Wednesday, November 23, 2011


This place has been on my radar ever since it opened! But never managed to go down to try out their waffles. They looked extremely crispy and delicious from their facebook pictures (their pics are really pretty! Caution: DO NOT search/look at it if you're hungry)

It was their official opening and they had 25% off! And seeing how As is almost over, the boy and I decided to go down and try it out! Took quite awhile for us to find the place! Just look for the playground! They're directly opp it. Its not the row of shops facing the market/food centre its round the corner from that side!

The shop's pretty small, this is pretty much it. Though there are like 3 more tables or so to the left of the picture and I took this pic from a long table facing the wall. Then from here there's a toilet at the back as well, short distance away. Tables quite close tgt and quite small! 

Belgium waffles with 2 scoops of ice cream - each $6

I must say they're really generous with their ice cream!! Look at the huge scoops of ice cream! 
1st pic: Ferrero chocolate (sorry cant really rmb the name!) and earl grey tea
2nd pic: Rum & raisin and peony tea!

Their rum & raisin's good - huge raisins well-soaked in rum and creamy ice cream laced with rum too! Certainly enjoyed it! Peony tea was great too, but was overpowered by rum & raisin. Wouldnt choose this combi next time! Earl Grey's quite strong I'd say and Ferrero was average.

Verdict on waffles? I got 1 half (the one peaking out from the bottom in the 3rd pic) of the waffles reallyyyyy crispy and yummy, the kind that makes a crackling sound when you cut + bite! But the other piece and both of the boy's werent crispy at all. Think they shld leave it in the waffle maker for a lil longer to achieve that crispyness?

The people there are v friendly! (: Oh I also tried pineapple chili sorbet - unique flavour that works! The chili comes only towards the end lingering in your mouth, giving you that spicy kick while sour comes first on your tongue.

The Toa Payoh folks must be really happy abt this new opening! Saw people from all age ranges patronising the stall! Think its quite cute to see grandmoms buy ice cream (:

Blk 128 Toa Payoh Lorong 1

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