Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rather New Restaurant: The Flying Squirrel

This restaurant can be a challenge to find because its not facing the road like all of the other shops along Amoy Street. Instead, you have to turn into a lane and there it is!

The entrance

So the menu consists of mainly Jap food with some fusion/inspired dishes.

Uni Shot

You get sake with uni and well I think the combi kind of works? Its not something I'd try again though. We had it in a mouthful just like how you'd have a shot so you get a mix of sweet, slightly bitter taste from the sake but slightly salty taste from the uni 3.5/5

Truffled Ebi Fry

These are prawns deep fried w truffle bread crumbs and served w truffled mayo. Honestly, the breaded prawn was kinda bleh, tastes like something outta the frozen section tbh. Sorry if this sounds kind of harsh. The truffle mayo was good though and went well with the prawn. Unless you're really craving for some breaded prawns, I suggest you skip this. 3/5

Unagi Don
(about $20? Not sure cos I lost my receipt sorry! And its not on the menu they sent me)

The boy said this was really normal, nothing to shout about. 

Sashimi platter

Swordfish, prawns (amebi), scallops, salmon and tuna. All of them didnt have much sweetness but were fresh. 3.4/5

TFS Signature Maki

I thought this was the best of the night! Nice mix of ingredients atop the sushi and a good variety across the different makis! I really like that you can try diff types of maki unlike many oth places where all them are the same! 4.3/5

Their lunch and dinner menus are different! With lunch being more of set/bento style while dinner has more ala carte options. Here's the dinner menu that they sent me:

The Flying Squirrel Dinner Menu

Ambience: the place is really small but tables arent cramped tgt which is good but it also means its hard to get a table during lunch hours when its apparently quite packed! Dark lighting and some nice decor.

Service: At the restaurant - friendly, prompt, no complaints. However I emailed them on a Monday asking for the menu and they took 2 days to reply me. I dont expect you to reply immediately but if you're running a service business, I kinda expect a next day reply. 

Well I'd probably not come back unless I'm in the area and wanna eat the signature maki.

The Flying Squirrel
92 Amoy Street
Lunch: 1130am-3pm, last order 2pm
Dinner 6pm - 11pm (Mon-Thurs), 6pm-12am (Fri-Sat), last order 10pm
Closed Sunday

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  1. my entry on Flying Squirrel will be out soon too. :)

    The sushi and chirashi are very, very good. The other items are so-so.


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