Friday, October 28, 2011

Wimbly Lu

Having read about this new cafe specialising in chocolate, I knew I had to ask the boy to bring me there to try out what good stuff they have and I'm glad I wasnt disappointed at all!!! The boy and I went there after Pave and we were glad we decided to come here!

Watch out for the beetle to spot the cafe!

Check out the cosy and rustic decor of the cafe! I really feel that there's a good warm homey feel to this quaint cafe and the atmosphere really relaxes you. I guess its something to do with the dim lights and the strong cold aircon plus the really comfy sofa seats we were sitting on!
Their cafe is beautifully decorated in preparation for Halloween which they have some special promotion going on for!

Their menu (they also have a food menu serving things like sandwiches/savory crepes/soups/snacks etc but till 9pm only)

Get your own water from this super old-school water dispenser! I like!

Where the yummy goodies are (: 

Waffles with vanilla bean ice cream & maple syrup

BOY OH BOY IS THIS A MUST-TRY!!!!!!! The boy and I declared it the best waffles we've eaten to date! It has the best airy-to-crispy ratio HANDS-DOWN!!! Once served, we would tell immediately from the look of the waffle that it would be crispy and we were not wrong when our knife cut into the waffle and it was all crackly and we could hear the crisp sound of our knife cutting through the waffle! The waffle was light, super fluffy and airy, so soft, but crispy at the same time, you really really have to try it to know what I mean!! 

There was a good drizzle of maple syrup, not too much such that it was overly sweet or the waffles were soggy, but just right such that there was still a little leftover that we could mop up with the waffles and for the whole waffle to be coated with it! The vanilla bean ice cream was sooooo creamy and went extremely well with the waffle, it was pure indulgence I'd say. Thick, creamy, luscious, authentic vanilla bean ice cream with crispy fluffy warm waffles, perfect match made in heaven! What more would you ask for? (: PLEASE TRY THIS I BEG YOU 5/5

This was the FASTEST the boy and I ever finished a plate of dessert, we just attacked it as if someone was gonna kill us at that instant if we didnt finish it. I think we took all but 5mins to finish the waffle and I'm not kidding, it was that good.

 Spot the small little black spiders at the top left corner of the glass panel!

Shop front

We wanted to try their signature Black Out cake but unfortunately its sold out :(( its okay, we'd DEFINITELY be back for their awesome waffles + maybe try their pancakes/savory menu and their black out cake + other desserts they have to offer! Tonight they had chocolate cheesecake, chocolate eclair, rocky road bars, scones (raisin and plain ones), chocolate truffles (baileys, rum& raisin, etc). Sold out items include blackout cake, tiramisu, brownie, apple crumble, eton mess. 

We'll surely be back to try out your other awesome food!! I'd also buy the scone next time cos they looked really inviting (: Plus there's no GST or service charge! The waffle's only $8.50 and I'd say its the BEST WAFFLES hence the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY WAFFLES IN SINGAPORE! Please go and try it even though its at a rather ulu place!

The service staff there are extremely friendly, very warm and welcoming, love the vibe of the cafe!! One of my favourite cafes to date in Singapore (:

Wimbly Lu
15-2 Jalan Riang
(Just turn into Jalan Riang and you'd be able to see a row of shophouses which has Wimbly Lu first, then Jules Cafe then The Fat Cat!)

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