Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Osteria Mozza

Dinner at Osteria Mozza before Lion King! It's a greattttt musical, please catch it if you havent! You'd be amazed by the costumes and its really hilarious (:

FYI, most restaurants at MBS have a pre-theatre menu for Lion King which starts around 5pm! So yall can go check it out! (:

After placing your orders, the serving staff will come around and give you a choice of 3 breads I think? Sourdough, wholemeal and sth else which I forgot ooops. The wholemeal's really good! Cos its studded with seeds and the texture's not too hard/soft, just nice for me (:

With compliments from the chef

Little Gem Lettuces with asparagus, peas & Pecorino

I felt that this dish was really average, and that they put a little too much of the cheese! There were walnuts in it as well. 2.8/5

Grilled octopus with potatoes, celery & lemon

This was reallyyyyyy salty that day! Sodium overload! And the texture was a little too chewy. Perhaps the chef over-grilled it? 2.5/5

This was grilled sardines with some beans at the bottom. (Sorry cant find the name in their website!)

This was surprisingly good!! Initially I didnt want to order this because I thought it was a little weird eating sardines at such a restaurant, but luckily we did order it in the end! This was the best appetiser that night! The fish was fresh and tender, not overcooked at all. The beans were a delight to eat as well! 3.9/5

Burrata from Puglia with leeks & fett'unta

The cheese had a really mild taste and you have to slowly savour it to taste the aroma of the cheese (it is really quite mild for me). But I think the creaminess is awesome! And it goes really really well with the toasted brioche that came along with it!

After reading many raving reviews about this, I must say I was rather disappointed with it, cos I something with perhaps a stronger cheese taste? But nonetheless, it was rather enjoyable in terms of the creaminess! 3.5/5

Pan roasted pork loin with cranberry beans cooked in soffrito

According to the parents, the pork was really soft and tender + flavourful! They really enjoyed this dish! 4/5

Guinea Hen Crostone with liver pancetta sauce

My mom thought this was a bit too much for her in terms of portion as the meat/liver to bread ratio was quite large. She didnt manage to finish this dish and commented that it wasnt very enjoyable because it wasnt fragrant or anything and it was a tad too salty. Just an average dish. 3.4/5

Grilled Japanese Eggplants with mint & yoghurt

This was quite yummy cept that most parts were charred, think the kitchen could've done a better job in terms of that 3.5/5

Pan roasted sea trout with umbrian lentils and red cabbage sottaceto

Felt that the fish was a tad overcooked and was a little too bland. The stuff at the bottom were average tasting too. Didnt expect such a dish at such a restaurant! 3.2/5

Duck al Mattone with pear mostarda & sweet corn

Everyone agreed that the duck was good, with crispy skin and juicy on the inside. The boy preferred to eat it with the pear mostarda though! He says it makes it taste much nicer! The sweet corns were mixed with some chili I think? But they were really enjoyable! 3.8/5

Vanilla Panna Cotta, mixed berry compote with hazelnut & almond biscotti

THIS WAS VERYVERY GOOD. Easily the star of the night!! You could see the vanilla bean specks studded throughout the panna cotta which was extremely fragrant and of the right texture! The berry compote was not too sour and complimented the panna cotta perfectly. The biscotti was good too. 4.5/5


The choc cake was really smooth and the taste of the dark chocolate was so divine I tell you! Pure bliss if you're a chocolate lover! Also there were different types of chocolates that came with the cake, and all were great! 4.4/5

To sum it up, I think Osteria Mozza did not impress me as much as I expected it to and I think desserts are definitely their forte instead of their appetisers/main. Perhaps I should try their pastas another time?

But the next visit would probably be to Pizzeria Mozza with more of their desserts in mind!


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  2. Hello Ying Yin : thank you for visiting our blog at Sparking Or Still. And here I am, at your blog, enjoying your "good food moments" ! Well done! The rating is a nice touch. Thanks for sharing your experience. Cheers.

  3. I think you should understand Italian food before you make wild comments, eg: the burrata not being powerful enough! if you wanted powerful you should of ordered a blue cheese.
    IMHO osteria Mozza pulls off an exceptional experience in Singapore, thousands of miles away from any sort of Italian culture be it Italy, U.S. or Australia. And also to take in to consideration they are flat out busy.
    I ate there twice in a week recently and was overwhelmed with the staff knowledge and quality of food.


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