Thursday, November 10, 2011


After reading quite a few good reviews online, my family decided to go for dinner at Keyaki.

Entering the restaurant brought me back to the time when I was in Japan at this hot spring area! Really reminiscent of Japan! I thought dinner was off to a good start.

Amuse boche - seaweed

This was quite thick, a little sour, not bad

Seared sushi

I'm not exactly sure what fish this is because the waitress recommended this fish to be served as seared sushi. This was not bad but they didnt press the rice tightly enough together so it was crumbly when we picked it up and dipped it into the soy sauce. The fish was seared nicely though 3.5/5

Sashimi Platter

We went to the sashimi counter to choose the fish. Rather disappointed at their service because we told them we wanted otoro but they didnt include it in the platter AND the worst thing is? The uni wasnt fresh at all, there was this very smelly and yucky smell when we put it in our mouth. The salmon belly was quite good (though what can go wrong with salmon?) the rest of the fish + ark shell were just average. The tamago didnt have much taste either. We sent the uni back to the chefs. 3/5

Fugu - fried puffer fish

Now this was not bad, but then again, what could go wrong with something being fried? Haha. Anyway, this was like eating hmm, bak kwa but much less salty and nicer (imo). It was soft but not totally because there's still some bite to it and its slightly salty! I'd say its quite a good appetiser 4/5

Assorted tempura

Think this was not bad too. There was a huge-ass onion tempura though haha. Smelly breath!! 3.8/5

Otoro sashimi

This seriously was A HUGE LETDOWN. There was SO much tendon and it was SO tough and so hard to chew! The 3 of us spat it out together at the same time after putting it into our mouths. Really bad pieces of otoro. When we told the waitress, she said its inevitable, cos sometimes the otoro comes like that. But really, shouldnt the chef be able to tell while slicing the toro? I've had otoro/chutoro/kamatoro at so many places before and I've never once had such a bad slice. Really, do not order this. Not worth your money at ALL. 0/5

 Stewed Kurobuta pork

My parents said this was quite nice! Like the pork was really soft and quite fragrant! Haha my dad was quite appalled at the layer of fat though. 4.3/5

Grilled eel

I quite like their version! Much softer than what I've eaten at other places, almost like anago? And the amount of sauce isnt overpowering the dish either so yea, I like that fact! 4.3/5

Grilled Foie Gras

This was not bad considering its $25 and there were like 7 pieces? Haha just that it got a little uh sick eating it all on its own! Cos foie gras v rich so eating it on its own without anything can get a little too much! Oh and it was a tad overcooked as well. But still, okay considering its $25! 3.7/5

Mango ice cream, ume jelly, mixed fruits

This was average only, mango ice cream quite nice, ume jelly - Aoki still wins hands down. 3.6/5

Black sesame ice cream, white sesame with chestnut ice cream

The black sesame one was okay, not very strong black sesame taste (so far, Triple Three's still the best!). The white sesame one had no taste of chestnuts at all, the white sesame had a subtle fragrance that was quite yummy. 3.5/5

We also ordered yuzu ice cream that tasted nothing like yuzu, or more accurately had no taste. Ordered red bean ice cream with red beans, and this had the strongest flavour. Also ordered another ice cream but I forgot what, also didnt have much taste! 

Overall, I wouldnt recommend you to order dessert! At least not their ice creams.

I think Keyaki is an average Japanese restaurant, with some average dishes but the sashimi... I really wouldnt recommend it. The ambience outside is v Jap-ish but the inside isnt that Japanese I feel. My parents and I agreed that we would rather stick to our tried-and-tested Jap restaurants.

As for the service, the waitress was quite funny. After we went to the sashimi counter with her and ordered the sashimi, when we came back to the table, she kept all our menus except my Mom's cos my Mom was still browsing through hers. Like what? You think we're just gonna eat those few pieces of sashimi only for dinner? Then Mom and I shared the menu, and the waitresses walked past and saw but didnt bother to offer to bring another one for me/my Dad. We had to ask them to bring. Wasnt very satisfied with the service either. Wouldnt be coming back, that's for sure.

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