Sunday, May 19, 2013

Singapore Social Concert 2013!

Hello everyone!

This isn't food related but I must share this with y'all!!!

I'm going for Singapore Social Concert 2013!!!!

Following the Social Star Awards held on 23rd May at MBS, there will be 2 days of concerts featuring an exciting line-up of artistes! (BTW Social Star Awards is hosted by Jessica Alba!!! All you boys heads up!)

Here's who's gonna be performing:

On 24th May (the one I'm going for!)

Carly Rae Jepsen!!!!!!!!

Her Call Me Maybe was such a hugeass hit and so was The Kiss and Tonight I'm Getting Over You!

These songs are what my friends and I always sing at karaoke hehe so when I heard she was coming and I purposely chose this day!! Really like these 3 songs of hers! If you have yet to hear them, I've put the videos here for you, PLEASE listen to them! So good!

Call Me Maybe (hehe really love the MV too!)

The Kiss

Tonight I'm Getting Over You

This guy needs no intro, he basically took the world by a storm with his Gangnam style. Seriously every kid knows him and dance to the song haha its so cute. All my nieces and nephews do that. But well the song was played everywhere and SO much that it was kinda an overkill but you cant deny its rather addictive. I like how such a song actually has a deeper meaning, though dont know how many actually know it.

He has a new song, Gentleman! Though rather similar in beat, its quite nice too!

CeeLo Green

He's a judge on The Voice USA! He took a break for awhile but it was just released that he's gonna be a judge again along with Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine etc. He also released a very popular single (though some years back and some of you may have forgotten already!) called "Fuck You" or "Forget You" (same song just the F word was changed haha) click below to listen! I'm sure you've heard of it before!!

"Forget You"


Okay tbh, I didnt know who they were haha so I went to Google them! Turns out they're the first pan-Asian girl group! From Philippines, Hong Kong, India, South Korea and Japan! They collaborated with Snoop Dogg for a song and I am pretty sure I've heard it before! Give it a play to see if you have!

On 25th May:


For those who are um quite young hahah you may not have heard many of their songs before! But this one you've GOT to know, its such a classic


With such an awesome line-up of artistes, who wouldnt want to go?? Please click on those videos above (they're obviously not put up by me and I dont earn any money or wtv from y'all clicking haha) to enjoy their songs!!

Here's the official website for you so you can buy tickets to this exciting event! Starcount

This is also an inaugural event in Singapore so I really hope you can support such events! :)

Finally my deepest most heartfelt gratitude goes out to all you readers, cos if without y'all, I wouldnt be where I am today and Nuffnang and Starcount wouldnt have given me this wonderful opportunity to be part of this concert :) so here's to all of you amazing people out there, THANK YOU!

Nuffnang! Without y'all, I wouldnt have such a great chance to go for this!!!! Thank you guys so much :)
Starcount - thank you for having the foresight to do this and for bringing these people in!!!

Now what're you waiting for?

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