Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ann Chin Popiah

Having read about how awesome Ann Chin popiah is, I made the boy drive me to buy it after tarts at Drips, ice cream @ Brownice and 4 main courses at Broun (yes I know, you're probably appalled at how much we can eat). However I was disappointed at the popiah. It was a small portion, much smaller than the ones I've been eating so far (at $1.60, I guess they have to keep the popiah small in order to sell it at that price).

The popiah skin was hard and chewy, which was what I really didnt like. The ingredients were quite okay though! Lots of crispy stuff inside which made it quite a joy.

I wouldnt go back for another piece of the popiah, sad to say. I'd rather spend $2 and get a much larger + much nicer + more value for money popiah at Longhouse or spend $2.50 at Takashimaya basement to get a superrrr awesome popiah instead of this!

Ann Chin Popiah
Blk 335 Smith Street
Chinatown Complex


  1. Try the popiah at Shunfu market, $1.20 per roll, comes with lap cheong, and all . Good chilli !

  2. Anon: Okay I will soon! Thanks for the recommendation!!


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