Sunday, July 10, 2011


Wanted to try out this new restaurant for quite some time already!

It has taken over Osvaldo's at Maxwell Chambers!

Complimentary focacia

It was very oily when it was first served to us, though it was hot and really crispy. The oilyness was a little too much though! Subsequently, it wasnt so oily anymore! Guess the oil got reabsorbed or something? 2.5/5


I finished 1 whole serving by myself!! I slathered each slice of the bread with a thick portion of this mousse each time. It was so good that I ate a slice of bread before mains arrived, 2 slices before dessert and 1 slice after dessert!! The bread went really well with the mousse, but I imagine any bread would go! THIS IS AWESOME! WOULD GO BACK JUST FOR THIS! 5/5

Interior of the restaurant - really homey!

Tagliatelle with Chantarelles Mushroom & Summer Truff $30

I felt this dish was really value for money! Look at the amount of truffles they gave! Also, they definitely used truffle oil as well because the truffle smell hits you when they serve you the dish! Each bite you take allows you to taste and smell the wonderful earthy tones of the truffle. The pasta, ohmy the pasta, was cooked PERFECTLY al dente. The texture was one of the best I've eaten in Singapore!

The boy actually ordered this, but gave it to me in the end xD 4.7/5

Seafood Risotto

This was slightly different from your usual seafood risottos. There was a definite spiciness about it, though it wasnt too spicy. There were also mini tomato chunks! The seafood was really fresh and the squid was lightly panfried. The prawns were super fresh and sweet, almost bursting into your mouth cos it was THAT juicy! The fish was perfectly grilled, very soft on the inside! 4.5/5

Lemon Tart with Strawberry Gele' and Pistachio cream

I felt that the lemon tart was really good! The curd wasnt too hard, it was flow-y in fact. It was only a little sour and the tart was hard at all but still maintained a definite crunch. I thought the lemon tart was really good but I dont like pistachio creams (though I love the nut) and thought it didnt go well with the tart (the boy concurred). The strawberry gele' was overpowered by the lemon tart so if you want to taste it, you gotta eat it alone! 4/5

Tiramisu $13

Thought this was value for money too since its such a big portion! This was different from the usual tiramisu in the sense that the ladyfinger biscuits still had some bite to it and wasnt totally soft! Despite this, it was really well soaked with just the right ratio of alcohol:coffee! I loved this texture of the biscuits! The mascarpone cheese was great too! However, the boy and I both felt that they could have given more biscuits! (Maybe cos we're really greedy and we love the biscuits haha) but nonetheless, it was a great rendition of the tiramisu! One of the best we've eaten and trust me, we've eaten quite a lot! 4.7/5

Apple Cake with Vanilla Gelato

WOW. is this dessert. The apple cake is unlike what you imagined it to be like! I expected it to be a crumbly/hard texture kind of cake, but instead it was soft and billowy, like a slightly denser chiffon cake. Really great!! The apple slices were not too much and the aroma of the apples were really brought out. Wonderful apple cake!!! Went really well with the gelato too! 4.8/5

Petit Fours

Liquor-filled cherries (quite a lot of liquor!), meringue with a really yummy cream, choc praline (v good quality choc with some crunchy stuff inside!) 4.3/5
Service was really really good! Everyone was really polite and they really attend to all your needs! Also, normally they'd just ask if you want sparkling or still water, but here they tell you that iced water is available which I think is great! Would definitely go back to try out their other dishes!! Like their cod fish (:

Would really recommend a try to this wonderful restaurant! They were quite packed that night we went! About 90% full? Or maybe 100%! So I suggest you make a reservation before going down!

They also have daily specials which the waitress will tell you! Please note their opening hours!

Maxwell Chambers
Mon-Fri: Lunch & Dinner
Sat: Dinner only
Closed on Sundays


  1. omy,i was mightily shocked to see chanterelles and summer truffles served on the same plate for only SGD30++, i must book it soon, delicious meal shown here :)

  2. hahaha yea please go visit it soon!!! its really good! (:


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