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Le Bistrot - Quality French food! (2 visits)

Looking for unpretentious, quality, yummy and affordable French food with a good ambience? Le Bistrot is exactly what you're looking for! 

I'd recommend dinner because the wonderful wind at night at the Stadium Waterfront is sooo relaxing and nice! Great change from the hot weather on normal days! The restaurant itself is also really pretty as you'd see from the photos below

Follow the signs and park at Carpark E if you're driving, else drop at Stadium MRT station! Heads up: their menu's a Prix Fixe menu ie you choose from the menu they give and they charge you depending on the no. of courses you eat. This is for both lunch and dinner. Dont worry, they have a "specials" menu which changes (not sure how frequently!) so its not just from the menu!

Entree + Main $50
Main + Dessert $50
Entree, Main, Dessert $60
Ala carte: Entree $18, Main $40, Dessert $18

Visit 1: 

Poor Man's Caviar 
verrine of eggplant, garlic puree, chicken liver mousse and Pernod creme fraiche, served with chargrilled bread

Looks dubious? But this is reallyyyy the star of the show!! MUST-TRY! The creme is so yummy, slightly sour-ish, and just goes so well with the other layers! You must try this dish to know what I'm talking about. The flavours blend together so nicely and its awesome with the bread they provide!! Am craving for a jar of that now, sighz 5/5

Bread with balsamic vinegar + olive oil

Complimentary bread is crusty and warm, but doesnt go as well with the Poor Man's Caviar as the bread that they serve along w the "caviar"

Saumon a l'Unilateral et sa Soupe a l'Encre de Seiche
Pan-seared salmon fillet (served rare in the centre) with squid ink veloute and spinach fondant

LOOK AT HOW PINK RARE AND INVITING that slab of salmon looks!!! Its done wonderfully, so soft, so melt-in-your-mouth and its a REALLY HUGE SLAB! The squid ink sauce goes very well with the salmon, slightly saltish and has a depth of flavour that I cant really describe. Its not too thick so, yup. They'll pour part of the sauce (that comes in a small conical flask) onto your fish when they serve the plate and its up to you whether you want to pour the rest or not! 

I loved the sauce so much I finished every drop of it! The spinach fondant is reallyyyy creative I'd say! Never tried anything like this before! Its dense, but not in a jialat way, very fluffy and quite light actually! Spinach taste isnt vvv strong, so great way to make people eat their greens! (: 4.8/5

 Confit de Cuisses de Canard
Duck leg confit with honey-mustard vinaigrette and creamy potato puree

Since when do you get 2 pieces of duck for duck confit? No right? But at Le Bistrot, you get 2 big slabs! Totally worth your money right! The skin, as you can see, is wonderfully crispy and crackly, the meat - soft and tender. YUM in a bite! 4.8/5 

Tarte au Citron
lemon tart with raspberry coulis, pineapple tuille and vanilla bean ice cream

The tart didnt really have a strong tangy lemon taste, would prefer it to be a little more sour. Pineapple tuille was like dried pineapple in a really thinnnn form which I liked. Vanilla bean ice cream - creamy goodness with specks of vanilla! Nonetheless, not a bad rendition of the lemon tart 4/5

Nougat Glace aux Noisettes
frozen parfait of hazelnut praline and honey with a feuilles de brick pastry "cigarello" of Gianduja and candied orange peel

The pastry and Gianduja part of the description is referring to the "cigar" like thing at the top - its basically pastry with chocolate inside! Quite yummy I'd say! The boy didnt really like the frozen parfait because it got really jialat towards the end! Too big and too monotonous :/ 3/5

Creme Brulee
Choose 3 flavours: bourbon vanilla bean, amaretto-griottine, Earl Grey tea, mocha, dark chocolate, pistachio-raspberry

We chose vanilla bean, Earl Grey and pistachio-raspberry and myyyy, the first 2 are SO fragrant and soooooo delicious!! Finished every last scoop of it despite a really heavy meal prior to this! (Yes us being gluttons ordered another ala carte dessert) 

I dont like pistachio so I didnt enjoy that at all sorry! Else I'd say 4.7/5

Visit 2:

Poor Man's Caviar

Yup its so yummy, I had to have it again! 

Oignon Farci aux Noix de Saint-Jacques Grillees et son Veloute de Mais +$8
chargrilled Hokkaido scallops served in a salt-baked onion, with a corn veloute and toasted pinenuts

The brown thing you see there amidst the corn veloute is the onion! Huge one really. And in + on top of the onion is the scallops! Generous portions of scallops, wonderful sauce to go with too! 4.6/5

 Coq au Vin, Carottes Persillees, Gratin de Risotto d'Orge Perle
red wine braised chicken leg served with herbed baby carrots, and a pearl barley risotto of fennel and mushrooms, lightly gratinated with cheese

I love the risotto! Fresh change from the usual creamy ones. The chicken leg was just alright though. Mom couldnt finish it cos it was such a huge portion! 4/5

This was a spcial of the day - a pork dish!

Parents commented that the pork was really tender, flavourful and yummy! Sorry I forgot the name of the dish! 4.6/5 

Salmon with squid ink veloute!

Look at that pink-ish insides peaking out at you! Dont you just want to sink your teeth in it? 5/5

L'Imperial +$12
fruit soup of macerated wild strawberries, mango-passionfruit sorbet and pink peppercorns, topped with champagne

The sorbet was a refreshing end to the meal the champagne was good but I'd recommend finishing the champagne quickly else room temp champagne isnt very appetising haha.

Grand Chocolat Chaud du Bistrot +$8
Le Bistrot's signature Hot Chocolate: molten 72% dark chocolate couverture, steamed milk and Virgin Islands dark rum, served with a chocolate ice cream profiterole and assorted macarons

Their macarons are rather yummy! Crispy shell, not too sweet. It was really messy when we ate the profiterole cos the ice cream was melting and it was quite hard to "cut" the profiterole up! Overall - okay-ish for the profiterole only. The hot chocolate was good cos basically you mix in what you want! Loved the quality dark chocolate they used and how rich it was! Mmm~ I'd recommend sharing this though! Quite heavy for 1 person. 4/5

Creme Brulee
We chose vanilla bean, mocha and dark chocolate this time

Mocha is REALLY BITTER, so yea didnt really like it. Vanilla bean was awesome as always. Dark chocolate was okay only!

The service is really goooood, waiters are super friendly and funny as well! They frequently top up your water, are v attentive as well! The restaurant is so pretty and the walk outside the restaurant after a meal with your loved one(s) is a wonderful change to the hot balmy weather on normal days! The food is definitely above average and value for money as seen from the huge portions! Really recommend a trip down now if you havent tried it yet!

Le Bistrot
2 Stadium Walk
(same place where Mushroom Pot/Brewerkz etc are, near the Singapore Stadium!)

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