are so lucky

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Restaurant Week #3: Alkaff Mansion Ristorante

Alkaff Mansion has been on my "to-try" list ever since they reopened and I'm really glad I went down finally to give them a try! I can forsee myself frequenting them.

Huge-ass rocking chair!

Pretty courtyard

Interior - I like that tables are well spaced so privacy is assured, windows were large and allowed light to flow in, aircon was good on a hot balmy day, and there's upstairs too! Beautiful tiling on the floor and just awesome ambience. Please bring your date here, she'll be v happy (:

The RW lunch menu's exactly the same as their normal set lunch menu so well, it was a little disappointing 'cos I thought I might be able to try diff dishes from the usual but ohwell! NO REGRETS 

Complimentary bread

A pity it wasnt hot or even remotely warm! It was cold. But the bread was a little fluffy but went well with the very fragrant olive oil (idk why, theirs had this twang in the aftertaste that made it taste diff frm normal olive oil and it was so enjoyable!)! Though it was cold, the boy and I finished this and asked for another bread basket hehe. Bread fans are us.

Free range chicken cream soup served with Black Truffle and Ricotta "Gnocchi"

This was good! Extremely homey, like something an old Italian grandmama would serve you in her home on a cold winter day. Just screams comfort! Doesnt taste like chicken soup that we'd normally associate it with, tastes more creamy and less so of chicken. 4/5

Tender Tuna Tartar served with Avocado and Passion Fruit Dressing

This was like eating sashimi!! And we all know Singaporeans love sashimi, so for a taste of Japan, choose this! The tuna was tender, no irritating tendon to chew through and it was well marinated with shoyu (jap soya sauce) as well as some spices/herbs! The dressing was more of "at the side" and couldnt really taste passionfruit/avocado in the tuna. But it was a good refreshing dish with the myriad of flavours. 4.3/5

Homemade Ravioli filled with Lobster and Fresh Chives served in its own Bisque

The bisque was one of the best I've had in Singapore! Comparable to The French Kitchen and Balzac Brasserie! It was rich, sweet and bursting with the saltiness of the sea and sweetness from the butter, cream, and of course the lobster itself. Yum. The boy wiped the plate clean with remaining pieces of bread. The ravioli was quite good, though I thought the ends were a little thick. But it goes well with the soup but cant really taste the lobster in the ravioli! 4.5/5

Roasted Cod fish in sesame crust served with Prosecco and Lemon Foam

I declare this the BEST fish dish I've eaten in a LONG time. This was so awesome. The cod was so perfectly roasted that you have to try it for yourself to know what I mean and to experience the joy and wonder that the chef can grasp the right timing and heat to cook this fish till its brimming with its natural sweetness and a little bit oily (good way so you can slurrrp it up) and oh so soft. It was great. I was smiling the whole time I was eating this fish and felt so happy! Sorry if I sound looney but food does this to me, especially wonderful awesome food! I loved it especially when I cut a thick chunk of it and savoured it slowly in my mouth. 

The sesame crust was a wonderful addition to the cod fish, and me being a fan of sesame loved it! Gave it a crispy texture and look at the beautiful brownish tinge at the bottom of the fish just peaking out there, gave it a crunch as well but the inside was so soft! The foam didnt really taste like anything haha and well, glad that the veggies given werent the "usual" kind of veg (: I gushed to the waiter about how good this dish was haha. MUST-TRY! I'd totally go back again and again for this fish!! Was even thinking about asking them whether I can have this as a main next time, like an ala carte order, just this dish alone with a larger slab of that awesome cod. 5/5

Chilled melon soup with chocolate ice cream and raspberry

At first I was rather skeptical about this dessert but turns out it was quite good!! The melon soup was totally like melon in liquid form, sweet and nicely chilled for Singapore's hot weather. The choc ice cream melted faster vs the raspberry sorbet! For those who love old school choc ice cream thats rich and chocolatey that totally reminds you of your childhood, this scoop is it! I recall distinctly that I've eaten such a chocolate ice cream numerous times when I was younger and certainly brought a smile to my face as my taste buds connected the taste to my younger days. The sorbet was refreshing but not as powerful as the choc ice cream for me! After awhile when the ice cream/sorbet melts, the soup no longer tastes like melon haha. 4.6/5

Blueberry cheesecake with fresh kiwi sauce

I thought the cheesecake was a little jia lat? The cream layer was a bit too much and I had to keep scraping the kiwi sauce to go along with it. Quite like the blueberry sauce on top though! The boy liked this! So each to his own I guess? (: 3.6/5

Pictures of Alkaff Mansion and its grounds:

Steps to the restaurant

Walking down to the tent area

That rock is a smartly disguised speaker! Music comes outta there haha

That area with the stairs and waterfall reminds me of Fort Canning!

What more can I say? Awesome food, service, ambience, experience. Please go there. Oh yes the chef came out to make sure everything was alright and they gave us 2 packets of cookies before leaving the restaurant. See you soon Alkaff (:

Alkaff Mansion Ristorante
10 Telok Blangah Green

Friday, March 23, 2012

Restaurant Week #2: Covelli (2nd visit)

I was supposed to have restaurant week dinner at Tanjong Beach Club, but because the weather wasn't looking so good, I cancelled TBC. My friend, A, wanted to eat sth with squid ink so I thought I should bring her to Covelli! But to our dismay, they didnt have the squid ink pasta available that night 'cos there wasnt enough squid ink to go around! 

But the waitress, who's so kind, funny and awesome told us that the lobster in the restaurant week menu is marinated with squid ink! So we could give that a go if we wanted squid ink, hence we chose restaurant week menu in the end! And I'm glad we did! The food on the menu can't be found on their regular menu, so I was quite happy about that (:

Click to enlarge 

Saffron Sweet Corn Mousseline with sauteed Herbed Scallops topped with Bacon Oil

This was like corn puree but what annoyed us a little was that there was the remains of the corn kernels in the soup? Like just the outer covering of the kernel and it was rather difficult to bite! So if that was taken out, it would've been better. Cant really taste the saffron! A commented that the scallops were v good though! 4/5

Honey Pickled Beetroot marinated with Feta Cheese topped with Arugula, Passionfruit Sorbet, toasted Hazelnuts & Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I really liked how the beetroot and feta cheese went so well together! The hazelnuts went superbly together when eaten as a spoonful because it gives that crunch and the nutty flavour, totally brings this dish to another level IMO. Passionfruit sorbet didnt really do much for me, not cold enough I feel? Arugula too, cant really taste it. Star of the dish was definitely everything below! 4.2/5

Pan roasted Barramundi with Charcoal Lobster served with Baby Spinach in Gewurztraminer Cream 

Both A and I had this dish and we were v satisfied with this! The lobster was enveloped in this thin squid ink batter and was crisply fried, audible crunches were heard when we bit into it. And it was piping hot which made it all the more enjoyable! The barramundi was perfectly cooked, still soft but a little bit firm to give you a good bite and went so well with the sauce. 4.6/5

Elderflower Cheesecake served with Chocolate & Almond Crumbles & Macerated Berries

The cheesecake itself didnt have much taste and its not your usual kind of thick creamy cheesecake! This was kinda light and a little bland? So you'd have to eat it with its condiments which pairs beautifully with it. The crumble, the sauce, the liquor-soaked berries, mmmm. A was really happy about the presentation of this dish!

I celebrated A's birthday for her there and the staff were so wonderful! They were funny, nice, polite and friendly! Though they dont give complimentary dessert or cake or wtv when a birthday's celebrated there, they do allow you to bring your own cake! They'll light the candles for you and provide cutlery for you to eat (: 

I feel one good thing about Restaurant Week is that it provides affordable or more affordable set menus for the masses to try so that they too have a chance of experiencing what semi fine-dining is like, and be amazed by the presentation of dishes! It felt foreign to me when A gushed about the presentation of the dish 'cos to me it was v normal already, and it was nice having to see someone being happy and wowed by the presentation of dishes that made me feel great that I brought her for dinner there to celebrate her bday! (:

A and I will certainly be back again for their squid ink pasta which I reviewed previously here.

B2 Orchard Central

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2012 Easter Brunch Restaurant Round-up

Hello everyone!

Easter's coming up soon and though Singaporeans dont really celebrate Easter, its definitely a time when the restaurants (esp hotel buffets!!) come up w things like easter egg hunting, hot cross buns etc and a time when we can have fun and an excuse to eat out! Haha so here's a list of restaurants that you can visit this year (:

Disclaimer: the headings for each section is BEFORE GST and service charge! If I didnt put down the number of seatings, means there's only one seating and usually starts at 12pm till about 3pm? Check by clicking on the links! Some I couldnt find the links on their hotel pages and got the info off

$50 and below

  1. Movenpick Hotel $50/adult, $25/child - BBQ selection and dessert selection
  2. Pantry at the Stables - $40++ for 2 for high tea, $22++/child for buffet & Easter egg hunt (4-4.45pm or 5-5.45pm) Easter egg hunts, magic shows, face painting, goodie bags for the kids! Adults meanwhile can enjoy the afternoon tea set!

Under $100

  1. Global Kitchen - $98++/adult (free flow juices/soft drink), $42++/child. Crustacean on ice, live stations, mains, >10 desserts.
  2. Olive Tree - $88/adult (free flow juices/soft drink) $118 with champagne, $58/child (6-12yrs old). Boston lobsters, roasted pork belly, coq au vin
  3. The Glass House - $68++/adult, $34++/child. The buffet theme is Alice in Wonderland so kids come dressed as your fav character from Alice in Wonderland and be rewarded with a mystery gift! There's face painting, balloon sculpting and photo booth!
  4. The White Rabbit - $98++/adult, $38++/child (6-11yrs). Price includes free flow of soft drinks/juices. 1st seating 10.30-1pm, 2nd at 1.30-3pm. There's an egg station, appetiser buffet, roasted leg of lamb, choose from a few mains, dessert buffet.


  1. Conference Centre at Sentosa, A Beaufort Hotel - $138++ non-alcoholic, $178 free flow champagne. Kids $79 (4-12 yrs old). The website has the full menu. Highlights include, oysters, seafood bar, pan-fried foie gras
  2. Barnacles - $128++/adult (free flow champagne), $38++ child (6-12yrs). Kids get their own buffet and can run arnd on grass. Balloon man, magician, face-painting for kids too!


  1. Greenhouse at Ritz Carlton - $183/adult, child price varies depending on age. 2 timings 11am-1pm or 1.30-3.30pm. Price includes unlimited Moet & Chandon Vintage 2002, house red & white wines, selected cocktails. Highlights include - tiger prawns, mussels, scallops, crabs, 8 types of freshly shucked oysters, pan-seared foie gras, live poached Boston lobster, scallops, whole wagyu beef leg, suckling pig, lamb, veal racks, pork belly roast & char siew. Iberico & coppa hams, cheese board w more than 50 cheeses and over 15 desserts - including hot cross buns + choc souffles a la minute
  2. Town Restaurant - $188/adult (free flow Moet & Chandon), $48/child (6-11yrs). Buffet for kids in supervised children's room, which has face-painting, balloon-sculpting and cartoons. There's also an egg hunt and Easter egg decoration. According to, best tales are outside!
  3. Melt the World Cafe - $159++/adult (free flow Moet & Chandon), $48/child (3-11yrs). Kids get own buffet at Little Fan Land, watch cartoons, do activities and join in Easter Egg Hunt. Brunch has hot cross buns and Easter eggs.
  4. The Sentosa - $179++/adult (Free flow champagne + wine), $79++/child (4-12yrs). Kids buffet, Wii station, X-box games, pizza making, cookie decoration. There's also pony rides, egg painting, a bouncy castle, egg hunts and Easter bunny!!! (Most activities for kids!)
  5. One-Ninety - $198++/adult (free flow Veuve Clicquot), $45/child (5-11yrs). Adult buffet consists of 50+ international dishes, the kids get their own buffet in Kiddies Playland, with bouncy castle, face painting, arts & crafts, balloon games and video game consoles (Most expensive!)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Restaurant Week #1: Chef D' Table

So here's my first restaurant week stop! This is my first time ever joining restaurant week 'cos somehow I always had the impression that the food delivered during restaurant week wont be as good as what they normally serve 'cos they lower their prices and how good quality can that get? But I decided to just give it a go this year and I'm happy to report that I'm not disappointed, yet.

For me, I made sure there's a menu published on the restaurant week website before choosing a restaurant 'cos I want to see if there's anything to my fancy before going down to the place and whether the menu's rather normal.

Am glad that Chef D' Table gives manyyyy choices for its menu considering that its restaurant week! Many restaurants either only give options at main courses or dont give options or just 1/2 choices but look at the menu!! So many choices! (: Which I think is great (: 

While waiting for my friend, I was served this complimentary bread basket and it gave me a good impression 'cos 1) The bread was warm and very crispy, one of the better breads I've eaten at a restaurant and it was fragrant with hints of rosemary I suppose. And 2) the pesto given went v well with the bread, subtle hints of herbs and not jia lat at all.

The layout. The seating capacity isn't large but I like it because there's sufficient space between tables

Lightly Seared Foie Gras on a bed of Sauteed Mushroom and Asparagus with Golden Raisins, Cassis-veal Jus Reduction (Additional $8)

It was a very thin slice of foie gras, but for the price, I understand. It was a little over cooked for me, the outsides was certainly crispy and well caramelized but the insides were just a bit firm? I like mine a little wobbly haha. 3.8/5

Julienne Duck Confit with Orange and Cherry Tomato, Romaine Lettuce and Balsamico Caramel Dressing

The friend thought this was like a duck dish w like lettuce leaves at the side and was q surprised when it turned out to be a salad! So if you're not a fan of leaves, beware! Didnt ask her for her comments about this though. Sorry!

Pan-seared boneless Chicken Thigh with Mixed Salad and Vanilla-lime Mashed Potato laced with Caramelized Pineapple and Cinnamon Sauce

I think it was quite a good dish because the chicken looked v tender to me and she finished the mash + chicken! So yup think it was good for her (:

Grilled pink Dory Fillet served with Beetroot Compote, Caper Lemon Beurre Noisette

It was my first time eating fish w beetroot compote and I thought it was a good idea 'cos the fish generally had no taste so it needed the beetroot and the sauce to lift it up in some sense. A rather light dish in terms of flavours, I'd say. 3.8/5

Dessert of the day - Macadamia Nougat

The woman told me at first that it was Macadamia Parfait but in the end it was nougat. We're both dessert people, but their desserts somehow didnt go well with us. We thought desserts were the weakest among all 3 courses. This one was too sweet after a bite and tasted quite weird when you first put it into your mouth but after awhile, the nutty taste from the macadamia comes and you'd find it ok. It not hard like a nougat but soft and almost a little watery? 2.8/5

Mille Feuille of Seasonal Fruits with Hazelnut Praline Cream laced with Assorted Berry Compote served with Vanilla Ice Cream

The puff pastry was bad, it was too hard and didnt have a buttery fragrance at all? It tasted stale and like it wasnt made in house, tasted store-bought? So I ended up eating the fruits within only. Ice cream didnt have a strong vanilla taste, neither were there vanilla specks! 2.8/5

Service there was not bad, though there was a guy who seemed quite annoyed at us but didnt show it explicitly, just a general "unfriendly" feeling I get from him? OH and there was coffee/tea at the end. I definitely see the potential in Chef D' Table and wouldnt mind coming back to try their regular menus and hope that desserts on their regular menus will be better? (:

Oh and the directory was quite confusing for me 'cos Chef D' Table is #01-29 but I couldnt find a unit 29 on the directory for the 1st floor at all!!! So I had to call the restaurant and they directed me there. Its in the same row as Chijmes Hall (aka the church area of Chijmes where the valet parking is and entrance to carpark) then facing the road, its to your left! One side of Chijmes Hall is Hog's Breath, the other's Chef D' Table!

Chef D' Table
#01-29 Chijmes

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