Thursday, October 6, 2011

Basilico Sunday Brunch Revisited

Basilico has been high up on my buffet list ever since I tried them last year and I decided to recommend it to the best friend!

We had a really good seat, a quiet corner of the restaurant with the sun! Love how relaxing the Regent feels! And it smells really good too haha!

Foie Gras with Truffle Risotto

First thing we attacked? The foie gras! Yes they have a foie gras station and look at the PORTION. So much bigger than Melt's/Triple 3's which are really miserable portions about hmm 1/3 the size of this?? Now this is what I call worth your money! The risotto was yummy too! Though the truffle aroma wasnt as strong as I'd like it to be! Overall, I LOVE FOIE GRAS! Oh and the foie gras "station" has a room to itself, its behind the dessert area, if you dont know where it is just ask the friendly staff and they'd show you the way! They also have manyyyy different types of cheese and honey in that room, so if you're a cheese lover, you're in for a real treat! 4.6/5

Lobster, king crab, mussels, prawn, parma ham + rock melon, burrata cheese, asparagus, cherry tomatoes

The king crab was reallyyyyy sweet!! Tomatoes too! Love burrata cheese, so (: Parma ham went well with the sweet melon, lobster wasnt v sweet though! Didnt really like the prawns, mussels were ok. They have a salad bar section, many diff types of tomatoes + cheese, many types of hams/salami, they have jamon as well!

Now this was YUMMY!!! Must-try really!

Focaccia with mascarpone cheese and truffle

THE TRUFFLE AROMA IS THE BOMBBB! They drizzle truffle oil on top of the bread so yup its really aromatic! And in between the focaccia is a thin layer of mascarpone cheese studded with truffles, yummmmmm~~ Melting goodness of the cheese coupled with aroma of the truffles with a soft slightly wood-charred bread, heaven! The best friend and I loved this a lot and asked for more, as you'll see below! (: They'll bring this to your table asking if you want it or not

This time we asked for foie gras only and they gave us 2 huge slabs with truffles!! YUMMEHHHH~~ Hehe foie gras!!!!

Lamb rack, king crab, cod fish, salmon

The lamb rack is still as good as I remember!! No strong "smelly" lamb taste (the best friend cant stand it but she thinks the lamb here's really good and that speaks volumes huh), the meat is sooooo tender and done JUST NICELY, slightly undercooked to give it that slight chewy, tender texture! The cod and salmon were okay-ish only

Lobster Bisque

An okay rendition

Pizza bread, Focaccia with mascarpone & truffle, sole fish, cherry tomatoes

The pizza bread was placed together with the breads (not at the pizza section) and I thought it was quite good because its light and airy plus has just enough of the spices to make it yummy! Sole fish was okay only. 

Pizza with prawn and cherry tomatoes

This was ok only cos the dough was a little thick. There are about 4/5 diff types of pizzas, 4/5 types of pastas, they have wagyu rump, grilled chicken, grilled pork, pork belly, meatballs, mixed seafood,  grilled vegetables, lamb stew, chicken stew etc just that we didnt take them!

Pastry with hazelnut filling, apricot tart, berry crumble 

Apricot tart was good! The tart base was not the crumbly sort, a little firm but still, I liked it! I only like the berry part of the crumble though 

Pastry with hazelnut filling

This was like eating a HUGE FERROR ROCHER!!! Super yummy!!!! The filling isnt overly sweet, and the pastry ohmy, crispy, flakey buttery goodness!!! 

Cake with fruits, lemon macaron, coffee choux pastry

I really loved the cake with fruits! Its like a shortbread kind of cake, with a biscuit base, a very crumbly and buttery cake with many different types of fruits on it! Dont bother about the choux pastry because it turned soggy from the cream inside and aint worth your stomach space!

The lemon macaron was SO good! Not annoyingly sweet, crispy shell though a little soft, and just enough lemon to make you go "I like this!"

Plate 2: Apricot tart, sesame crackers, cake with fruits, lemon macaron

The sesame cracker wasnt nice

Oh we had the Lime sorbet which was soooo sour but good after a heavy meal, the sweet wine gelato which initially tastes a little weird but after awhile it grows on you! Its like a sake gelato haha. There were other desserts like chocolate truffles, chocolate/raspberry macarons, vanilla/chocolate/espresso/raspberry gelato, tiramisu, chocolate mousse, meringue cookies, panna cotta, some weird desserts I've never seen before, red wine pears, chocolate zabaglione, etc!

There is also free flow of juices/coffee/tea so yup! We saw Patricia Mok filming there as well! Haha. She looks exactly like how she is on TV. Really love the ambience of Basilico, great great place to have Sunday Brunch! Advance bookings are a must because they are usually full house during Sunday Brunch! 

The price now has increased since I last came, but I do not mind the increase in price because previously there werent truffles in the buffet neither were the foie gras portions as big (though still bigger than Melt/Triple 3) 

We both felt that though the variety wasnt HUGE, the quality of the food was consistent and good!! She says she'll bring her family here the next time round. So yup, wonderful place for Sunday Brunch if you're an Italian food lover! 

The Regent Hotel Level 2
$69++ per person for Sunday Brunch 12-3pm

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