Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Burnt Ends

Having heard so many good reviews about this place, I dragged the boy down for dinner one night! We had to make reservations a week in advance! Seats are super hot here!

Warmed Oyster

This oyster is warm, literally. Not piping hot, not cold, but warm. So its different from what we're normally used to and some may be put off by it. The oyster was juicy and will burst into your mouth upon biting it. Its slightly sour cos of the "sauce" which balances the creamy taste of the oyster rather well. However nothing special about this I feel. 3.3/5

Smoked quail eggs
$6 for this

Generally I avoid smoked stuff because of the saltiness, but the novelty of eating a smoked quail egg got to me + the good reviews about this dish made me order it! Honestly, it was a tad salty for me but the taste was addictive! Plus its bite-sized so it makes a really good snack. Would've been better imo, if the yolks were a bit runny :) 3.4/5

Fennel, orange, burrata

This was another highly raved dish but I felt that it was very normal. The fennel albeit a bit juicy and crunchy, had minimal taste? Maybe it was to let the natural flavour shine through but when paired with the strong tasting burrata, everything just tasted of burrata. 3.2/5

Squid, sweetcorn, paprika

This was quite yummy! The squid was done nicely, slightly crispy at the edges and not too chewy (which is what I dislike about squids). The sauce was good and went well with the squid. The corn, juicy and sweet! 3.5/5

Leek, Hazelnut and Brown Butter

This was creamy-ish because of the brown butter which also lent a fragrance to the dish. Hazelnuts were an ingenious addition providing a good textural + taste contrast

Kingfish, Apple, Seaweed

The kingfish as you can see was reallyyyy charred on the outside and well, for the sake of my LT health, I was quite taken aback to see the whole charred fish being presented to me. It was quite a hassle to remove all the charred parts or to not cut into it. Basically the skin became charred which would've been really crispy (I imagine) if I could eat it!

The flesh though was ohsojuicy! Plump fleshy and juicy :) wonderfully done! I dug into it hungrily but the skin was just a little bit annoying. The apple and seaweed were nice tgt when paired w the fish but kind of unnecessary cos the freshness of the fish just shines through. 4.5/5

Burnt Ends Burger
(Pulled pork shoulder, Cole Slaw, Chipotle Aioli, Brioche Bun)

The boy said the bun was really fluffy and fragrant, the pork was quite tender but there was a tad too much sauce so when he bit into it, it was a little messy! Overall he thought this burger was not bad! 3.8/5

Restaurant layout! We were sitting near the door at the end of this really long table.

Compare this photo w the photo above. Difference lies in the smokiness of the area. It was SO smoky I couldn't take it (but I am rather sensitive to this and I generally do not like smoke). The boy also felt that it was a bit too smoky. Everywhere was smoke! And the smell was rather strong too. So if you're planning to head anywhere aft that...

Pineapple, Rum, Vanilla

Grilled pineapple this was and I applaud whoever who came up w grilled pineapples which I've seen in quite a few restaurants now and am sure has been around for v long. Because the sweetness and the juice of the pineapple just shines through even more! Couldn't detect the rum. This was a v simple dish and I don't think its well, worth the 10bux or the stomachspace or the calories. 3/5

Fig tart
$10 (should be! Sorry tried looking for this item on their menus on fb, but I couldn't find it but their tarts are usually 10bux so it should be 10 bux)

This was tart quite good. The crust wasn't the crispy buttery kind but a bit harder. The figs, well not really v abundant but acceptable. This tart was quite nice in terms of the mix of flavours form the figs to some nuts to the crust. 3.2/5

On the whole, even though there are many good reviews about the place and there were some hits that night, I doubt I would be returning soon because 1) smoky 2) the charred stuff 3) the food is rather average but expensive

Their menu changes rather regularly to reflect change in seasons/fresh produce though there are some mainstays, do check their fb page (link below) for the menu!

Burnt Ends
20 Teck Lim Road Singapore 088391
62243933 (please make reservations!! If you want to ensure you've got a seat, at least 1 week in advance! There're many who walk-in but generally you either have to wait q long or you don't get a seat)
Mon 6pm-12am
Tues-Sat: 11.45am-2pm, 6pm-12am
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