Sunday, October 9, 2011

Restaurant Oversea & Tom's Palette

Firstly, THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE! For reading my blog (: Really happy to have 19, 000+ visitors since I started my blog on 30th June! That's just 1 month and 9 days ago! (: Huge huge thank you to y'all! Really appreciate it! I'll be posting much more after my A levels! But for now, I'll try my best okay! (:

Have been craving for ice cream and luckily my parents decided to go to Restaurant Oversea today for dinner! Tom's Palette, luckily, is situated there so FAV ICE CREAM HERE I COME!!

Apple Pie + Chocolate Sorbet

Love how dark, rich and smooth their choc sorbet is!!! One of my favs @ Tom's! Decided to try Apple Pie today, love the cinnamon taste and there are real apple chunks!! But word of caution, dont order them together cos choc sorbet will overpower apple pie!! No more cinnamon taste, sadly :(

Mom tried coffee + rum&raisin, ohmyyyy coffee is really POTENT and strong!!!

Dad tried choc stout + salted egg yolk. Salted egg yolk is also one of my favs @ Tom's! Just love how unique it tastes! Savoryyyy and ohsoyummy (:

Other favs include: red wine sorbet (once a yr flavour during their anniversary in Sept) for its super strong red wine taste and salted yuzu for its totally perk-me-up taste! Love Tom's Palette!

1 whole can of abalone - $250

We decided to eat this Mexican abalone and there were sooo many pieces!! It looks really a lot but below the heap of abalone is cabbage and jellyfish so yea its not a whole heap of abalone. Hmm it wasnt hard but slightly "crispy", not bad I'd say? 4/5

Signature Siu Yok (char siew) - $20 (small)

Now this was v good in Mom's opinion! She says it almost melts in your mouth but laments that there isnt enough fat in it to make it reallyyyy yummy like the good ol' days. Waiter says in Spore, if its fat, nobody wants to eat it (last time when customer saw a lot of fat in it they sent it back to the kitchen) so in Spore they use higher lean meat to fat ratio for their char siew! We pre-ordered this and I'd recommend doing so when making your reservations, which I also recommend cos the restaurant was full I think! The char siew runs out really quickly so yea, pre-order! 4.6/5

Duck skin, duck meat, fried veg patty, bun

This is called "kao su fang" if anyone knows this dish! The waiter was so surprised we know this name 'cos he thought Spore doesnt have this dish but actually back when I was still in pri sch, my family used to frequent this restaurant called Yun Nan Yuan at IMM where they had the most yummy kao su fang (its like a veg version of peking duck). This one is a diff one, the Yun Nan Yuan one's a fried fu pi juan but this one is like a veg patty! Anw didnt really eat it cos uh dieting haha but parents said its not bad! And gave 3.8/5

Braised Homemade Beancurd with Petola (added cabbage for $5)

We wanted some veg in our meal so the waiter suggested adding veg for $5 and we chose to add cabbage. The tofu was sooooo silky, smooth and had a rather strong taste of soya bean (a lil bit like eating tao huay haha) which was yummy for us! The tofus are HUGE btw! 4.3/5

Steamed Grass Carp

We specifically asked for the belly part cos thats the super soft and yummy part of the fish!!! This was a piece of soft, fatty (in a good way not jialat dont worry) slab of fish!!! Mmmmmmm~~ All of us loved this fish!! Rmb to ask for the belly part k! 5/5

Oversea Fried Rice

Mom loved this cos of the wok hei! She said the rice was v fragrant cos of the soya sauce hahaha as funny as it may sound! And there were pieces of a little bit charred rice (not that charred till they're chao ta) such that they gave a crispy crunchy texture to the rice (dad thought it was crispy pork lard!)! 4.5/5

Service was really friendly and good too! People are quite funny as well. The Malaysian servers know their stuff better so it'd be better to ask for them when ordering dishes! Pretty easy to spot (those in suits)!

Oh and I must say, Shaw Towers is such a good place for diff types of cuisine in true blue Singapore style haha. You have Thai - Ah Loy Thai (v crowded!), Western - Heirloom & Caramel + Roma's Deli, Chi - Restaurant Oversea, Turkish - Sofra Turkish, Jap - some random Jap restaurant and many others!! 

Restaurant Oversea & Tom's Palette
Shaw Towers

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