Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ooi Japanese Dining

Having read many reviews online about this small little restaurant serving good authentic Japanese food in Cuppage Plaza, I decided to have dinner there with my family last Saturday. We were ushered into a private room for 4, and the restaurant was really small! The outside can at most sit about 10 people max or less?? Haha. We ordered the omasake which cost around $260 per person. Basically you can tell the waitress what you want included and they'll do it for you!

Used to put sake

Tofu from Kyoto, Shimeji mushrooms, Seaweed, Ume - soaked for 4 days, duck with miso paste and cucumber, edamame (fresh ones), fish roe

The tofu was had the distinct taste of soy which I liked. I loved the seaweed! The ume wasnt sour at all. Duck with miso paste was interesting (: 3.5/5

Sashimi Platter - Honmaguro, white shell, kampachi, uni (sea urchin), squid, otoro, prawn (grey thing)

The prawn was really interesting!! Apparently they're the only restaurant which does it. The toro was really melt in your mouth (: The uni wasnt very sweet though. The squid was v hard to chew and the rest were okay only 4/5

Seasonal veg - pumpkin, burdock, eggplant, pepper (which can only be found in kyoto), jelly made of the soup they used to cook the veg in, melon

WOWWWW this dish was awesome!! It was so clean tasting and so sweet!! The veg were definitely fresh and superrrr sweet and yummy!! (: Esp the melon! 5/5


They have 2 kinds, the sweet kind and the salty kind. This is the salty one, the sweet one's the one used for sushi. This was really eggy goodness!! 4.5/5

Grilled Ayu Fish

Now this fish has a reallyyyyyy soft flesh!! Supersuper good because its so soft! But it also has quite a lot of bones so haha but its a worthy trade-off because the fish is just so good! 4.7/5

Grilled Sama Fish

This meat wasnt as soft but it was nonetheless sweet and fresh! 4.6/5


Simple dish done excellently 4.7/5


Didnt really like this haha found that it doesnt have much taste! 3.4/5

Grilled Jap Corn

The corn kernels are very uh small only so its quite hard to eat! Not v sweet either 3.4/5 

Mushroom Tempura

Not bad! V crispy 4/5

Seared assorted sushi
Umm cant really differentiate the diff fish cos they all taste almost the same, quite disappointed at this. Certainly doesnt live up to my expectations. Maybe I've been spoiled by Tatsuya's wonderful rendition of seared sushi? Btw MUST-TRY Tatsuya's seared sushi okay? Best best best!!!! I give this 3/5

Miso Soup

Loved the fish they put in the soup because the flesh is so sweet and soft! Good good 4.3/5

Musk Melon & Jap grapes

Neither was sweet, such a letdown sigh

Overall, the experience at Ooi was only so-so. Wasnt what I expected it to be? Although service was definitely friendly and good. I think Shinji at Raffles Hotel serves the best Japanese in Singapore followed by Tatsuya, Goto and Aoki (all 3 same ranking haha).

Ooi Japanese Dining
Cuppage Plaza

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  1. Thanks for posting this. Looks like I can only pay a visit when the year end bonus comes in.


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