Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cedele, my love! & 4 Fingers Bonchon

4 Fingers Bonchon Chicken - Mix of Soy Garlic & Spicy

The boy commented that he couldnt really tell which was which flavour but the chicken was superrrr crunchy, so much so that you can hear the crunch when your friend bites into the chicken! 4/5

Fries with some herbs/seasonings/spices

The fries were good, crispy outside, soft inside and werent extremely salty! Loved the herbs or wtv it was that accompanied it! 4/5

Curry Pumpkin

Love Cedele's soups!!! Always warm and comforting and chock full of flavour!!! Love it with their awesome breads as well hehe (: 4.6/5

Beetroot Avocado Burger

Felt that the patty wasnt really flavourful and doesnt really come with much ingredients! Like the grilled veggie burger much better! :D 3.2/4

Chicken Sandwich

Sorry! Cant rmb which chicken sandwich we ordered! But the chicken was soft and tender! Awesome awesome sandwich! We loved how perfectly crisp and crunchy the toasted bread are at cedele! We really want to recreate such a texture at home, but always fail to do so :( 4.3/5

Blueberry Maple Cake

Wonderful wonderful piece of cake!!! You can taste the maple syrup which they use to frost the cake and the cake just tastes so homey and lovely!!! It was soft and moist, perfect cake to warm your soul! 4.6/5

Green Tea Ice Cream w Adzuki Beans

The boy didnt really like this as he commented that it was a tad too sweet but I found it alright! The green tea flavour was rather strong (which I like!) and the beans gave it added points in my books! 4/5

THE MUST HAVE - Earl Grey & Fig Ice Cream

This is a must order for me at every meal at Cedele!!! 5/5

I'm really happy that there is Cedele! Healthy restaurant that serves up superbly yummy food that warms your soul and brings a smile to your face! My to-go restaurant always!

4 Fingers Bonchon Crispy Chicken
Ion Orchard B4

United Square

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