Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Baked By Lace

Having heard much rave reviews about Baked By Lace, I decided to bring the boy down to Swirl Art on Friday to buy her cupcakes!

Red Velvet + Heritage

Heritage - Pandan and Gula Melaka

My Mom really liked this! Though she felt that the frosting was a tad too salty! Nonetheless she liked the cupcake!

Kuro Goma - Black sesame

The frosting was definitely full of black sesame taste and was thick and nice. Would love it if the cupcake had a stronger black sesame taste which would definitely complement the frosting much better I feel!

The Countryside - French Earl Grey & Lemon

Felt that there wasnt any earl grey taste? The lemon taste was definitely very strong (which I liked! Love lemon :D) and perhaps overpowered the subtle earl grey taste? Really good lemon frosting! Thick, creamy and sour (but not overly so). The cupcake tasted the same as the one used in the black sesame

At $3 for one, I felt that it's a little on the pricey side considering its size? Frosting's definitely good though. We bought 9 cupcakes in total - have yet to try Red Velvet and Devil's Food/Nutella, they're with the boy! Will update once he tells me about them! (:

Oh yes, we reached there at 12pm haha when they were still not open yet! Do note that you only can pay cash for the cupcakes so do bring along enough!

Baked By Lace
Sold at Swirl Art River Valley outlet on Friday-Sunday.

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