Sunday, October 30, 2011

TWG Pastries

The boy bought some TWG pastries over today! And we had a mini pig-out in my room!

Blueberry Tart

This was rather lacklustre I feel. The pastry cream felt almost tasteless, and the tart was saved by the plump juicy blueberries. The tart base was okay, crumbly but no buttery fragrance nor was it crispy. Would not recommend this as its a really average tart. Can get much better ones from elsewhere eg Drips/Muffinry 2.4/5

Singapore Surprise

This fared much better than the blueberry tart. I had this before in the restaurant while dining with the best friend and in the restaurant, they serve it in sliced form, not like this round one here which the boy bought from the storefront of the Ion outlet. This is like a creme brulee tart, with a layer of raspberries in between, lending the tart a tinge of sourness that balanced the layer of creme brulee perfectly. I felt however, that eating this in the restaurant in slice form is slightly tastier as the layer of creme brulee on top wasnt that thick so the ratio was, in a sense better. The tart crust was a little thin for my liking as I prefer something substantial, that I can sink my teeth in and feel the "crunch" when I bite into it which was lacking in this tart. 3.6/5

Overall, I think TWG pastries are not bad, and the price comes with the packaging and the chi-chi feel of the desserts but they certainly are not the best in Singapore, neither are they very value for money I feel.

Ion Orchard

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