Monday, November 21, 2011

Wimbly Lu Revisit

Hi everyone!

The boy and I decided that a return trip to Wimbly Lu is a must for our waffles fix. Please I implore you, try their waffles and you'll never regret it!!!!

Waffles with rum & raisin ice cream

This time we had it with rum & raisin ice cream. This ice cream is definitely not for kids! Alcohol content is quite high and its so creamy and each raisin is well-soaked in rum. Really enjoyed this ice cream! However I feel that waffles still go best with vanilla ice cream! Wimbly Lu's vanilla ice cream is awesome as well as previously reviewed here!

LOOK AT THAT AMAAAAAZING CRISPY WAFFLE! How can you resist that? Deliciousness in every single bite! MUST-TRY! 5/5

Update (12/8): the boy and I went again to Wimbly's cos we were craving for good waffles but unfortunately this time was q bad. No crispy waffles definitely. But it was soft and fluffy. I was kinda disappointed :/ Guess there are ups and downs? It has also gotten SUPER crowded.

Scones with butter and jam

Their scones are mmmmm~ better than Pave ones I feel? Because the outside is reallyyyy crispy while the insides are so soft and fluffy! Everything I can ask for in a good scone (: Also the raisins are big and plump, well-studded throughout the scone. It is also heated up before it is served to you, make sure you eat it while its all hot, crumbly and yummy (: Love how crumbly this is!!! Fav scone to date! (:

The boy and I went on a public holiday night and there were quite a lot of people there. We got rather bad service from the waitresses because nobody came to take our order for quite a long time (10mins?) while a table which had many more people who came in with us had their orders taken. The boy also went to the counter and told the waitress that we wanted to order but she merely nodded and did not reply him after that even though he told her he wanted some waffles. I feel that they definitely need more manpower to cope with the crowd and perhaps it would be more polite to at least say that she'll take his order later or come back to him later and ask where he's sitting or sth along those lines?

However the same waitress later asked us how the scone was and whether we enjoyed and was genuinely friendly about it so I feel that the bad service was probably because she was too busy at that moment and overlooked it? Nonetheless, I would still go back for my waffle fix because its just so damn awesome! The people there are generally friendly and smiley plus the atmosphere's relaxing! Just hope they'd improve the service somewhat!

Oh and I realised Wimbly Lu, being a place specialising in chocolates, that I have yet to try their chocolate stuff! Perhaps another visit is due to rectify that. Or maybe that's an excuse I'm giving myself to go down for more waffles... 

Wimbly Lu
15-2 Jalan Riang

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