Thursday, November 17, 2011

Note-worthy up & coming restaurants/bakeries

Hello everyone!

Just thought I'd do this post to alert you guys to some up & coming restaurants/bakeries on our Sunny island!! More places to add to the ever-growing list of "Places to go" haha (information credits to The Sunday Times Singapore)

Scotts Square Restaurants


  1. Ginza Sushi Ichi - Jan 2012. This is a branch of one Michelin starred sushi restaurant form Tokyo's Ginza district which specializes in wild tuna + sea urchin
  2. Maison Kayser - opening end of this month (Nov 2011). Founded by Eric Kayser, who is regarded as one of the world's best bakers. This is an 18-outlet chain in Japan famous for its anpan bread (bread with sweet bean paste filling) and French loaves. The bakery will also include a cafe
  3. Kazumi - opening end of this month (Nov 2011). Specialises in bento sets
  4. Marukin - opening end of this month (Nov 2011). Mid-priced ramen chain which has an outlet in Beijing
  1. La Luna Rosa - Jan 2012. Tokyo's Italian restaurant helmed by a chef who picked up Italian cooking from his 8 year stay in Italy

  1. Delicious - opened. Chic tearoom from KL (decor seems quirky and inviting + food sounds yummy!) Click here for website (pics above - actual Singapore cafe pics credits to delicious website)
Takashimaya/Ngee Ann City

  1. Paul Bakery - by Christmas 2011. Famed French boulangerie which will occupy the shop space that was previously Coffee Club's on 3rd floor of the mall next to Kinokuniya. Features a take-away bakery and a 130-seat dining area. Bakes fresh bread daily + famous for its bread and top-selling products like Flute Paul - French baguette made from dough that is fermented slowly, chocolate bread and croissants. Bakery also sells sweet + savory pastries, sandwiches & cakes
Gardens by the Bay
  1. Satay By the Bay - by 3rd quarter 2012. Open air foodcourt located by the sea - popular local fare. $4-$7
  2. Supertree Grove Casual Dining - June 2012. Dim sum from Peach Garden, fast food from Texas Chicken, local fare (kaya toast frm Hill Street Coffee Shop), speciality coffee, desserts, ice cream. $6-$15.
  3. Pollen - June 2012. Mediterranean-influenced cuisine created by chef Jason Atherton who is a former executive chef at Gordon Ramsay's Maze in London + received a Michelin star in August 2011 for his restaurant in London. Interesting info: has a garden to grow special herbs + veg to be used to cook for the guests

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  1. If eating bread does not increase the level of carbs in your body, and I'm a person with a good business sense, I'd probably start a bakery. That's the only way to go. Of course, you may have to start at something small at first. But eventually, if people like what you do, your business will grow and become famous as well, like all the bakeries in here.


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