Thursday, October 27, 2011

Drips Bakery Cafe

After the ice cream at Brownice, the boy and I decided to go to Drips Bakery Cafe after reading so many great reviews about their tarts!

It was rather easy finding the cafe if you drive I think! Its like the 2nd building on your left when you turn into the road and its right in front so keep your eyes peeled! If you miss the cafe, just look out for the red sign on the building that says 82 Tiong Poh Road! (pic below) Thats the building you're looking for! Park your car and then walk down and you'd see it soon enough!

Nestled amongst old flats, I found the place really cosy and feels as if you're not in Singapore! Because you certainly dont get to see such old school flats anymore in Singapore! These 2 storey flats are a rare sight now I feel.

The array of cakes and tarts! The day we went they had cherry tart, cinnamon pear tart, chocolate mousse and etc cakes

Fruit Tart

Look at the huge juicy strawberries!!! The strawberries were really sweet and the mangoes in the middle were v sweet as well!! Great choice of fruits here btw. There was another fruit tart but with raspberries instead of mangoes, but we chose mangoes instead. The crust was not too thick, and it was buttery no doubt but I felt that The Muffinry's tarts are much better! In terms of taste, thickness, buttery-ness, and substance. The boy and I both agreed The Muffinry does better tarts (: But overall, I'd say this is really quite an awesome tart! The pastry cream isnt too sweet either and goes well with the tart + fruits. The sight of the tart itself just makes me want to order it and have another one! Haha. 4.5/5

Cinnamon Egg Tart

This sounded reallyyyy nice and appealing to us however it got very jia lat after awhile because its like eating super creamy egg whites and nothing else? The tart base was v thin and not crispy/crunchy at all, a little soggy actually. And the cinnamon taste wasnt strong at all. This tart was a letdown and I couldnt manage to eat more than a few bites of it because of how jia lat it got (even with drinking green tea) so the boy had to finish it (poor thing :/) 2.5/5

Honey Lemon Drink

Green Tea

The green tea isnt very strong, quite mild actually, wouldnt recommend this.

Love the environment and the ambience of the cafe! I especially love the part of the cafe we were seated at (further in not the part with the sofas and stuff) because I liked how they used glass for a part of the ceiling to let the natural light shine in. That made the cafe really bright and cheery! (: Would definitely go back to try out the other tarts they have available and I feel that the cinnamon egg tart is definitely an exception to the other yummy goodies found in the cafe!

Drips Bakery Cafe
82 Tiong Poh Road


  1. you were there at the right time when all the baked goods were on the shelves, me not so lucky! i look forward to be back there to try out their tarts!

  2. yea read your blogpost about that! maybe go around afternoon? (: oh do try the muffinry's tarts!! really good (:


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