Monday, November 7, 2011

Sweets @ Garibaldi - 7 cakes!

With a 15% voucher from Sweets @ Garibaldi, the boy went down to Mandarin Gallery and got 7 mini cakes/tarts for us to share & sample (:

Here's a description of what we had!

Back: Lemon Lime White Charm, Crunchy Heaven
Front: Fruit Tart, Fromage Blanc

Crunchy HeavenChocolate & hazelnut cream on chocolate sponge spread with crunchy praline
This was the lowest on our list because of a number of reasons:
1) The "crunchy" praline wasnt crunchy at all, it was soggy in fact. Perhaps an overnight cake? Or one that has been left on the shelf for too long?
2) The hazelnut cream tasted VERYYYY weird and didnt go well with the cake at all. I couldnt make myself eat anymore of the cream so the boy had to finish it. Sorry, not a good rendition of a classic cake. 1.5/5

Fruit tart: this was a really normal one, the tart's very thin, seems as if its non-existent when you eat the "tart", the pastry cream isnt v nice either, this was ranked 2nd lowest among all 2/5

Lemon Lime White Charm
White chocolate mousse with vanilla sponge & fruit jelly on sable biscuit

This one's crust was thicker and crispier. We really liked how fresh this tasted! The slight sour twang of the mousse with the surprise find of 2 types of jellies inside! One was really sour, the other not as sour. Would recommend this to those who like a little bit of sour-y taste in their desserts! We certainly loved this! 4/5

Fromage Blanc
Orange centre surrounded by light cream cheese mousse and vanilla sponge

First bite - ewww quite sick but after a few bites, the taste grows on you! The mousse is quite lightly whipped, and the orange centre is a welcomed change in flavours. 3.8/5

Strawberry cheesecake, Tiramisu, Coffee Toffee

Strawberry Cheesecake: The boy thought there'd be strawberries mixed into the cheesecake batter hence he bought this but actually its just normal cheesecake with a strawberry on top! So he felt slightly cheated haha. Anyway, this was okay, average, again, a too thin crust (for us) but a rather light cheesecake I'd say 3.4/5

An absolute must-try! (Quote their catalogue)

I'd agree its good, wonderfully soaked sponge fingers, just right ratio of alcohol + coffee, and enought mascarpone cheese to make it light and airy~ Quite good I'd say!! 4/5

Coffee Toffee
Velvety Chocolate mousse with a coffee toffee centre and chocolate sponge

I'm saving the best for the last!!! This is truly a MUST-TRY!! Somehow everything works extremely well together and you'd be surprised that you actually like this cake! (Okay maybe not you if you're a coffee/toffee lover, but for me, someone who doesnt have a particular preference for either, loved this!) The mousse was oh-so-light and the toffee centre isnt too sweet, the coffee balances it perfectly! I hate sweet desserts, so yea, this isnt sweet, trust me. A bite of the feathery light chocolate mousse coupled with a slightly denser coffee toffee and mmmm~ the boy and I sighed with delight. So glad the boy bought this even though he wasnt sure I'd like it! Turns out to be the best cake! (: The design's quite unique too! Haha reminds me of pottery. 4.5/5

Overall - think their cakes are rather average? Wouldnt be rushing to go back and try their cakes anytime soon since there are so many other shops I've yet to try! But still, its a strike off my "To-Try List" because I've always wanted to try their cakes ever since I saw their "opening-soon" shop at Mandarin Gallery but always didnt have the chance to. 

Sweets @ Garibaldi
Mandarin Gallery

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