Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Brunch at Broun Cafe

Hi everyone! 

Went with the boy today to try out the new brunch menu at Broun! We reached the cafe at around 12+ and were the only 2 there but after that the cafe got pretty crowded and they were kinda understaffed with 2 waiting staff only (but we thought the service was okay! V friendly!) and with the staff having to shuttle between the cafe and the kitchen (which is located outside) hence the wait time for customers. 

Love the interior! The boy and I ordered 4 mains to share and the waitress was like "4 dishes for the two of you only??!!" incredulously haha.

Protein-packed $15
House-made rosti served with braised beans, bacon & a poached egg

First up! Rosti! Do not expect this to be like the Marche-style rosti, because oily and crispy top this is not! Though it has a slight crunch, its not as charred or fried till as crispy as Marche's! The bacon was SUPERDUPER crispy though!!! As the boy bit into the bacon, a loud audible CRISP could be heard! Really really crispy bacon (: 

The beans were a really comforting and home-y dish, could tell its really home-made! I loved this style of braised beans (its actually just like baked beans) 'cos its not annoyingly sweet and they have some kidney beans added in too! The boy ate the egg so I'm not too sure about that! But the yolk was definitely runny (: 3.8/5

Herb grilled chicken $14
rosemary & thyme infused, with broun sauce

The chicken was sooooooooo tender!!! It was really soft but maintained its firm chewy texture as well, just the perfect blend! I dont really know how to describe it but yea, perfectly grilled I'd say! Job well done, chef! The skin crackled and broke apart easily and crisply upon cutting and each bite was accompanied with crunch crunch crunch! This dish was our favourite out of all that we've tried today!

The pumpkin mash at the bottom was flavourful as well! Yummy goodness from the pumpkin!! (: 4.3/5

Pak Din's Ricotta on Toast $12
homemade honeyed ricotta on organic baker's fig & honey bread with masala spiced figs, cinnamon dukkah

It was a mistake on my part because I mis-read the menu and thought this would be french toast! Sad to say, it wasnt :( The thick slices of toast were really quite dry and coming from someone who LOVES 100% wholemeal bread (ppl usually associate wholemeal w being dry but I beg to differ), this is saying quite a lot I guess? Couldnt really taste the masala in the figs, and the ricotta taste wasnt v strong either. The bread was studded with walnuts and the taste of cinnamon was quite strong (which I liked). We had to ask for more maple syrup and drenched the toast liberally with it before it became more palatable, else the thick dry toast was really quite unappetizing. 2/5

Just Pancakes $10
Buttermilk Pikelets served with smashed bananas, vanilla cream & maple syrup 

The pancakes however, were another matter totally!! This was really really soft and fluffy, thick but not too thick, just the right amount of fluffiness in each bite. Accompanied with the mashed bananas that arent overly sweet, you're in for a real treat! The bananas go really well with the pancakes as well as the maple syrup! The vanilla cream didnt really have a strong vanilla taste and I felt it didnt really go well with the pancakes! This was our 2nd fav dish though! (: 4/5

Overall, I'd say Broun is a good place to go for value-for-money and healthy food! There's no MSG added and its deep fried food free! The whole cafe just feels really homey and wholesome! (: Brunch menu is available on Mon, Tues and Sat only! They also feature local bands/singers frm Thurs-Sun if I'm not wrong! You can check their calendar on their website for the line-up!

Broun Cafe
36 North Canal Road
(really easy to get there from The Central! Just cross the overhead bridge outside I think Burger King or sth, nearby Starbucks and then turn right and walk all the way to the end and cross I think 2 streets and you're there!)

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  1. Hello!
    Thanks so much for your patience that day. We were very short-staffed that day, in the kitchen and in the front! Our brunch menu is still a work in progress, so we really appreciate the feedback :)

    Thanks and hope to see you again!


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