Saturday, May 18, 2013

Rather New Restaurant: Binomio

Hi everyone!

I am so happy 'cos exams are over! :) Will be blogging frequently now, am so very sorry for the slow/igiveupsheisnotgonnabloganymore. 

The chef is another disciple of the late Chef Santi (so many now in Singapore) and Binomio means "duo" in Spanish 'cos their concept is a Tapas bar and a Fine-dining restaurant in the same place. Well seems like that's the new direction of Spanish restaurants haha. 

Tried this restaurant some time back, I think late March-early April because I read some reviews saying its rather good, so here's what I think.

Complimentary olives

We were served this and I think its a refreshing change from the usual "complimentary" items! Sourish so it really whets your appetite. Other tables saw another complimentary item - bread basket. But somehow we were never served and we didnt bother asking cos we didnt want to waste food as we ordered quite a bit of food!

Amuse bouche

I forgot what this was and I'm terribly sorry about it! Was a veg soup from the looks of it? I remember it was kind of creamy.

Pan-fried strips of Cuttlefish, "sofrito, and emulsified veal jus

This was yummy! Doesnt really feel like you're eating cuttlefish, kinda feels like Chinese noodles with a bit of wok hei haha. It was quite springy in a good way and its aroma was mmmm :) 4.2/5

Japanese eggplant terrine accompanied of crispy pork & fried squid

I remember this was very yummy! Especially the eggplant omg done so soft and fragrant. The squids were crunchy and fresh too. Didnt try the pork though! 4.4/5

Pan friend Crayfish, wrapped in "iberico" pork, served with "trin chat" potato & black truffles

I think this dish is not worth the $32! I mean okay crayfish but cant really tell what it is cos its wrapped in the iberico ham although the texture was that of a shellfish. The potatoes were nice though. Truffles, mm not really there haha. I think flavour wise it was okay, but not worth such a price! 3.4/5

Squid ink Paella with baby squid and clams

There's no choice of size haha so the 2 of us finished this plus the above and desserts! (fatfatfat) okay so they asked if we wanted them to mix it up for us and portion it but we said we wanted to do it ourselves! They gave us sour cream later on to add if we wanted and we had to mix the rice on the pan ourselves cos it'll stick or sth haha. So the pan was really hot and we were given napkins to hold onto it and its quite a small workout haha. So how did this fare?

I thought it was a little wet for my liking, not charred enough. Squid ink taste could be stronger. But we managed to finish it still! I suggest this would be good for 3-4 people if you're ordering more dishes. 3.9/5

Here's the dessert menu cos I cant find it on the website!

Chocolate ganache croquettes with white chocolate dipping

I think maybe they should change the shape of this? Haha it looks kinda bad from afar haha. Anyway these were evil little morsels that're warm, flowing with chocolate (dark!) and so crispy on the outside. The white chocolate sauce just ups the sinful level :) chocolate lovers, please stand up! But the dark chocolate may deter some though if you're not a fan. 4.3/5

Strawberry mousse tartlet, strawberry tartar, white chocolate ice cream & champagne foam

I really loved this dessert! Favourite components in one hehe. Marries a few tastes and textures in one making it a light refreshing delicious dessert! The "tartlet" is not a buttery based crust its just a mousse in a circular shape haha. I loved the champagne foam which is slightly sweet but slightly bitter then the strawberries are slightly sour and the white chocolate ice cream is sweet too. 4.3/5

I feel that this restaurant has a rather nice ambience, table spacing is good. Service is polite and rather prompt. The food is rather good but prices are on the high side since its a "fine dining" restaurant! 

Craig Place #01-02 
20 Craig Rd
There's an indoor carpark just above this place so parking isnt a worry!
Lunch: 12-2pm (set lunch available)
Dinner: 6-10.30pm
Close on Saturday lunch and Sunday


  1. Why "not going back"? You seem to like the food and everything.

    1. Hi! Because the prices are on the high side and if the menu stays the same, I dont think I'm going back since I've tried quite a few dishes already!


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