Sunday, October 2, 2011

Restaurant Capri

We were rather worried about where to park our car, but in the end our fears were unfounded because they have complimentary valet parking! There isnt like a "stand" outside the restaurant like normal restaurants where a waiting staff stands there, you tell him/her your name and he/she will usher you to your seat. Here, you open the door and tell your name to whichever staff is closest/makes eye contact with you and they then ask this other staff who seems to have all the names of those who made reservations, who then shows you to your seat.

Bread Basket

I didnt bother because the bread was cold

The restaurant at approx 6.50-ish? It was full later on in the night though! So make your reservations!

Carpaccio di pesce $18
Slices of raw marinated cod fish dressed with salmoriglio sauce (special tangy South Italian sauce of olive oil, lemon, garlic & oregano)

I thought this was not bad, the cod fish was sliced thinly and the lemon was really strong but in a good way. Though I probably wouldnt order this again because I thought I was eating more sauce than fish? Carpaccio has never been my thing though. 3/5

Pappardelle al ragu' napoletano (Chef's Recommendation) $24
This Napoletan ragu is a dish that is cooked in clay-pot for seven hours with pork ribs, veal, onions and peeled tomatoes, served with pappardelle pasta

The boy loved this homey dish with soft and tender pork, "Wah I think even a 70 year old man can bite this man", and yummy sauce! 4.6/5

Ravioli al nero di seppia $20
Squid ink ravioli stuffed with seafood and mascarpone cheese, served with home-made squid ink sauce cooked for six hours

I loved the sauce and there was quite a lot of seafood too but the ravioli skin was too thick? Kept eating thick clumps of flour towards the "sides" of the ravioli. Wish they'd make it thinner! Then I'd definitely love this! Oh could mostly taste cheese in the ravioli though, not really seafood. Nonetheless, I quite like this! 4/5

 Tartufata (12 inch, $25)
Mozzarella cheese, truffle cream, porcini mushrooms, smoked cheese, shaved parmesan

I loved the thin crispyyyy crust!! Traditional wood fired pizza here mind you and the smokey wood-fired taste is very distinct which I LOVE!! The crust stayed crispy even after quite some time which was v surprising and was what we loved! You can hear a loud "crunch" whenever we bit into the pockets of air in the pizza like the one shown above. The truffle cream was unmistakably aromatic, this definitely had more mushrooms vs spizza. Love the pizza!! 4.7/5

Torta al limone $9
Lemon cake prepared with special recipe of Mama Teresa (Luca's mom)

This isnt your normal lemon cake. It tastes faintly of lemon only, more like a crumbly cake with nuts studded throughout. We were quite disappointed because we wanted a cake filled with the sourish tang of lemons. Thats cream btw on the side. The cake was certainly crumbly and was not bad 3.4/5

Lava Cake $9
Flaming grand marnier laced chocolate cake with warm melted filling

The flames certainly attracted a lot of attention! Haha. Besides the flame, there wasnt anything uh surprising about this dish, just a simple lava cake. Chocolate wasnt very rich nor smooth or dark. I wouldnt order this again unless you want to see the flames I guess? 3/5

Spent a total of $123.20 for 2. Thats inclusive of 1 bottle of still water (yes they have iced water). I felt that the desserts here are their weakest, somewhat like Valentino's (nearby! But Valentino's slightly better) though the pizzas and pastas are good. The chef came out to great us and ask how things are (he does that from time to time!) and he has quite a few regulars already though they just opened not long ago! Worthy contender in the Italian restaurant scene I'd say. Though with SO many Italian restaurants in Singapore, I'd probably wouldnt be raring to go back though I wouldnt mind just having more of that yummy pizza ;)

Service there is extremely friendly, even the valet guy! He asked us how our meal was with a genuine smile on his face and went to get our car, then we wanted to tip him but we both didnt have small change so the boy went to exchange money. During this, the valet guy came back with our car and there was a long queue of cars behind him (the road can only accommodate one car) so he had to drive away (I went to get the boy) and drove back with a smile on his face again! Really good service. He even helped us stop the cars so we can drive out! Good service really makes one's day! (: Thank you to the team at Capri!

Restaurant Capri
3 Binjai Park

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