Monday, July 11, 2011

Din Tai Fung, Canele

Went to try out the new xiao long baos from DTF!

Veg in their special vinegar sauce

Love how appetising this was! (: 4/5

Drunken Chicken

Mom & I always order this when we got to DTF!! Think its the best rendition around! The wine their use does not overpower the natural taste of the chicken. I also like how the chicken is able to maintain a certain texture but is still soft at the same time! 4/5

Truffle xiao long bao

Only available at Paragon's DTF. Mom commented that the skin was a bit too thick, mine was a lil too thick at the top but the rest was okay. You could definitely smell the truffle when you bring it close to your mouth but otherwise the truffle taste is quite faint, guess its cos of the meat that accompanies it? 3.6/5

Steamed angled gourd and shrimp xlb

This doesnt really taste like xlb anymore, a bit more har-gow-ish? Rather average dish and I'd say to go for the trad. xlb!! 3/5

Chilli Crab xlb

This was quite good!! Generous stuffing of crab meat, but the sauce wasnt spicy at all! Guess its to cater to angmohs maybe? (Psst: if you're a DBS/POSB card holder, you get I think 15% discount for this!) 3.6/5

Hopped over to Canele for desserts!

Delicate green tea mousse and chestnut cremeux layered with green tea biscuit and almond crumble

Felt that the matcha taste wasn't really distinct, instead milk was more distinct! There wasnt any taste of chestnut :/ Nonetheless, I enjoyed the crumble base! 3/5

Rose petal ice cream with raspberry swirl, rose meringue and lychee pieces

The ice cream really tasted of rose I felt, but Mom didnt really like this dish because she thinks the flavours werent very distinct! She also thought it tasted like bandung (the drink) haha 3/5

Fruity Yam from Breadtalk

Parents said this wasnt v nice :/

Din Tai Fung
Paragon B1

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