Friday, September 9, 2011

The Muffinry (II)!!!

The boy and I went back to The Muffinry after our lunch at Keystone (read about it here) which is located just one street away from the Muffinry! Luckily there was a parking lot available for us in front of The Muffinry when we drove over (:

Things we tried this time round!

New York Cheesecake

Mmmm this cheesecake was so sinfully good!!!! The crust isnt like the normal cheesecake kind of crust, idk how to describe it, its like a crunchy but thin (not too thin though!) kind of base and the cake itself is dense but not in the jia lat way! Vvvv good and yummy! 4.6/5

Fruit Tart

I've raved about their tarts before so its no surprise that this tart was awesome as well! Wished we bought more :/ 4.6/5

Dark Chocolate Tart

Now this was different from the previous one we had! The ganache was more bitter which made a joy to eat as we love dark chocolate! The crust this time was AWESOME, much much more awesome than the previous one we had (though the previous was awesome already). This was more crumbly and crunchy and held up the ganache really well. We savoured each and every bite of the tart~ loved it so much!!! Will definitely buy this everytime I go there if its available! Really - hands down best chocolate tart in Singapore. Much better than Laurent Bernard's. 5/5

Muffins for takeaway! (there were more, just not pictured)

Signature Spiced Carrot Muffin

Now I've raved extensively about this previously so I think it needs no introduction except its still damn awesome? Packed with lots of walnuts, raisins and the wonderful wonderful aroma of cinnamon, YUM and I WANT MORE is all I can say. Bought 4 of it and had it all on my own hehe 5/5

Lychee Raspberry Muffin

Can you see the lychee peeking out from underneath the muffin? Haha. Anyway, the raspberry taste wasnt very strong I'd say but the muffin was so soft and fluffy inside but slightly crispy on the outside plus the lychee was so sweet!! (: Loved loved the texture of the muffin! 4.3/5

One of the owners (I guess?) remembered that I wanted to try the rum&raisin muffin they have and said that next time before I go down I can tell them and they'll make the muffin! Talk about good service (Y) and she actually remembered that I wanted to try it though its just a casual remark I made during the first visit! Awesome memory (: 

Everyone there's really friendly and I can tell they already have quite a number of regulars! They also provide lots of magazines for you to read and laze your afternoon away in their friendly, quaint bakery cafe. Did I mention their cafe smells damn awesome too? Head down if you havent and you wont regret!

The Muffinry
112 Telok Ayer Street

Read my previous review on them here

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