Friday, October 7, 2011

Group Therapy Coffee

Having read about how great their waffles are, I decided to bring the boy down to try out their waffles! We headed down after our meal at Novus! Haha foodies we are (Y)

The shopfront of GT

Sign that greets you when you enter. Its upstairs btw. Find Etna and you'd find them!

Belgium Waffles with Maple Syrup

To me, I felt that the waffles werent crispy enough :X Though I must say that there were some parts of the waffle (esp the edges) that was crispy. Inside, it was fluffy but not light enough. There wasnt a "waffle aroma" when it was served, a smell I usually associate waffles with.  Although overall this was certainly not a bad waffle! We asked for more maple syrup because the maple syrup they use is really yummy~ Thick luscious and rich, goes wonderfully well with the waffles! I prefer Laurent Bernard's waffle though! 4/5

The people are really friendly!! The boy wanted to try their rosti but they only have it for Sunday brunch so one of the owners (I presume) told us to come back and try out the rosti soon! Which we certainly will, along with the much-raved carrot cake! I want to try their pancakes too! And the squid ink ravioli ;) we'll definitely be back, GT!

I really love the vibe of their cafe, laidback, the aircon temperature isnt too cold either haha, and the sofas are so comfy!! Really good place to laze the afternoon away! Oh and I like the music they play too!

Group Therapy Coffee
49 Duxton Road
Opp Berjaya Hotel, above Etna Restaurant

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  1. Group Therapy CoffeeOctober 13, 2011 at 9:31 PM

    Hi Ying Yin,

    Thank you for the review and for dropping by GT for dessert!

    Would you mind if we re-posted your review on our Facebook page for others to read? You can contact us at as well :)

    Warmest Regards,
    the Group Therapy team


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