Monday, July 11, 2011

Takashimaya Basement, Ochacha, Thai Village, Burger King

Hello! This is basically a rather rojak (random mix)

Popiah $2.50 from Yikouwei

Look at the amount of filling!!!! I've eaten popiah from many places (I'm a HUGE popiah fan) and so far nowhere beats this place in terms of filling! It is really packed with ingredients which makes it really value for money I think! It also has a good ratio of all the ingredients and is a very yummy popiah!!! Must-try! (PS I've tried the popiah from Bugis Junction's yikouwei and theirs uh really sucks. The skin is hard and disgusting) 4.5/5

Black sesame ice cream!

Finally satisfied my cravings! I like how this feels like eating many sesame seeds in ice cream form! 4.3/5

Food at the Takashimaya Hokkaido Fair (Isetan's also having one now at Tampines 1)

This bamboo coconut thingy from Takashimaya's Food Fiesta

Mom said the smell of the coconut was too overpowering, making it a really difficult to finish it

There was a longggg queue at the Johor Bahru Handmade Pau stall @ Food Fiesta and I joined the queue to buy this red bean pau!

For 80cents, it was really big and filled generously with red bean paste. This was different from the normal red bean paste, it was finer and a bit thicker. The pau was springy - not my type of pau unfortunately. 3.5/5

Japanese stall @ Food Fiesta

This chef was very nice! Although the usual sashimi portions were 3 slices, he allowed us to customize our order - only 2 slices each! V nice of him (:

Background from L-R: Otoro, Swordfish, Octopus, Unagi
Foreground L-R: Tamago, Scallop, Scallop

The otoro was quite good, Mom and I were rather surprised at this! The rest were average but the tamago was really BAD. Tasted like a manufactured product, yuck. Overall: 3.3/5

Akagai sashimi (fresh)

The first one they gave us had a smelly fishy smell, so we told the chef and he changed one for us and was very concerned about whether the 2nd one was okay, luckily it was and was rather sweet! 3/5

They have a store at Plaza Sing - Kai Sushi & Grill

Heard Ochacha is good for their green tea desserts and decided to order this Green Tea Adzuki cake. Turns out? I was eating more of cream than cake or anything else. I couldnt taste any green tea at all, neither was there the taste of red beans. Was v disappointed cos this totally wasted my calories. 1/5

Stir-fried cabbage with mushrooms

This was too oily! 3/5 (This and the following 2 pics were taken at Thai Village)

Fried vermicelli with crab

Didnt eat the vermicelli, but the crab was rather fresh and had infused the flavours of the noodles 3.4/5

Steamed lobster with garlic

Singaporean lobster! Haha. This was fresh no doubt as the waitress told us it just arrived. 4/5

Wanted to eat Macs vanilla cone but there isnt a macs in Kallang Leisure Park :(( (we still think macs is everywhere huh)

SO had to settle for Burger King's waffle cone ($1)

Thought it was a bit too icy and definitely tastes more milky than macs. Summary: Macs over BK anyday. 3/5

Takashimaya Food Basement

Takashimaya Hokkaido Fair

Takashimaya Food Fiesta (ended)

Paragon B1

Thai Village
Kallang Leisure Park (KLP) Level 1

Burger King
KLP Lvl 1

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