Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pave Chocolates

The whimsical store of Pave! Really love the decor, but the 1st level of the shop is a little small I'd say. They have a 2nd floor but it was closed off tonight! Lucky we went in earlier before the crowd came in and snapped up the remaining salted caramel tart pictured below (:

Salted Caramel Tart

Now this is reallyyyyyy sinful and ohso decadent! Layer of caramel, in between a layer of thick chocolate ganache with crunchy hazelnuts to add texture, mmmm. If you're a salted caramel fan, please get this!! The tart base is quite good, and the whole thing is served really chilled, which is a good thing! This tart, though seemingly small, packs a punch! 4/5

Scones with butter and jam (or more accurately, blueberry compote I'd say)

Ohmyyyy the scone was SO soft and crumbly!!! So fluffy and fragrant! It went really well with the compote. They'd toast the scone before serving it to you and eating the warm fluffy scone with the blueberry compote on a cold night made me so happy!!! Yum yum (: 4.3/5

Japanese Yuzu Tea

Decided to try yuzu tea because we'd never try such a tea before and turns out its quite good! Slight twang of yuzu thats not too strong but the taste of it is definitely there. Full-bodied taste that breaks through the richness of the desserts! I liked the tea! 4/5

Roasted almonds coated in almond & dark chocolate Gianduja

Decided to buy this for my Dad as he's an almond fan. Tried it but I dont think its v nice cos I felt the chocolate isnt v good quality, it has a sticky and slightly sweet aftertaste even though its supposed to be dark chocolate. The almond is fresh and crunchy though! Overall, dont think I'd buy it again. However, my Dad thinks its nice, so once again, taste is subjective!

We missed the famous chocolate souffle as they said they'll only start baking it after 9pm but we wanted to go to Wimbly Lu to try out their desserts, so we left before we could try the souffle! We would probably be back to try their souffle and other desserts they have to offer!

The serving staff are rather friendly as well and would great you with a cheery hello when you enter the shop! A good place to have desserts after a meal I'd say. They also sell jams and chocolate truffles.

Pave Chocolates
93 East Coast Road

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