Monday, September 5, 2011

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration at The Central

Hi everyone! The family and I went for this celebration at The Central on Saturday! There were quite a lot of people! Huge jam at the roads turning to Clarke Quay + no parking lots! We were VERY lucky to get the last valet lot!! So I suggest going there early to get parking space/taking public transport! Btw we went around 7+pm

Here are pictures! Basically, they have lanterns depicting the 12 animals from the zodiac and some lanterns with chinese idioms on the water + food stalls selling many types of food + deng mi (chinese riddles)

Green Tea Froyo with sunflower seeds and almonds

I liked that theirs had a strong green tea flavour and it wasnt too icy either! (:

Peach Froyo with mangoes and almonds

Mom and I found that the peach flavour wasnt too strong. Mom prefers mine/dad's

Beer Froyo with cashew + almonds

Omg!!! Really tastes like beer! Very interesting flavour, shld try it! (:

Basically its a good place for you to soak up some Chinese culture (: There are tables and chairs available for people to buy food, sit there, spend time w the family and eat and look at the moon (I suppose) haha and for the view of the pretty Singapore River at night! (:

Some families every brought their own mooncakes there to eat haha

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