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Gordon Grill - White Truffle 2011

The boy and I had a hard time choosing which white truffle restaurant to go to for our lunch (break from the stupid A levels) and we decided on Gordon Grill after choosing between Senso/Bonta and here. But we were in for a disappointment, THEY DID NOT HAVE FRESHLY SHAVED TRUFFLES because it was OUT OF STOCK.

Can you believe it? A restaurant, in a hotel, a top restaurant, says on the menu it has freshly shaved truffles at $24 for 2grams and they DID NOT HAVE IT. Why? The waiter told us because the truffles got sold out the day before due to popular demand. I mean c'mon, you're a restaurant, you KNOW this is truffle period and ppl will be ordering + eating it and you dont have it?

I knew there was something amiss when we sat down at the table and the waitress removed the white truffle menu from our table (initially I felt a little insulted when she did that). After being sorely disappointed that they did not have freshly shaved truffles (because their truffle dishes doesnt come with shaved truffles at all) the waitress + waiters kept encouraging us to take the set menu instead saying its worth the money, or just recommending it instead to us. 

I felt a little irritated? Like there was a sought of an aversion against us ordering the truffle menu. But nonetheless, the boy and I ordered 2 items from the truffle menu and 1 lunch set.

I must say their lunch set is really value for money! One of the few places with many many choices for appetisers, soup, and desserts! Cos you pick like 3 out of the list there and they do a combi of all 3 for you in small portions! 

Complimentary amuse boche

The salmon sashimi was a thick slab and was quite refreshing with the light drizzle of citrus and some herbs. 

Bread basket

The bread came cold though, a pity! The boy tried the focaccia and said it was not bad

Set menu - appetisers
L-R: foie gras, cold angel hair pasta, grilled scallops with iberico ham

Pardon the bad picture, I was initially not in the mood to take any pictures or in any mood to eat actually. But somehow I felt responsible to take a picture and document my eats! So yup, pardon the picture okay!

The boy ate this and said they were average dishes done well. Nothing too spectacular about them! Heard much about their angel-hair pasta though! So was a little surprised the boy wasn't wowed by them though I think it would be quite hard to find a restaurant that can beat Gunther's awesome rendition. There were about 7-9 choices for appetisers!

Set menu: Trio of soup - Lobster Bisque, Mushroom soup, French Onion Soup
(Pic credits:

Sorry for the lack of picture for the soup! Basically there were served in 3 small cups as shown above. All 3 soups were slightly above average? Nothing much to shout about.

Set menu - Lamb Rack with Cous Cous and Spinach

The lamb was really thick! Think the most huge chunk of meat I saw on a lamb rack before haha. It was cooked perfectly medium rare, and had parts of the fats accompanying this cut which made it more enjoyable! Not to worry, the fats werent overwhelming and the 2 slabs largely consisted of the meat sans fat!

White truffle risotto with autumn mushrooms and parmesan shavings $32

When it first came, the boy and I tried it and felt the rice was a tad if not too undercooked because out of ALL the years and times we've eaten risotto, never once was the risotto so hard and stuck to our teeth each time we put a spoonful into our mouths. We told the waitress and she it sent it back to the kitchen, came out and told us that's what its supposed to be like cos that's what al dente means. I just googled it and it says "till the tooth finds a little bit of resistance" but woah, this is a little too much resistance??

After it came out the 2nd time and spent a little longer being cooked, the risotto was softer but definitely still firm (my idea of it being al dente) and was a much more enjoyable dish as the rice no longer got stuck in our teeth! The truffle smell was strong, though I couldnt really find any mushrooms in the risotto (think they got mashed up or sth?) but the earthy tastes of mushrooms + truffle was there. 

White truffle honey ice cream $8

The ice cream had a rather strong truffle taste + smell and it was creamy, not jia lat. There were berries at the bottom, quite a lot actually. I assume they were afraid people will get sick/feel a bit jia lat after such a huge scoop of truffle ice cream? Not bad an ice cream I'd say!

Dessert (set menu): Poached rhubarb, vanilla creme and strawberry granite

The boy didnt really enjoy this haha. Thought it was okay only?

Pear chocolate tart with vanilla bean ice cream

The vanilla bean ice cream was quite good but got a little too sweet towards the end. The tart, I only ate a small slice but felt that the tart crust wasn't thick enough?

My feelings about Gordon Grill:
  1. The ambience is really pretty, nice decor, classic and classy!
  2. Serving staff were polite and friendly, helpful too
  3. Set menu - 4 courses $58, 3 courses $48 really quite value for money in light of the dishes you can choose from and the "Try a variety in small portions" concept works well I think
  4. Though the food is slightly above average and nothing much to shout about (perhaps its because we didnt eat their famed beef? Saw them pushing out the cart, slicing and weighing the slab of beef in front of the guests)
  5. How can they tell us the truffles are SOLD OUT during their truffle promotion? Sorely disappointed about this. My face literally fell when I found out
Gordon Grill
Goodwood Park Hotel

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