Thursday, July 7, 2011


Hi everyone!

I've eaten at FFT 3 times and I must say they have yet to disappoint me!

Visit 1:
Duo of pancakes with banana & walnuts

Read many reviews about their pancakes so I decided my first visit would be to try them and I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED! Their pancakes are a joy to eat, fluffy and not too thick (unlike Wild Honey). The fresh cream was very very fragrant and light (I'm usually not a fan of creams) and I slathered the pancakes with the cream and finished the whole serving! I didnt really like the gula melaka syrup that came along with it as well cos I felt that it was a tad too sweet 4.3/5

Passionfruit Cheesecake

The first few bites were a joy because the sourness of the passionfruit managed to balance out the creaminess of the cream cheese (as you probably can tell, there was uh quite a lot judging from how thick/tall the slice of cake it). However, after a few more bites, the creaminess overpowered the sourness and eventually became really jia lat (a bit too much) and we decided that we couldnt take it anymore and did not finish this cheesecake :/ 3/5

This was great!!! Ferrero Rocher Cake

It was like eating a giant Ferrero Rocher!!! the layer with the hazelnuts and the crunchy parts were super enjoyable, and the chocolate cake was moist. However I felt that the ganache layer on the outside could have been a little thinner? Cos it does get a bit too much after awhile. Nonetheless, great awesome cake! 4/5

Visit 2:
Earl Grey Milkshake

The taste of earl grey was really distinct, earl grey lovers, PLEASE ORDER THIS!! I loved it (: 4.3/5

Basil Almond Pesto Chicken Linguine

The boy's linguine was cooked perfectly al dente and the pesto sauce was of just the right amount! The taste of the sauce went perfectly with the soft chicken and the roasted tomatoes were a joy to eat! 4/5

Chai Spice Brulee Salmon with smoked red capsicum risotto & mango ginger chutney

I ordered this delightful dish with the salmon cooked perfectly, risotto done al dente as well and the slight smokiness that accompanied the risotto was certainly very much welcomed by my tastebuds! The mango ginger chutney didnt really have much ginger taste but who's complaining! The mangoes were sweet and yummy, went very well with the risotto IMO. 4.3/5

Rustic warm banana cake, with vanilla ice cream & drizzled with butterscotch sauce & walnuts

The boy and I couldnt resist ordering this dessert and we were certainly glad we did!! The banana cake had a definite fragrance to it and the butterscotch sauce was not overwhelmingly sweet! I would've liked the banana cake to be a little more moist though! 3.8/5

After stuffing ourselves with mains and a dessert, I couldnt help myself but order another dessert that I'd been eyeing for quite some time!

Butterscotch Apple & Mixed Berries Crumble

THIS WAS ABSOLUTE HEAVEN!!! There were thick chunks of apples in it coated lightly in cinnamon, baked till perfection and the crumble topping wasn't too much nor too little. The berries were not very sour, so overall the dish was superrrr enjoyable! Especially the huge chunks of apples! And at $10, I felt this was really worth it!! 4.5/5
Visit 3:
Chargrilled Vegetable Sandwich with Aubergine, Red Capsicum & Zucchini
With homemade pickles & choice of side salad/fries (chose salad)

I felt that the bread they gave was a tad too thick and I would have liked it crispier (perhaps I'm too spoilt by the perfectly crispy sandwich breads at Cedele?). The grilled veg was good though. Salad was just average. 3.7/5

Calamari, Prawn & Salmon Risotto

This was great!!! Again, al dente rice and lots of seafood plus a creamy stock! Heaven!!~ 4.3/5

Creme Brulee of the day - Earl Grey

The taste of earl grey was reallyyyyy distinct!! Yummy yummy!! (I love all things earl grey as you probably can tell haha) 4/5

It came with this cute mini muffin that tasted like there was bacon inside! But it was really crumbly so when we ate it, it was reallyyyyy messy with crumbs everywhere!!

FFT is definitely one of the value for money and yummy cafes around! Dont be scared off by the "long waiting time" sign that usually says you've to wait for 40mins or so for a table. Just go in and ask if there's a table available!! Usually, the wait is quite fast or sometimes you dont have to wait at all cos it happens that they have a table for 2 (which is what happened to me before)

Food For Thought

PS. Check their fb if they're closing for the day due to private events which happens rather frequently and they only reserve 50% of their seats on weekends until 12pm so reserve early if you want!

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