Friday, November 18, 2011

K ki - almost all of their cakes!

This post is a compilation of cakes the boy and I had at Kki - think we've tried almost all their cakes to date? Haha (:

Most important thing to note about Kki's cakes - their mousse is TO DIE FOR. And almost all of their cakes have mousse I think? Its so mind-blowingly light and has a really great depth of flavour!! We love love LOVE their mousse!! I'm talking about this first so I do not need to gush about the wonderful mousse for each cake haha (:

Coconut mousse with passionfruit centre

This is really a great blend and mixture of flavours! Tropical cake in a bite! The definite taste of the coconut in the light airy mousse and the sour twang of the passionfruit layer (that's a little more jelly like) and the chocolate dacquoise layer at the bottom! I'd recommend this to anyone actually, for the greatly play on textures + tastes!

White chocolate mousse with mango centre

This mousse I felt was one of the lightest I've ever eaten! It really kinda feels like you're eating air hahaha and the sweet mango centre that surprises you brings a nice contrast to the light mousse! This cake can definitely be eaten in a few mouthfuls and leave you wanting for more! But please, leave your stomach for the other mouth-watering cakes on sale! (Unless of course you arrive late and this is the only piece left which I highly doubt based on the popularity of this!)

Little Red Riding Hood
Dark chocolate mousse with raspberry centre

Chocolate lovers rejoice! Look at this wonderfully crafted piece of art! The chocolate used is definitely of top quality - Valrhona, very smooth, dark, rich. The raspberry centre breaks the monotony of eating dark chocolate mousse and provides a good juxtaposition against the bitterness of the chocolate. Chocolate and raspberries are a match in heaven I'd say! The gleaming exterior of this little piece of cake just screams "Buy me! Eat me!"

Fromage Mousse
Cheese mousse with rock melon centre

This is one of my favourites actually! I loved the light mousse (whats new? Haha) that sat atop this wonder buttery crisp sable base with the sweet melon centre that brought the whole cake to a whole new level!! I love the different textures here, the extremely light mousse, crunchy and fragrant sable base and the jelly-like centre with the sweet rock melon!! Eating this just makes me feel so relaxed and even though my brain tells me "eat it! Quickly!! Its so yummy!!" The heart tells me - savour it slowly, enjoy each and every bite that's so full of taste. I really loved how they constructed this!

Mascarpone cheese with kahlua soaked sponge centre

Now their rendition of tiramisu is easily the best I've ever had in Singapore. Even better than Italian restaurants you ask? You bet! Try it for yourself if you dont believe me. Wonderful alcohol:coffee ratio, the mascarpone, again as with all their mousse, is whipped till its so light and airy! A must for a good tiramisu, I feel! Also the sponge fingers are definitely soaked just right and arent too soggy! Hence it can hold itself up in such a small dainty piece! This was polished off quickly by both the boy and I and we both agreed that this was the best tiramisu we've ever eaten (and I eat tiramisu from almost every Italian restaurant I've been to!)

Hazelnut Dacquoise Layer with chocolate and praline cream

This is a very light dessert (I think I need synonyms for light to describe K ki's cakes! Haha) and isnt as cloying or rich as other hazelnut chocolate cakes in Singapore. I feel the hazelnut taste + chocolate taste can be stronger though I love the crisp texture of the first layer! Those who do not like rich and dense chocolate cakes, preferring more subtle tastes, this cake is for you!

Champagne mousse with wild strawberry centre

Another one of my favourites! Love the champagne mousse!!!! Dont worry, its not bitter and the champagne taste will definitely tease your tastebuds! I think its wonderful that they paired it with strawberry! The striking red hue just makes this dessert all the more sexy and heart-tingling! Such a delicate piece of cake that will surely touch your inner heart-strings!

Mont Blanc
French chestnut paste with fresh cream centre

MMmmmmmmMM, the mont blanc!!! The chestnut cream was TO DIE FOR I tell you! So smooth it was like eating thick and pure chestnut puree. The boy was amazed by how fine the paste was! Take my hat off to Kenneth (the talented man who makes these cakes) for the cream, really. The whipped cream inside doesnt overpower the chestnut paste and goes wonderfully well as a whole together with the base and the chestnut paste! This isnt overly sweet, do not worry! As with all their cakes actually (:

Onigiri (new)
Basil milk chocolate with bitter orange

I must proclaim, I love herbs in desserts!!! The basil really sang to me in this one! One bite and I knew this contained a savory touch and checking their facebook page confirmed this! I really liked the mousse with the basil! Wonderful addition I feel! The bitter orange centre isnt for everyone really. Tastes like kumquat? The boy didnt like it (he doesnt like orange with chocolate) so I ate it! Think it goes well as a whole with the mousse! So this cake isnt for everyone, especially if you dont like bitter stuff and/or orange in your chocolate!

Mixed sables - green tea, coconut, chocolate

I LOVE their sables!! So crisp and buttery! Love how they're individually packaged as well! Great strong flavours and the small crunchy morsel is really addictive!!

All in all, K Ki is a wonderful place for you to spend the afternoon eating pieces of art that are delicately created and put together, with much effort and thought. The couple who runs the place (Kenneth and Delphine) are really friendly and cheerful! They'll recommend the order in which you eat the cakes so that the taste of one doesnt overpower the other! The first time the boy and I went, we wanted to try all that they had on offer but Kenneth suggested us to try 4 first else it'll be a little too much and we agreed haha. 

K Ki is top on my list for mousse cakes in Singapore. With their supremely light and airy mousse, so dreamy and teasing, I wonder which patisserie in Singapore can be on par or surpass them. It'd be difficult I'd say. I know I can definitely count on K Ki to provide me with quality, well thought out and aesthetically pleasing cakes! (: My to-go for good pastry and tart base is definitely Flor! (which is just nearby hehe)

Please visit them if you have yet to! They share a shop space with a little drom store that sells wonderful knick knacks and many old polaroid cameras! Oh and do note that their cakes sell out really quickly and the cafe has limited space - about 5/6 tables inside and 2 outside (dont worry, its not hot outside! Their fan's quite powerful haha) They also have teas and coffees to go along with your cakes but dont worry if you do not order tea/coffee cos they'll bring you a glass of water!

I'd definitely be going back again and again to try their new creations + those that I have yet to try! Eg pumpkin pudding, strawberry shortcake and cafe dumo!

K Ki
Ann Siang Hill


  1. Great post! Everything looks and sounds delish! I’m thinkin I want to try everything. :)

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  3. Thanks for the review - extensively done. However, could you please refrain from excessive exclamations?

  4. im 16 and i eat Tiramisu everyday ;) best food in the world

  5. Well, irregardless of whatever said, i think the reason food is celebrated in singapore is because of the avid viewers and tasters that ate the food and wrote reviews with words from the bottom of their own hearts. The best thing to do is to take these reviews in our stride(:

    Keep eating, everyone(: Don't let you tastebuds die out!


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