Friday, November 11, 2011

Hong Kong - Jean-Paul Hevin Macarons

The boy bought macarons for me from Hong Kong! Asked him to buy cos heard the macarons here are good! They arent very cheap, 10 for S$40! But I think they're well worth the money! 

The type of macaron is very different from those found in Singapore (at least those I've tried - Canele, Bakerzin, Muffinry, Hilton, L'Operetta) because their shells are really chewy and the interior's ganache not like the buttercream that we have here. I prefer this type, chewy shells with ganache. The ones I've tried in Singapore are generally crispy and quite light with buttercream filling. But this is all individual taste! (:

Assorted flavours!

Love how they have different coloured shells and they DO taste different! And the taste of each macaron is very distinct such that you can tell exactly what the flavour of the macaron is! The boy forgot what flavours he bought but we guessed the flavours and we went to their website to double check (he remembered after that) and we were correct!! 

Particular memorable flavours are (in no order):

  1. Praline-Hazelnut (this tasted like an awesomely rich kinder bueno!)
  2. Amer-Bitter Dark Chocolate (this wasnt sweet AT ALL, hows that for a macaron? :D)
  3. Passion fruit - much welcomed sourness amongst the sweet!
  4. Mango coriander - v strong mango taste!
  5. Creme Brulee - very unique! (special flavour this month!)
  6. Raspberry - like eating raspberry jam!
Coffee lovers will delight in the coffee flavoured one because the coffee's really strong and distinct!!

Cant wait to try more macarons that are of this style! Do you know of anywhere that sells such macarons in Singapore? If you do, please comment! Thank you! (:

Jean-Paul Hevin
Shop 212 Ocean Centre, Habour City
Kowloon, Hong Kong


  1. ET artisan sweets! It's a must-try for macarons. Thick shells with moist innards that are slightly chewy. My fav flavours are blackforest, and green tea though I like almost every flavour.

    I'm a big fan of jewels artisan chocolate as well though I recommend you eat their macs on the spot. They age their macs quite a bit so it tends to get soggy if you bring them back. Black palm island salt and raspberry are my favs there :D

  2. Oysterdiaries: Hello!! Thank you so much for the 2 recommendations!!! I'm very excited by the sound of ET artisan sweets!! Haha. Will definitely be trying them in the near future :D thank you! Jewels as well! Have long heard about theirs too.


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