Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Brownice Ice Cream!

Hi everyone!

After a meal at Broun Cafe, the boy and I (actually more of me) decided to walk to The Central and try out the new flavour from Brownice Ice Cream - Halloween Cup Pumpkin Pie flavour!

Halloween Cup
Consists of 2 scoops - pumpkin pie with fairy dust & chocolate. Add I think a bit more money for a third scoop of ice cream! (like a 30cents or more, sorry I forgot!)

Pumpkin pie: thick luscious flavour of pumpkin, with a few pumpkin seeds here and there! Fairy dust went well with the ice cream but it was rather messy to eat! Because it spilled over on the table when we tried to scoop the ice cream :/

Chocolate: veryyyyy yummy chocolate!!! Rich, deep and wholesome, really like eating a quality bar of chocolate but in ice cream form! Whole-heartedly recommend this flavour!!

3rd scoop - lemongrass sorbet: their sorbet's quite icy, but lemongrass was a welcomed twist for our tastebuds! We like a myriad of tastes so chose lemongrass as our 3rd scoop. Their peanut butter ice cream is reallyyy creamy and tastes just like peanut butter! One of the better ones we've tasted actually!

Brownice is a vegan ice cream made from organic brown rice milk, fruit and nuts. They're dairy free and healthier + low fat! No eggs as well. But you COMPLETELY wouldnt be able to tell!! I'd say skip Marble Slab Creamery with all the thick and high sugar content ice cream + cream content and give Brownice a try! Because you'd really NOT be able to tell the difference, get the same/greater amount of satisfaction from eating it (cos you eat ice cream as good + lower the amt of calories)

This is the interior of Real Food Cafe where the Brownice ice cream is sold. The cafe has a really nice vibe and the books there are for you to browse. The cafe has some really nice food, the best friend and I tried their salads last time and it was really yummy!! I made a mental note to go back to try their Blueberries and banana french toast and Strawberries & banana pancakes (gluten + wheat free!)

Thats all day breakfast for you. They serve pastas + salads + rice/noodles + sandwiches + soups too. Health food at its best!

Real Food
The Central

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