Monday, July 4, 2011

Japanese Food Day!

Today has been a Jap food filled day! Here goes!

First I had the new Black Sesame Green Tea Frappuccino - no whip cream, non-fat milk from Starbucks. Each sip had the fragrance of the black sesame and the creaminess from the milk + green tea. There was also the distinct crunch from the sesame seeds in each sip! 4/5

Dinner was at Shimbashi Soba @ Paragon.

They recently launched the new Cha Soba only from 1-31st July at their Paragon outlet (the oth outlet's at nex) and it either comes with this soup broth + veg or a special dipping sauce.

The veg broth was a tad too salty, but was alright if you dip the noodles with it (which you're supposed to). The soup came with quite a few slices of mushrooms, spring onions, some eggplants and that's basically it. It was about $18+?

The green tea taste wasn't really distinct in the noodles and I thought the noodles were average only 3/5

Raw chopped salmon with natto, quail egg and seaweed. This was an okay-ish dish, you cant really taste anything? 2.5/5

Mom's set. Came with fried soft shell crab & tofu, salmon sashimi, tamago & unagi sushi (it was supposed to be 2 pieces of unagi only but they told us they ran out of unagi and its replaced by these 2 sushis which I thought was slightly absurd because the cost difference is a little stark?), bowl of cold/hot soba (mom chose hot), and watermelon

Then Mom and I went over the Isetan Scotts and bought Japanese sweet potato!! We're gonna steam them and eat 'em, hopefully we can have what we ate in Japan right here in Singapore!

They were having this small fair selling different types of beans from Japan and Mom bought this scallop one which she thinks is good! One packet's $7!

Then we bought Japanese chestnuts!! They were roasted on the spot and packaged. Most were reallyyyy sweet and fragrant :D Yummy! Couldnt stop eating them!!

Walked over to Ngee Ann City and realised there was a food fair going on - Takashimaya Food Fiesta! Many stalls selling Japanese stuff (dried food, sauces, tea, seaweed, fruits, ice cream, sushi, mochi, Japanese salt, nuts, etc!). There was Juz Bread there selling some durian cream bread, Udders, Meiji, korean food etc!

Look at the hugeass pau!

Super fragrant green tea ice cream from Okinawa! They also had brown sugar, milk, sweet potato (doesnt taste like it at all), etc. But it wasnt cheap, $5.90 for such a small pint! But it was really good, I think! 4/5

The mango snow ice was quite yummy! The ice was fine and the mango was sweet! (: 4/5

Takashimaya Food Fiesta 2011
Ends 10 July 2011, Sunday

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